SHOCKING: Maurice Kirk: phone calls 27 July – the appalling targeting and lack of medical care continues in HMP Parc 28 July 2019 + archive

UPDATE: Wednesday, 7 August 2019 –

“Poor healthcare in jails is killing inmates says NHS watchdog” [The Guardian 27/10/2018] as Maurice Kirk is denied for 7 days his OMERZAPAROLE medication – again, and more”

 SO what’s difficult about giving someone a few pills a day from a medicine cupboard or room a few yards away? it’s not exactly difficult or hard work but G4S’s stubborn refusal to do their jobs properly has put Maurice in a wheelchair [in great pain] which they repeatedly take away anyway.


The denial of medical treatment and other serious targeting continues unabated for Maurice, 74, who is very ill with medical treatment denied, in HMP Parc, as his latest phone call relates. He suffered much bullying by other cons and other targeting in HMP Cardiff during his recall to there beginning in mid-Febuary 2019, forcing a move to HMP Parc a few weeks later on 28 June, but nothing’s changed and everything continues as bad as it always was in Parc at present, except that now Maurice has a an old hip injury return after a fall, which needs medical treatment asap – Maurice tells they refuse to give him treatment for that also, just like a couple of years ago, during a sentence, prearranged hospital appointments and even a medical procedure on his hip was denied – they’ed go so far as to take him to the hospital for an appointment, then whisk him away back to the prison without so much as Maurice even speaking with or seeing a doctor, let alone any hip procedure that was arranged before he even went back into prison! Now, in HMP Parc no proper painkillers nor anything decent from the doctor either is the norm, we are told – see M’s latest call from the 27 July below. Maurice has been on hunger strike for 3 and a half weeks now and the doctor, apparently, didn’t even know about it when he popped in for a few seconds!  The medication for his stomach ailments [Barrett’s Syndrome” included] – common OMERZAPAROLE – is rarely given it seems, the result being he is left in great pain which one can only surmise the prison staff – the “G4S” outfit, a private company contracted to HM Government, surprisingly – get great pleasure out of. Why can’t they just give him his medication if they are such caring individuals? Isn’t that what they’re paid to do? See the letter below from the Ministry of Justice’s department from 2013 which states all “NHS patients” – of which Maurice is one, being ill in one of HM’s prisons – “get “the best possible care” whilst in an HMP.  NO THEY DON’T! Even Maurice’s wheelchair he needs to to get around is removed, hence his having to spend “5 days” straight in his cell, as his 22 July update tells [see below]. Important recorded delivery letters from Maurice to the Royal Courts of Justice are not sent, and other mail is messed with by the staff also, we are repeatedly told, despite what HMP Cardiff’s governor Ms. H. Ryder tries to tell everyone: see her letter in the 16 July update below. Maurice’s medical records from “Caswell Clinic” [the head director of which actually left the NHS after Maurice’s 2009 trial, when Maurice was acquitted re: the “Machine Gun trial” where many highly questionable events occurred, courtesy of S. Wales police + connected] have never been received by him as he has every right to see, and are witheld, even though Maurice states they are in HMP Parc, hence his being on hunger strike for over 3 weeks now in an attempt to receive them, which, of course, he has every right. Maurice’s imprisonments in both HMP Cardiff and Parc are excellent examples of how prisons definitely shouldn’t be run, if what has gone on for months, if not years, is anything to go by. And as for the ludicrous allegation that Maurice supplied the Welsh Secretary Mr. Alun Cairns “heroin” whilst being imprisoned in HMP Cardiff, and Maurice was outrageously punished for that by having his weekly canteen reduced to a ridiculously low amount [in an effort to stop him getting stamps so letters couldn’t be sent etc.?] – surely a public enquiry is properly needed? We’ve seen the online articles about cocaine being used by MPs in Parliament – note nothing was done about that also…  

