Maurice Kirk: calls 15 + 16 June: OUTRAGEOUS GOINGS-ON IN HMP CONTINUE – 22/06/19 + archive

Maurice, 74, is incarcerated having been recalled back to the prison after serving the first 12 months of the 2 years sentence imposed and then being released on parole in December 2018 – he has been recalled to finish off the final 12 months imposed for “breaching a restraining order” – an order that was never served upon him properly according to UK law in the first place, despite the many variations of that highly questionable order that have issued forth since the order they say was served but wasn’t according to UK law in 2009. Maurice sends his latest letter below – few letters are received now due to his mail being interfered with and held back, and the denial of him being allowed to buy stamps also stops mail being sent as his weekly canteen has been greatly reduced as a “punishment”. 2 calls from the 15 + 16th June below tell of just some of the horrors he is having to deal with. Many high-ups in both the Welsh and UK governments have been informed of the numerous irregularities happening throughout even the past 4 months alone in this place, but nothing is ever done, surprise surprise. Anyone might think they want Maurice 6 feet under – but who would want that, God forbid?…

Maurice Kirk: calls 15 + 16 June OUTRAGEOUS GOINGS-ON CONTINUE IN HMP 22/06/19

Outrageous goings-on in HMP Cardiff – apart from allegedly supplying the Welsh Secretary and MK’s former MP with a Class A drug – heroin – from HMP Cardiff, Maurice is denied his prescribed medication for serious stomach ailments most of the time [common Omerzaparole], leaving him in great pain. His mail to the Royal Courts of Justice and other UK government departments is stopped from leaving the prison, including recorded delivery mail that he has to pay for out of his weekly canteen, as is any mail sent in to him – a letter from the CPS was given to him weeks after the prison received it very recently! Many other serious irregularities exist, such as reducing his weekly canteen amount to £4 odd as a form of “punishment” – meaning he can’t buy stamps etc to send letters with – and stamps sent to him are confiscated too whereas other convicts are given them with no problem if they’re sent in to them – pathetic. Numerous letters of complaint have been sent to the Prisons + Probation Ombudsman + others, including the prisons minister R. Buckland also, but nothing is ever done about any of it! The Welsh Secretary and Maurice’s former Barry MP Alun Cairns also has been kept up to date, but things always seem to get worse. How come they get away with this malfeasance all the time?

See the archive at:
Maurice’s site is

BELOW: Received = 2 sides of the note dated 18 June 2019, which says on the reverse side [lower pic] regarding MK’s mail being stopped: “MAIL STILL BEING STOPPED ON ADMITTED EXCUSE “SEND DRUGS TO WELSH SECRETARY OF STATE!! BY POST!!” [ends].  The more one thinks about this “sending of [Class A] drugs [heroin] the more ridiculous this excuse to punish Maurice becomes. For starters, if  these drugs HAD been sent to the Welsh Secretary, how come the police haven’t charged Maurice with the “supplying of Class A drugs”? How come there’s nothing in the Welsh – or any other media? This particularly cruel and ridiculous allegation has been enacted purely to punish Maurice for no reason [this is the level sunk to here!] as has happened by the punishment of his canteen being decreased so as he can’t afford to buy stamps for letters – for letters that don’t – or won’t get sent anyway? Did he get a refund for the numerous recorded delivery mails that deliberately weren’t sent? One wonders…Stamps that were sent him last week and the week before were confiscated, we hear. Can they be returned please?

Archive continues:

Maurice Kirk call 14 June 2019 – mail again refused to the RCJ – WHAT IS GOING ON? + archive

Maurice Kirk call 14 June – mail refused to be sent to RCJ 14 June ’19 + archive

Again, mail is refused to be sent to the Royal Courts of Justice [RCJ] – DISGRACEFUL!

Maurice Kirk: 2 calls 10 June – nothing changes – 14 June 2019 + archive

Maurice Kirk: 2 calls – nothing changes – 10 June 2019

Below, the letter received on 10 June ’19, dated 31 May – the day after Maurice was refused to be taken to his Cardiff Civil court hearing – courtesy of the prison, followed by the letter from the P.M.’s office, 05 June 2019:

2]  Letter from the Prime Minister’s office dated 05 June 2019 regarding letters regarding severe irregularities ongoing at HMP Cardiff – particularly the non-delivery of  Royal Mail to government departments and the withholding of mail to Maurice, and the false charges added to his conviction history which were made up and didn’t happen [scroll down a bit to see those] – disgraceful!

