UPDATED: Targeted Individual: MY STALKERS and the smear campaign [the vendetta] they’ve made me part of [VIDEO] – ECHR – DOMESTIC SURVEILLANCE: gangstalkers – DAYS OF MY LIFE with spooks – “SNOOPERS CHARTER” [R.I.P.A.] – facial recognition + “Government spy programme will monitor every phone call, text and email” + archive

“Covert Surveillance” 

The European Convention on Human Rights [E.C.H.R.]:

It states in this article on “Covert Surveillance” on the Bournemouth Borough website: “This Act allows us to use non-obvious methods to observe people who are suspected of committing a crime, this is known as covert surveillance. This helps us to protect the public and prevent crime” [from: “Covert Surveillance”   https://www.bournemouth.gov.uk/Privacy/ProvidingandProtectingInformation/CovertSurveillance.aspx]. 

I am a subject of this dubious “surveillance” because, I contend, it is payback for having had cause to be a whistleblower after finding serious cases of malfeasance – courtesy of UK government employees – and I have supported others regarding many cases of similar, and what is happening to myself is not “Covert Surveillance” but rather a 10-year-long vendetta against myself, beginning after I began supporting the infamous “Hollie Greig” case, with it’s infinite instances of illegalities, but how do these highly questionable “Powers That Be” justify their 10-year-long program against myself – the situation being that I do not have a current criminal record, that I’ve not even been questioned by police about anything since 1983, nor especially since I moved to this present address in 2004, let alone has any fruits of their surveillance in 10 whole years been able to confirm any criminal activity on my behalf – mainly because there hasn’t been any! I put it to the Powers That Be in all UK government departments that these responsible for breaching various articles of the ECHR – as has happened continually to myself – should be held criminally responsible for their targeting and the wasting public funds and malfeasance and they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, because so many of these stalking controller’s activities are hostilities that fall far outside the remit of the “R.I.P.A.”Act and are illegal activities – the ECHR Articles broken being =

Article 2: Right to life

Article 3: Freedom from torture and inhuman or degrading treatment

Article 5: Right to liberty and security

Article 7: No punishment without law

Article 8: Respect for your private and family life, home and correspondence

Article 14: Protection from discrimination in respect of these rights and freedoms

Protocol 1, Article 1: Right to peaceful enjoyment of your property

NONE of these rights are achievable whilst rogues in positions of power enforce “covert surveillance” [gangstalking etc.] upon a law-abiding person who has no criminal record anyway, and is unlikely to gain one! These rogues responsible for acting in breach of their government employments need to be brought to book, and that is my aim as numerous records kept show clearly many actions undertaken in the guise of this project performed by the local council / police fall outside the remit of this “Covert Surveillance” black operation eg. the hacking of phones / computers, stalking/gangstalking to name just a couple of provable instances, and many more nefarious actions have been recorded whereby numerous agencies have taken part as part of this black program. 

I can say in absolute truth I have not wilfully or knowingly committed any crime nor even been questioned by anyone over anything since 1984, especially during the period – 10 years nearly – of this rancid “covert surveillance” which began in earnest in 2010 by Bournemouth police / council, for I would surely have been brought to book for any type of crime I’ve enacted when being watched so closely – something that, in my opinion, grieves these program controllers greatly that I haven’t been arrested or even questioned over anything as 10 years of surveillance getting no results whatsoever shows.  It shows just how their outrageous targeting program has failed, yet still smear campaigns have been created and spread against myself and stalkers turn up constantly when out, along with other hostilities which fall far outside the remit of this dubious program that have nothing to do with “covert surveillance”, eg. the destruction of my mobile phones because of interference to them by these government operatives, to many more serious actions.  
And, regarding the gangstalking – as I’ve already stated I have spoken to a recruited stalker who told me much he/she shouldn’t have! 

