Maurice Kirk moved to HMP Parc -3 July 2019 + archive

Maurice Kirk, 74, I am told, has been moved from HMP Cardiff to =  

HMP Parc, Heol Hopcyn John, Coity, Bridgend CF35 6AP

– if inclined, pls send letters [+ stamps] to M. KIRK A7306AT at that address.

We can only hope that at least he might be getting his medication now properly and other restrictions lifted eg. greatly reduced canteen @ £4+ / week, mail stopped being interfered with, plus being kept in his cell and in great pain for 4 days as his wheelchair was removed and his medication stopped – we can only hope.

From Maurice, 10 May, sent to Mr. A. Cairns, MP:

See the archive at: 

Maurice’s site is

Maurice was recalled to HMP Cardiff in mid-Febuary 2019 to finish off a 2 year sentence [another 12 months to serve  with 12 months already served] as he had broken a parole condition of signing on at 5pm every day at his Cardiff  MAPPA / bail hostel because he had missed the Cardiff train station stop from the train he was on as he had become ill on the train and had fallen asleep, thus missing his stop. In HMP Cardiff many irregularities took place, including – very seriously – his Recorded Delivery [and other] mail to the Royal Courts of Justice were refused to be sent by the prison staff, as was mail to him stopped for no good reason. He was told by a warder recently that “35” letters had been held back from him, including a letter to him from the CPS – highly irregular.


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