Below also are notes received from Maurice 2 days ago including, firstly, the letter from the Ministry of Justice [from the N.O.M.S. “Mr. White”] from 2013 stating that all “NHS patients” [of which Maurice is one, being ill and being held in a prison] get “the best possible treatment” – this is most definitely not true for 74 year-old Maurice Kirk, nor was it true for Gloria Musa, wrongly imprisoned for 7 years in 2012 who gave birth to a baby boy in the early hours of 10 March 2012 in an HMP Holloway prison cell and who was to continue bleeding internally from that birth for 32 months from March 2012 until her release in November 2014 [without new clean sanitory appliances most of the time either too – old soiled ones had to be rinsed out in a sink and then hung up in Gloria’s cell to dry ready for reuse!] – this extremely serious bleeding going untreated properly all that time along with many other ailments [eg. a broken hand after a fall] getting no medical treatment whatsoever either, in any of the prisons she was put in [see: THE MUSA CASE: FROM SEPT. 2013: “GLORIA MUSA IN HOLLOWAY PRISON AND STILL BLEEDING INTERNALLY 16 MONTHS AFTER GIVING BIRTH ON MARCH 10 2012”  . How can these government departments maintain such lies stating inmates “get the best possible treatment” yet denying that medical treatment wholesale as is happening? Judges and the like get fantastic, surreal salaries, as do other public servants – the pay rise amounts some public servants get in a year are more than many citizens ever see in their entire lifetimes – yet a few pills are denied someone in great pain, as Maurice is? How can that be right? 

Maurice Kirk calls – the victimisation and targeting continues in HMP Parc 27July2019

The 2013 letter from the MoJ regarding prisoners getting “the best possible care” whilst ensconced in a prison:

1] excerpt from full letter

2] another excerpt:

Full letter:

WHAT WENT AROUND CAME BACK AROUND: Maurice’s friends and supporters might recall another time medical treatment was denied him during a previous sentence 4 years ago =

Received 26 July ’19:

Archive continues:

UPDATED: Maurice Kirk: on hunger strike 3 weeks now in HMP Parc: denied doctor + more VIDEO 25 July 2019 + archive

Update 25 July 2019 [from a family member] re: HMP Parc 

“Suddenly he has been moved to Wing B4 where he used to be! [note: M was moved from this very wing last week because of bullying by other cons – one of whom defacated on his bed – see earlier update  Maurice Kirk: the 50+ and 15+ cases against S Wales police struck out, bizarrely 18 July 2019 + archive.  Items were stolen from his cell too…ed.].  Despite hip pain from being dragged off a floor polisher the inmates put him on so he could move the officers dragged him off as he was unable to ‘obey orders’. His hip, operated on in France suffered extra bangs causing subluxation (more pain). This happened a little while ago. He had been left in his cell on hunger strike as he needed medical attention. He saw a doctor yesterday who saw him for 4.5 minutes! The Dr had no idea he was on hunger strike!!! No pain killers given at all and no real treatment.

Today , on his move he was again seen at the medical station. He pleaded that they changed his dressing (3 weeks old) and had a hopeful chat with Dr S F Davies who said ‘of course you should be able to see the Caswell Clinic medical records! This is what he has been after for 10 years!”  [ends]


Maurice, 74, on hunger strike in HMP Parc for 3 weeks now [on the 24th July] and is denied his medication for severe stomach ailments [including Barrett’s Syndrome] for many months now, which puts him in great pain, and he is denied even seeing a doctor now as more serious ailments appear [hip ailments], and he is denied even calling the police on number 101, and his mail to authorities has been withheld and has been for some time, despite the prison governor’s claims – it appears everything being done to silence, victimise and punish him even more! This is the outrageous victimisation of Maurice Kirk, 74, who has just had scores of civil cases against S Wales police struck out – absolute malfeasance by those in office! Maurice has been recalled to prison to finish of the final 12 months of a 2 year sentence for “breaching a restraining order” [again] regarding the order that was never served upon him properly in the first place in 2009. Maurice has already served at least 5 years in different sentences on the same charge since 2009, and been seriously victimised and targeted during each stay in HMP. It’s a public scandal what has and continues to go on, and no one notified in authority – eg. the Welsh Assembly – does anything at all to correct this chronic malfeasance in operation and many supporters have notified many government departments over and over but still nothing is done. Maurice is barred from living in England, and his registration as a MAPPA subject is a farce because his legal history has had false charges added to it by a certain “law enforcement” agency, which has only come to light very recently when certain documents were seen by Maurice after many sentences were served. His scores of civil claims against this very “law enforcement” agency and connected have just been “struck out”, outrageously. All is designed to wear everything down and out and to stall things so that proper justice is never got as the process to deal with things is prolonged even more – connected hearings are postponed time and again, which take months to finalise anyway. It is truly disgraceful what has gone on in the 23+ years Maurice has been trying to stand up for his rights against these powerful entities who, half the time, do not act within the law anyway eg. regarding the many false charges that were added to his legal history which has seen him be made a MAPPA client, for example, with all the severe restrictions that goes with that alone. See the archive here: for the full appalling story going back to 2011:
Maurice’s site [needs updating] is