Known terrorist Osman Khan finished  serving his 8 years from a 16 year sentence recently only to go on to murder 2 non-muslims 12 months after his release at London’s “Fishmonger’s Hall” in London. Why aren’t these characters controlling this stalking and the infinite number of stalkers and similar taking part in the abhorrent 24/7 targeting of myself “covertly surveilling” these thousands of jihadi terrorists in the UK 24 / 7 instead of myself ? This example alone shows just how much this “Covert Surveillance” upon myself is out of place and isn’t working, and this outrageous vendetta on my Human Rights and liberties needs to stop immediately – and nothing is free – the taxpayer foots the bill and it’s completely unacceptable when at least one stalker – a close neighbour who has been harassing me for years – is known and convicted drug abuser, for which I have ample evidence!

The latest outrage: Why was this allowed to happen? I am followed about and stalked everywhere I go and have been for nearly 10 years. How do the police and council justify their “covert harassment” of myself and how come atrocities like the following are let happen? UK: “Muslim known to police, screaming “Allahu akbar,” wearing suicide vest, stabs several people in London: Feb. 02 2020” https://www.jihadwatch.org/2020/02/uk-muslim-known-to-police-screaming-allahu-akbar-wearing-suicide-vest-stabs-several-people-in-london?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=the_2020_02_03_jihad_watch_daily_digest&utm_term=2020-02-03

“Covert Surveillance

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act [R.I.P.A.” 

Updated 22 Dec. 2019:   #Alarming Report Reveals #Secretive #Surveillance State Powered By Your Phone’s #Location Services infowars.com/alarming-repor

IT’S A MESS HERE IN THE #UK TOO The #FBI ‘s warrant system for #spying on #Americans is a mess, the #IG report shows nbcnews.com/politics/justi

MI5: Power for informants to commit crimes is ruled ‘lawful’ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-50870307




