Maurice Kirk call 12 Sept.: his recorded delivery mail to authorities now proven to be withheld + other irregularities 13 Sept. 2019 + archive

Received:  Maurice gets proof of his recorded delivery mail, which he’s paid for, not leaving HMP Parc and being returned to him later…and this is not the only time his recorded delivery mail to the Law Courts etc. has not left the prison – it’s happened over a score of times, it is very very strongly alleged: 


Maurice Kirk call 12SEPT19 – proof his recorded delivery mail is denied leaving HMP Parc 13Sept19

Messages received this week:

Maurice writes – in the first note shown – that injuries received in 2 incidents recently within this prison are denied being recorded by prison staff – as UK Law dictates – and that the staff even refuse talking to him about the Caswell Clinic medical records which the prison have had for a while yet deny giving to Maurice – he has every right to have these records, but they are always denied him, for many years – WE WONDER WHY!! These updates newly received detail other atrocities suffered in HMP Parc, of Bridgend, Wales. So many authorities have been told now about what’s going on, it’s ridiculous, yet nothing is ever done about most of it.


2]  The [fake] “heroin” allegations – on the strength of these outrageous allegations that Maurice supplied TWO SERVING MPs with the class “A” drug from HMP Cardiff [where he was before they moved him to HMP Parc on the 28 June 2019], with even, as Maurice states, a House of Commons room being searched by the Met. police, it is assumed Maurice’s upcoming October 19 Parole board hearing [for release] will be greatly affected, to Maurice’s demise – anything to stop him getting released –

Mr. Clarke, of the “H.M. Inspectorate of Prisons” states in his letter dated 10 Sept. 2019 that he “cannot investigate individual cases” and that Maurice’s “care is being regularly reviewed” – if that is true, how come changes to obvious very serious irregularities aren’t corrected that Maurice regularly describes – such as his stomach medication – common “Omerzaparole” – being denied for weeks on end, or food being denied also for days on end? For open wounds not having their coverings changed for days on end? for his recent hip injury after a fall being ignored by medical staff? And the mail irregularities like recorded delivery letters not being sent after being paid for out of a greatly reduced canteen amount? or visits being denied when the family member has spent all day getting to the prison only to be turned away? or incoming letters – including a letter fom the CPS – being withheld for weeks? or his private  money being denied him? or the wheelchair family members had delivered to the prison being denied him and still in the ante-room somewhere within the prison? so much more is revealed within the updates M has sent, even from this recall which was mid-Febuary, actually… 



Archive continues

Maurice Kirk: Recorded Delivery mail to authorities refused still? the proof of posting is! 09 Sept. 2019 + archive

Received:  Proof of recorded delivery mail to authorities now being refused – hopefully sent [but proof of posting refused] was an Emergency Judicial Review Application re: medical attention [long denied whilst in HMP] plus an early hearing re:  the civil damages claim following new evidence re: the “machine gun” case ICF03361. This is specifically what they – the S. Wales police and connected judiciary WISH TO NOT ALLOW GOING FORWARD hence the continual denial of recorded delivery mail not being sent from the prison from Maurice.

Maurice Kirk: latest notes received 07 Sept. ’19 + archive



See the full archive and latest updates:

Maurice’s site is:

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