Maurice Kirk phone call: on hunger strike 3 weeks now in HMP Parc: denied doctor + more 25 July 2019



ARCHIVE continues: 

Maurice Kirk: Hasn’t left cell for 5 days, is still very ill but denied a doctor, denied phone call to police, and on hunger strike since 12 July, plus more 22 July 2019 + archive

Received today:  Maurice states that he’s been kept in his cell in HMP Parc for 5 days now and denied a phone call to 101 – the police, denied seeing the doctor,  denied one of 2 wheelchairs which was “stolen”, and more.  If you enlarge the pic somehow you may be able to read the rest.

What is going on in that place far exceeds the denial of Maurice’s human rights. He is on hunger strike still, he states below because of his continually and deliberately denied medication – see post dated 12 July below. The medication, which must be taken before meals because of MK’s stomach ailments eg. Barrett’s Syndrome, leaves him in great pain if not taken properly. And how ridiculous for the prison to state he’s been sending Mr. Alun Cairns MP heroin, from a prison. This is just adding a very cruel insult to injury and they’ve actually punished him by forcing restrictions on him in the guise of this insane charge of him sending heroin to a serving MP – from his cell! An absolute and connived lie by these public servants who are paid extremely well to know better and not act so irresponsibly! Why doesn’t Mr. Cairns – and the Welsh Assembly also – both of whom who have been written to so many times over the past 2 years – do anything regarding the outrageous hostilities this 74 year old OAP is forced to endure at the hands of these prison staff  day in, day out? Their malfeasance is off the scale and so unnecessary – and underhand!  


Can I please urge supporters and friends to write to the prison governor and other key personnel, especially notifying them that this outrageous targeting of a very vulnerable 74 year old man is completely out of order, so very cruel and goes against every guideline in the prison staff’s rule book. Maurice is helpless – he can’t even walk properly now but his wheelchair has been removed, he’s not even allowed to call the police which is every citizen’s right, whether in prison or not, and access to a doctor cannot bedenied a serving prisoner. Some addresses to write to to complain about Maurice’s horrific treatment are:

1] Ms. RYDER, HMP Parc Governor,  Heol Hopcyn John, Bridgend, South Wales, CF35 6AP

2]  Mr. Peter Clarke, HM Inspectorate of Prisons, 3rd Floor, 10 South Colonnade, Canary Wharf, London, E14 4PU – [see his reply to my 10 June letter to him notifying him of Maurice being denied his medication and other serious irregularities, inc. those fake charges added to his legal history – words can’t express just how illegal that trick is – courtesy of the S. Wales police – the chief constable in 2009? Mr. Clarke’s advice he gives in his letter is sadly null and void as I’m sure Maurice is very aware of the contacts given, and has indeed been contacting these departments for over 20 years, with little or no result whatsoever].

3]  The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman, [at the same address as above] – 3rd Floor, 10 South Colonnade, Canary Wharf, London, E14 4PU 

and of course the Prime Minister should be told exactly what’s going on in order to help stop these often illegal atrocities in one of HM prisons – the address: The Prime Minister, 10 Downing St. London, SW1  2AA

I will even pay the recorded delivery fee for any letters sent upon receipt of the post office recorded delivery receipt for posting [it should be sent that way or anything sent mightn’t arrive] – and that is a promise! Simply contact me anyhow eg. by leaving the details in the comments below with proof of posting and any reimbursement will occur asap. Thanks!

Letter received dated 12 July 2019 from the Prison’s Inspectorate Mr. Clarke advising Maurice should contact certain departments which he’s been doing for over 20 years, with little result =


Maurice Kirk: the 50+ and 15+ cases against S Wales police struck out, bizarrely 18 July 2019 + archive.