#EdwardSnowden: How Your Cell Phone #Spies on You 23Oct2019

Friday 4 Oct. 2019:
Went to local town nearby – SIM card removed from phone hours before and still removed. Upon approaching post office noted female sitting on a wall outside the supermarket there looking at me trying to make out she wasn’t – but she was actually watching me. Waited by busstop, continuing to observe her. She then went on her mobile, deliberately holding it out in front of her after typing a message. They would’ve picked me up on the many cctv cameras in that area because of her message. I disappeared myself into the actual busstop and 30 seconds later checked on this female to find she had vanished. She had confirmed where I was to her handlers. I then simply changed all plans and quickly hopped on a bus away from area to get off the bus where i know there was no cctv camera. They always give it away by staring too long and too often, and using their mobile phones – usually typing a message back to their handlers is the final proof.  MORONS! 
The following day Saturday 05 October 2019:
Sat 05 Oct. 2019 = STALKING – After yesterday – when i easily caught a female watching me after i arrived in a nearby suburb: – i made it so that they couldn’t track me today by using back streets where they are no cctv cameras, and jumping on buses that went to a place i haven’t used for a while. My SIM card was dislocated from my phone so tracking by that wouldn’t work. All this was successful,I believe so their last resort to show me i was being stalked was to bring in the really amateur fat bloke stalker who lives opposite, who i caught on film waiting for my arrival back home , he leaves his window wide open + curtains drawn back, then when he sees me he quickly makes the curtains as they always are by drawing them back, making out nothing has happened.- see the update below from 12 / 08 / 2019 for more on the same stalker:  vid =
The same stalker: 
Update 12/08/2018:
DOMESTIC GANGSTALKING, UK: I have had to put up blinds on my kitchen window as the fat stalker stands by his window half naked staring at me when i am in my kitchen from his room in the house opposite – for instance, a couple of nights ago [and since then, updated 26/12/2019]. Damn stalkers get everywhere these days. See the full report and backstory: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2353640351418150&set=gm.480888222480120&type=3&theater&ifg=1
Image may contain: 2 people, people standing
ADDED 15 Sept. ’19 – from Aug. 2019
from my records [sent to authorities]: ” 12/08/2019 = the 2nd pic shown below of neighbour “Twitcher” by her window opposite me, surveilling all the time a short while ago for a few months but not seen twitching once during the entire previous 13 YEARS since 2004 when i moved here! Now she is not well enough to do much, let alone surveille yours truly. We used to get on fine – until she betrayed herself. God only knows what evil stories she was fed by these corrupt evil perps working outside and abusing the law, who need to be brought to book asap, using the most vulnerable in our society to do their dirty work – the perps being often old men, old women, homeless people even and even children and women who look extremely “loose” have been used. In the early days around 2010 I was waiting at a busstop further down the road by an Aldi supermarket by me when a tiny female child with a small brown and white terrier dog, on a lead, appeared and began waiting for the bus alongside myself and a couple of other members of the public who were also waiting. I’d already had an interaction with a middle-aged woman who had, with her husband, a tax consultancy business using a nearby shop premises. She had engaged me in conversation one day around this very time and kept telling me that her “husband was going away for the weekend”. She repeated this a couple of times and, quite frankly, was a bit taken aback – was this strange woman propositioning me? i didn’t bother finding out, and within a short while the business had closed and moved. Anyway, re: the child and her dog: I noted how i’d never seen this small person before in the 6 years i’d been using that busstop, since 2004 – i’d been going to this supermarket location almost every other day to get food. I got on the bus when it arrived as did this child but the deliberate and preplanned provocative stare this minor gave me whilst preparing to alight the bus at the very same stop I was to alight at a short way up the road made me recoil in horror – the look this child gave me being completely out of the ordinary which one would only expect from a “loose” female of an adult age towards a “prospective” male pertaining to a “potential lewd business encounter” – to put it politely. I recoiled in horror at her come-on stare and can still recall the horrific enticement / entrapment vividly as if it happened yesterday. I’d heard about things like this but now was experiencing it first hand. I noted the time and date as this child walked away from the bus exit point, down the same road opposite so many stalkers have appeared from even recently – it was 11.15am i recall still, and originally – standing a few yards further up from the busstop was an old guy on a mobile phone, leaning against a wall, wearing overalls, staring into the sky away from the busstop, in a very odd fashion – I deemed him this child’s witness, no doubt, if anything should occur, such as any verbal between the child and myself. I’ll never forget that act of entrapment that day, courtesy of the ne’er-do-wells working outside the law and was onto everything in a split second – using that tiny child as bait. This event has already been reported in posts on my site ages ago and needs to be reported formally to the Police Chiefs Org, for example. Was this tiny child of 8 or 9 years old related to one of the local police officer’s involved in the grotesque stalking I was beginning to realise was happening? I mean – surely not any child could’ve been used in such a serious scenario. That was my conclusion then but of course we’ll never know regarding what I consider to be a clear CASE OF ENTRAPMENT USING A MINOR! So many other instances have occurred, even recently, using older women acting very weirdly which defy logic, but definitely don’t defy the sick stalkers agenda. Often during stalking scenarios lookalikes are used afterwards too [really poor ones lol], whether male or female.This entrapment event occurred in 2010 before the 2 Hollie Greig posters i had made in the local print shop [which also closed down shortly after] and were put up and were taken down, mysteriously, 4 days later – one in the post office’s front window [see pic taken at the time directly below], where I’d paid to have it shown for 2 weeks [before it was removed in the guise of the p.o. “having a new shop front”] 

and the 2nd poster being put on a nearby telegraph pole that also was removed at the same time. Everything in these comments made by myself are true sworn statements and are stored at safe addresses” [ends].

PIC OF TWITCHER – just one early pic, but there could’ve been loads.

Update 13 Sept. 2019:
Friday 13/09/2019 – Earlier this afternoon i went to a nearby suburb where there’s a record shop that i used to go to – i used to chat with the owners and last time, about 2 years ago i was chatting with the owner when 2 plain clothes police burst in and the female PC, shouting her ugly head off, took over everything. She was shouting about “Meatloaf” records, clearly wanting to disrupt our conversation [which she did] while her male cop colleague kept his head down trying not to show his face, but, chum, you were well spotted… My conversation with the owner was forcibly and abruptly cut off – as was their intention. I knew these were cops who had been told to go to this shop by the rogue local cop stalking controllers just because they could. So – that was that and i havent been inside that shop since as everything there is scrutinised + compromised [for no reason]. Also, at around the same time as this last event described with the overzealous and loud-mouth misled female plain clothes cop I used to visit a room under a cafe near to this shop that did healing sessions every Thursday afternoon with a trained healer – I went along twice until, on the 3rd time, 2 stalkers turned up clearly drawing me out to blabber on about conspiracy theories – directly targeting me with their commonly known theories. Then I knew these healing sessions were compromised to by these idiot local controllers. Today i went back to the suburb and sat having a cup of coffee in the coffeeshop opposite this record shop and after a few minutes the owner of the shop appeared from his shop and walked past in front of me as I was sat in the coffeeshop opposite – he looked directly at me before he went off, pulling a kind of face as he left. He didn’t return. I would bet a very great deal that these local stalking controllers actually called this record shop owner up, in his shop, to tell them I was in the area, because this is exactly what they do too, CCTV in the location would’ve shown exactly where I was too, as well as the GPS tracker in my mobile phone. This is a true sworn statement by myself 17.03BST Friday 13/09/2019
Stalking here:  The Bikeman  04 August 2019:

video: Gangstalking here Sunday 04 Aug. 2019 13.23BST

see more

 STALKERS HERE! – 28 June 2019 07.45BST 



Video of a stalker:  11th July 2019 


later at same location:



After noticing the bald stalker sitting in the back seat of the bus I got on en route to the nearby town I watched him exit the bus at the nearby town upon arriving there, as I did, but didn’t notice the other regular female stalker until I studied the footage taken later. He passed the regular female stalker with the black hair directly after arriving there, on the way to the KFC enterprise there where he sat in exactly the same seat as myself and my cousin usually sit in, for months on each visit there. The 4th pic along in the montage below –  the pic titled “7 June 19” shows the bald perp actually walking towards the female regular stalker, and obviously passing her seconds later – obviously a preplanned event by these dodgy unspeakables – this regular female blackhaired stalker turning up a couple of hours later as I awaited the bus home – as pic 2 titled “16.17bst 7 June 2019” shows. This female stalker has been seen before on numerous occasions now, turning up at the busstop after about 8 minutes of my arriving there to await the bus – it is quite normal for stalkers to turn up directly after I’ve left my home to wait at the busstop, usually about 8-10 mins after I’ve left my home, or they’re even there beforehand anticipating my arrival as the above video of a stalker, dated 11 July 2019 clearly shows – this old guy stalker never being seen before.

This female stalker turned up a couple of hours later at the busstop in the bus station to board the same bus I was getting to go home. She has been seen since at my location… 
Update 17 May 2019 – STALKERS EASILY CAUGHT 17 May 2019 13.48GMT
I arrived home on the bus but waited at the exit point bus stop because a perp was there [1st pic of male] so i waited at the busstop to observe him. This creep is a regular perp who is often found waiting at the same busstop I get off at when arriving home probably waiting to see if I’m with anyone or whatever. As I stood there, I took his pic [pic 1 below] making out I was waiting for the same bus he was waiting for, but really observing him. “Fats”, an old stalker who lives in my street with 2 other perps [“Fatbloke” [who clocks me thru his window constantly] and “Fats2”] turns up standing by an opposite busstop, and just stands there making out she is awaiting a separate bus. “Fats” has even waved at me thru my kitchen window before, oddly, as i’ve been standing by my sink! Weird. I take pics [pic 2] of “Fats”. Then the bus comes along and the 1st male gets on bus where I am standing, but i don’t get on the bus – i go home which is nearby. Fats is still by the busstop. But when I get in, after a couple of minutes, I see her – through my kitchen window opposite – arrive back at her home opposite me, entering it. She wasn’t waiting for a bus at all, but was sent to watch me, and I caught her.

