PLEASE HELP MAURICE – he is now very ill and denied medical treatment in HMP Parc 19 Aug 2019

Please can someone call the prison or anyone about Maurices serious position? They will let him die given half a chance! Pls call the prison or anyone – v serious – from his sister just now –

‘Saturday  M phoned me to ask me to get an ambulance to him.  I immediately phoned HMP Parc. Being a Saturday  I got the control room . The man would not give his name but said he was unable to do what I asked.

Again on Sunday after excruciating pain in his chest M phoned me again. Immediately(12 noon)

 I called the prison again. This time  a different man said he would get a medic to see him. Hours later a nurse appeared but ‘did nothing’. He asked for his medication which he is supposed to get daily (2 tablets). This has been denied for weeks; he has had to rely on ingenuity to obtain his needs which is n erratic system and relies on compliant inmates whom he has to pay in kind..

He has been on hunger strike for over 40 days now but he has been taking liquids.(determined to get the Caswell Clinic notes from 2009 when the court had ordered him twice to have a mental assessment.). In the end nothing was found but a doctor, against his colleagues assessment said he had a mental issue. That doctor was then removed a few months later and not employed by the NHS again!

At one stage Maurice  was having regular triage (but no medicine),. This has now stopped. In early July as he could not walk the inmates put him on a floor polisher which helped his mobility. Staff dragged him off (he was unable to get himself off it quick enough). Unfortunately this damaged his hip repair and caused great pain. Since then it was dressed a couple of times (2 weeks apart) but no analgesics .

Back in January he had been in pain and got to the University Hospital of Cardiff. The chest pains were assessed and he was advised to get further  tests as a lung lobe may need attention due to his Barretts Syndrome. All this has been ignored and now he is in great chest pains again but nothing has happened. He had started to eat again but has had to stop as the added gut pain is too much..

I phoned the prison again this morning and was put through to the Chaplaincy!!!

Why does the Medical Department ignore him? He is 74, is a veterinary surgeon, and knows what needs attention.  they bwill write in their log that they are watching him daily but that is no use if he does not know a nurse is near and they DO NOTHING! Where are his daily omeprazole pills! He wants to eat again

thanks This needs publicity

Thank you!

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