Archive continues:

Maurice Kirk: calls from 7th/8th June – mail withheld still, as is his medication, and more 09 June 2019 + archive

In these most recent calls from 7th + 8th June 2019, 74 year old Maurice – now in a wheelchair in the “Drug Support Wing” of HMP Cardiff [letters to: Mr. Maurice J. Kirk, no. A7306AT, HMP Cardiff, Knox Rd., Cardiff CF24 OUG] explains how the prison has withheld at least “6 weeks” worth of mail from being sent, or received by him – a lot of that mail not being sent being meant for the law courts at the Royal Courts of Justice, for example – the prison using the ridiculous excuse that the “envelopes weren’t fit” for the letters to be sent when in fact those envelopes were brand new and there was nothing wrong with them, and at times were sealed as a Rule 38/39 correspondence, which has it’s own special rules governing the forwarding of the mail because often serious legal documents are contained within it. Nevertheless, and so wrongly, these letters were not sent either.  Other serious irregularities exist such as Maurice not getting his proper medicine, which is making him even more ill than he should be – another complete scandal in itself. So many letters have been sent by supporters to government agencies, such as the “Prisons and Probation Ombudsman” but are routinely ignored, or the P.M.’s office receives and often acknowledges letters but states they’ve been forwarded to the Ministry of Justice, as a letter stated in the week after letters were sent regarding the totally manufactured charges added to Maurice’s legal history in 2009 at the time of his “machine gun trial”[for which he was acquitted] that are now refused to be removed from his history also [see below “THE FALSE CHARGES ADDED TO MAURICE’S OASystem Probation History”]. How legal is that when charges are made up and added to a person’s past history? How can anyone get a fair attempt at justice if fake charges are created and kept secret for years, and then are refused to be deleted from the records as they of course should be when whichever defendant discovers this malfeasance years later?  Maurice explains too how a judge had rightly deregistered him as a MAPPA subject, but then, somehow, he was reregistered again shortly after – this nefarious act enacted simply, imo, to make him subject to MAPPA’s severe conditions and restrictions. The Level 3 registration is reserved for the most serious 5% of criminals in the UK, numbering under 200 or so, such as armed bank robbers and violent murderers and the like. Maurice is not even remotely near this level of outrageous criminality – he is a former vetinerary surgeon who cared for sick animals for a long time before they took that career away from him as just one of many cold, callous and seriously hostile and vindictive acts these dubious characters have been continually responsible for, for over 20 years – that very telling record speaks for itself! Shameful!

Maurice Kirk: 3 calls from HMP Cardiff 7th/8th June: mail withheld still, and more 09 June 2019

Maurice Kirk: OUTRAGEOUS!! 2 calls from HMP Cardiff: Mail stopped for weeks + more 5 JUNE 2019 + archive

Maurice Kirk: 2 calls: Mail stopped for weeks + more 5 JUNE 2019

Maurice’s letters out from HMP Cardiff to the Royal Courts of Justice and other UK government agencies are stopped from being sent for weeks now to thwart his quest for justice – a total public scandal!

See the archive:

MK’s site is

Maurice Kirk: statements + phone call – 01 June 2019 + archive

Statement 01 June 2019 – 

The call from HMP Cardiff 01 June 2019 – time ran out during the call. 

See the Maurice Kirk archive here, going back to 2011 =

See MK’s site:

From Maurice’s sister: a former magistrate – a formal statement, detailing serious irregularities past and present, ignored by whichever government department one writes to and informs, including the Welsh Assembly, the Welsh Secretary [see earlier posts], and many more:

There was an important hearing on 30 June, at the Cardiff Civil Justice centre, but because a prison “officer” had failed to action the transport etc. for Maurice’s attendance at the hearing, Maurice couldn’t attend – this frustrated even the judge and defendant’s counsel as matters which have been running for years couldn’t be attended too as they should be. This is just the latest in a long line of recent targetings by this prison – note also his recorded delivery mail to departments at the Royal Courts of Justice have been repeatedly refused to be attended to by the prison, along with other letters out or in to Maurice. Another irregularity is not opening Maurice’s cell door at meal times so he has to go without a meal – a very dirty old trick they enact.

THE FALSE CHARGES ADDED TO MAURICE’S OASystem Probation History – taken from: Maurice Kirk: the false charges dissected + message received – private lawyer urgently needed asap 24 April 2019 + archive

See the false non-existent charges added to Maurice’s criminal history that ARE REFUSED TO BE REMOVED! How legal is any of that? Who is behind all this malfeasance? [numerous imprisonments recently [5+ years]  have been for “breaching a restraining order” – an order that wasn’t even served upon him properly according to UK law!]Those false charges dissected:  highlighted and marked with an “x” by Maurice are the highly disputed [as false] charges:

1]  the full sheet

2] showing: “Current psychological problems / depression” – “significant problems”