My Stalkers and the smear campaign they’re made part of – Saturday 15 Dec. 2018 + archive UPDATED + more targeting + “the “snooper’s charter” ruled illegal”

Preface: 18 Jan. 2019 – Re: the above pic – this regular stalker turned up again while I awaited a bus at the usual stop, then boarded bus as I did, promptly taking off the mask and dark glasses so as not to draw attention to herself, and stand out looking so ridiculous. I deliberately got off the bus early a couple of stops down the line to get a glimpse of the face behind the mask, which I recall vividly as I write all these weeks later. Bizarre. A couple of days later, at the same busstop an almost identically dressed character appeared after a few minutes of my arrival at the stop – looking almost identical to the 1st strange female, except that this lookalike wasn’t wearing a scarf wrapped around her head as a mask, from the dark glasses down. This 2nd lookalike’s face being uncovered except for the very similar looking dark glasses. She stood a few yards from myself sending sms messages on her phone, with a wry half mile on her face, throughout. They often use lookalikes in their dirty work too, copying each other to try and confuse you, but it’s not hard to spot a copy. This “lookalike” business is a typical and fairly common deliberate dirty trick played to deceive, and I have seen lookalikes operating before as stalkers.  Everything is funded by the taxpayer too, of course – and the cost of it all, so far, must be quite staggering…BELOW: a timeline from the 1st sighting, with a near full-face mask, to later on in 2019 – 21 May, and 10th October, to be exact:

za17.10 11oct19.jpg2


FAKE CALLER to my door – 21 Sept. 2018

@ 37 seconds into the video –  a local council employee knocks on my door making out he got the wrong address. He was reported to the council immediately who denied everything and claimed i made a mistake or was lieing until i sent this footage proving he was a council employee. Over a period of many weeks people would knock 3 or 4 times / week claiming to have the “wrong address” – these characters would often be looking for the junkie who lives next door – a Class A drug abuser who is a known stalker of mine – these callers probably wanted to score – anything to entrap me into a drug transaction. Other visitors included Tescos, who would try and deliver food i hadn’t ordered, to many more. When i began making these fake callers public, it all stopped. Amazing. Get a GoPro and record the cr-p!! THIS WAS ALL PART OF THE STALKING PROGRAM INSTIGATED BY ROGUE LOCAL POLICE THAT HAS BEEN ONGOING SINCE 2010. LANCS. + ELSEWHERE

  • go to 38 secs. into the video when it begins =


My Stalkers and the smear campaign they’re made part of – Saturday 15 Dec. 2018 + archive UPDATED + more targeting + “the “snooper’s charter” ruled illegal” + “Gangstalker Wars: Security Industry Specialist Tells All”