Maurice Kirk: letter from HMP Cardiff governor [use discernment – lots of it] – 16 July 2019 + archive

I received this letter from the Cardiff governor Ms RYDER, dated 4 July which I couldn’t take seriously and haven’t replied to it, but, apart from an insight into what the authorities believe to be true re: M Kirk – they seem to have got a lot wrong. Do they seriously believe he is a danger to his adult family members? The final paragraph re: how his mail hasn’t been interfered with says it all and to me anyway, shows why it’s pointless to engage with these public servants – they blatantly say things that are far from the truth – on UK govt. headed notepaper. The complete denial of M’s post being interfered with is a scandal and I hope he can correct things when he get’s out. No wonder the country is in such a mess with tripe like this being recorded on official UK govt. headed letters.

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Maurice Kirk: Moved to HMP Parc and now on hunger strike due to his medication being denied, and more 12 July 2019 + archive

Received: 2 messages, mentioning Maurice was barred from calling the police no. 101 in respect of his communications being stopped from leaving the prison to the Royal Courts of Justice – see no. 4 paragraph in the 1st pic below from 5th July. Maurice was moved to HMP Parc on the 28 June ’19 and is now, according to the note under no. 4 paragraph, on hunger strike since 3rd July as his medications are denied him again. Much “bullying” and more is also recorded in this 1st message.

In the 2nd pic below of a message dated 8 July, in paragraph 10  Maurice tells of 2 punishment hearings being listed on him,  his “crimes” being 1] “ringing medical bell for emergency [only]” and 2] refusing to leave the “Healthcare” unit – the removal and refusal to him of his wheelchair is noted too. You couldn’t make it up.

So, things seems to have continued in the usual unacceptable vein in HMP Parc, with his prescribed medication [Omerzaparole] being denied again on numerous occasions, leaving Maurice in great pain and needing a wheelchair, which they don’t allow him to have most of the time anyway!!  How can anyone say these prisons are being run properly? Surely the G4S outfit is not fit to run anything if they cannot even give an inmate the couple of pills he’s prescribed during any given day. Other matters are in existence which require a formal enquiry to occur when Maurice is released – such as the denial of mail to the RCJ, for example, as we are told countless recorded delivery letters have been refused to be sent to that location and elsewhere, not only from Maurice’s recent stay in HMP Cardiff up till 28 June 2019, but also now in HMP Parc, where he was moved to. How come these characters are allowed to act outside the law by not allowing mail to be sent out from the prison? My recent letter to the Prisons Minister Mr. Buckland telling of Maurice’s medication being denied, amongst other irregularities such as the recorded delivery mail not being sent remains unanswered.

Message 1, from 5 July 2019:

Message 2, from 8 July 2019

Maurice Kirk: now in HMP Parc: letter to the chief constable of S. Wales police reporting fraud – 04 July ’19 + archive


Maurice Kirk moved to HMP Parc -3 July 2019 + archive

Maurice Kirk, 74, I am told, has been moved from HMP Cardiff to =  

HMP Parc, Heol Hopcyn John, Coity, Bridgend CF35 6AP

– if inclined, pls send letters [+ stamps] to M. KIRK A7306AT at that address.

We can only hope that at least he might be getting his medication now properly and other restrictions lifted eg. greatly reduced canteen @ £4+ / week, mail stopped being interfered with, plus being kept in his cell and in great pain for 4 days as his wheelchair was removed and his medication stopped – we can only hope.

From Maurice, 10 May, sent to Mr. A. Cairns, MP:

See the full archive at: 

Maurice’s site is

Maurice was recalled to HMP Cardiff in mid-Febuary 2019 to finish off a 2 year sentence [another 12 months to serve  with 12 months already served] as he had broken a parole condition of signing on at 5pm every day at his Cardiff  MAPPA / bail hostel because he had missed the Cardiff train station stop from the train he was on as he had become ill on the train and had fallen asleep, thus missing his stop. In HMP Cardiff many irregularities took place, including – very seriously – his Recorded Delivery [and other] mail to the Royal Courts of Justice were refused to be sent by the prison staff, as was mail to him stopped for no good reason. He was told by a warder recently that “35” letters had been held back from him, including a letter to him from the CPS – highly irregular.


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