3] showing:  “Evidence of childhood behavioural problems”…followed by

2nd item down as listed: “History of severe head injuries, fits, periods of unconciousness [optional]:

  NB –  “I, John Graham, have known and met with Maurice often since 2011 and at no time has he ever shown anything as described whilst in my presence, nor have I ever heard from anyone anything as described in relation to him, since 2011 to date 23 April 2019″ – this is a true sworn statement by myself J. Graham 23 April 2019”

4]  More falsehoods referring to Maurice:

5]  more:  shown are specific charges without merit against a child – in effect we are told Maurice arrived back at his abode to find there a burglar who he tried to apprehend, who was trying to escape with her arms full of his property. Grabbing this burglar by the arm, he let go immediately, noticing it was a young female. This female was allowed to flee and Maurice didn’t pursue her, getting his property back then, nor did he report anything to the police, as these would have been the same police who had caused him so much grief for years [and still are] and he felt any action would’ve been futile and a complete waste of time. This female made certain highly questionable charges against Maurice afterwards [at the behest of the police?] but was later prosecuted in relation to certain matters connected:

Archive continues:

Maurice Kirk: shamefully kept away from his vital court hearing by the prison staff – 30 MAY 2019 + archive

Today 30 May 2019 at the Cardiff civil court: because a certain prison officer deliberately did not process 74 year-old Maurice’s court hearing visit [as Maurice was told personally by another “officer”] he was unable to attend the important hearing … Continue reading 

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Maurice Kirk phone calls: OUTRAGEOUS! HMP Cardiff stop mail to RCJ + more 25May2019

Maurice Kirk phone calls: OUTRAGEOUS! HMP Cardiff stop mail to RCJ + more 25 May 2019 Calls from Maurice on 23 / 24 May ’19 show how desperate they are to stop not only Maurice being released by the denial … Continue reading 

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Maurice Kirk: IMPORTANT DOCUMENT re: upcoming court hearing 30 May 2019 + archive

Received:  A PDF file containing important information relavent to MK’s case[s], and relavent to an upcoming hearing on the 30th May = z z z zpdf z z MK sixth draft Saturday midday 23 Feb (1).doc2-converted above: MK with “People’s … Continue reading 

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Maurice Kirk: Letter to Alun Cairns MP, Secretary for Wales – the withheld MAPPA / Caswell Clinic records + complaints to police 12 May 2019 + archive

Received:  the latest notes from Maurice Kirk, 74, now in a wheelchair and being held on recall in HMP Cardiff, finishing a 2 year sentence [until possibly + at the latest December 17 2019]. Maurice was recalled back to prison … Continue reading 

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Maurice Kirk: prison note on refused mail + more – 09 May 2019 + archive

Received: the prison staff’s malfeasance and worse continues unchecked, as usual, with Recorded Delivery letters to the Appeal court at the Royal Courts of Justice and other mail being handed back to him by the prison staff 3 weeks after … Continue reading 

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Maurice Kirk: false convictions are refused to be removed from legal history, letters blocked to RCJ still + more – 06 May 2019 + archive

Received – Maurice writes today that the false charges put in his probation history are being refused to be removed by the S Wales police – since when can the police just add fake convictions to anyone’s legal history? No … Continue reading 

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Maurice Kirk – more notes show the chronic targeting inflicted upon this totally innocent man -03 May 2019 + archive

Received:  notes showing how deep the corruption surrounding Maurice Kirk, 74, and the targeting goes. They all defend each other to the point of absurdity, but someone always makes a mistake which shows even more the inherent corruption of the … Continue reading 

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Maurice Kirk: latest phone call: deceitful HMP Cardiff staff block Maurice’s letter to lawyer from leaving the prison! 02 May 2019 + archive

Maurice Kirk phone call 30 April 2019: HMP Cardiff staff block Maurice’s letter to lawyer from leaving the prison! Just the latest dishonest action by these corrupt prison employees – on orders from whom? See the Maurice Kirk archive here = … Continue reading 

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Maurice Kirk: OUTRAGEOUS! prison block his mail to authorities [illegal] and more corruption 28 April 2019 + archive

Received:  the latest from Maurice, received from emailaprisoner, tells the usual tale of the general corruption surrounding Maurice Kirk’s quest for a level playing field to counter the appalling and shocking malfeasance and blatant corruption we have come to expect … Continue reading 

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Maurice Kirk: phone call: the inherent dishonesty of the HMP Cardiff staff 26 April 2019 + archive

Maurice Kirk: phone call: the inherent dishonesty of the HMP Cardiff staff 26 April 2019 The endless complicit deceit and conspiracy by the HMP Cardiff prison staff [with others] not to let Maurice’s appeal and bail application documents get to … Continue reading 

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