Rogue police, and those others in “authority positions” have been behind my gangstalking for years, I very very strongly allege, and that is not a proposition manufactured wholly by myself from an overactive imagination either, but is a crystallisation of various pieces of intel gleaned from certain individuals connected to my gangstalking I’ve been fortunate enough to receive and collate and be privy to over the many months since this outrageous and illegal surveillance upon myself began in 2010 after I reported to my local police a now well known case of serious child abuse. Posters I had put up near me in 2010 advertising this now infamous Scottish case and asking that the case be “googled” were taken down about 4 days after they were printed and made public, with even the local print shop who made my 30 or so posters actually closing down shortly after the posters were created. Which government agency would have the power to get so much hostile activity enacted against myself as has happened over the years? – because this harassment, particularly the gangstalking continues unabated nearly every day of my life, every time I leave my abode, for instance, and often when I’m in and at home also things continue – and it’s been like that for a long time, and even filmed as things happen. There aren’t many agencies who could do what they have done by getting so many other agencies and services to enact their sometimes severe harassment against myself as they have. For example, I have been stalked since at least 2010 – one report here describing my trips to London prisons then to visit two horrifically targeted parents – visitors to this country – who had 7 children stolen for no reason and based on hearsay before being tortured in prison for 3 years [from a 7 year sentence given] by that notorious North London town council: “Tuesday, 21 June 2016 DOMESTIC SURVEILLANCE – DAYS OF MY LIFE…with spooks” http://www.butlincatsblog.com/2016/06/domestic-surveillance-days-of-my.html .
My computers and phones are hacked constantly, and as a result, sometimes destroyed, and those who live very close to me report on my every move via their mobile phone SMS messages to their “handlers” whilst I am at home – these stalking neighbours and others recruited being told I am an active criminal and I need to be watched 24/7 and these neighbour’s and other’s help is needed to stop my so-called “criminal activity”, when in reality I am not involved in any criminal activity whatsoever and have no criminal record now after my last [spent] conviction on a minor drug charge of “possession” in 1984, and nor do I mix knowingly [or even unknowingly] with any active criminals, nor do I partake in any form of criminal activity, yet within about 8 minutes of my leaving my abode, 9 times out of 10 a stalker will appear, just to see what’s what, or who I meet [I never meet anyone preplanned anyway] and what I do. I record data all the time wherever I am out, being careful not to commit any offence. I have got intel on this gangstalking in the past, which I can never disclose, by talking to those sent to stalk me, and what they’ve told me is very revealing – not only about the tissue of fabricated lies regarding myself that’s been fed to these stalkers in order to get their cooperation in stalking me endlessly, but the lengths those controlling this highly illegal gangstalking activity will go to to make their unspeakable mission one of extremely dubious “merit”. I’m also of the opinion that these many hostile activities enacted against me are not about surveilling any “illegal activity” by myself so I can be “brought to book” but all is more so a form of punishment and harassment and payback for pointing out and highlighting the REAL and VERY SERIOUS crimes committed by certain authority figures that I have been making public for many years, which, of course, is something very much hated by these criminals, as these characters operate and thrive in the dark and detest any light shone upon them. Too bad.
Indeed, what I have and am experiencing is something I would never wish on anyone – not even on the idiot stalkers themselves, or those of a highly questionable mentality who make ridiculous “death threats” to me as, let’s face it, these stalkers have no idea what’s really going on – these gullible characters have been recruited, and are being controlled, whether they know that or not, and are unlikely to know the full real picture of any victim’s stalking, and the grief it can cause any person subjected to this highly illegal activity which seems to be gaining momentum – even in this country. It is a common trait for members of the public, and potential stalkers to believe something one is told one by a police officer, or someone making out he/she is that kind of “authority figure”, when in actual fact what is being told to the potential stalker is absolute and provable nonsense – in effect, these pseudo-authority characters are able to create a complete pack of lies – a smear campaign – against a “victim” [for want of a better word] as has happened in my case. God only knows what else is going on to “victims” located elsewhere in Britain who are too intimidated by their targeting to speak out. In the US, RNM [Remote Neural Monitoring – voice-to-skull technology] is apparently a very huge blight on citizens there [see, for example, “Targeted Individual”‘s youtube videos, and posts / videos by “Kevin Christian” who explains what appears to be happening over there] a huge problem, judging by even Facebook “Targeted Individual” group pages. The stalkers I have witnessed range from contingents of the homeless community, to ordinary housewives and old age pensioners, to flash wannabe  “James Bond” types [see the pic + paragraph “Who Is This Clown?” below], to even children, as well as – how can I put it – “ladies of the night” who have embarked in the “oldest profession” who have been recruited to provoke or entice me, in some trap or other. No, thanks very much – I do not wish to have a Sexually Transmitted Disease got from an ugly pathetic stalker plying her sexual favours added to the list of ailments that render myself a disabled person already. Minors of a highly questionable age have been sent too, to entice, provoke or trap me, I contend also. What is incredibly boring is that I would wager a great deal of those recruited to stalk me [and maybe other victims] think they’re doing society such a great favour by doing what they do when, in actual fact, all they are doing is believing the lies told to them by someone wrongly employed in a position of authority, eg. a police officer. Most people believe what a “police officer” is telling you if tey speak to you, so it’s easy for a rogue cop to talk absolute rubbish bout someone, passing it off as truth, when in fact what’s being said to any innocent bystander is simply the failings of a tepid mind – from a vindictive sadistic pseudo-cop. So, the citizen is then recruited as a stalker, probably paid from the public purse too for his / her troubles, and so is then set to work stalking a person, as has happened to myself, for years. These recruited are told, more than likely by mobile phone sms messages, where to be and when, in order to moniter the victim – me.  I have many accounts, and photographs and film too – of recruited stalkers turning up even in other towns from myself – reven stalkers that I have taken pics of over and over over an 18 month period still continue to watch and monitor myself when I’m out, often with weeks in between each sighting of the said stalker. Everything is based on a rogue misfit’s lies regarding someone who hasn’t had a criminal record nor participated in anything even remotely illegal since 1984, and that is the God’s honest truth.  They have also tried to stifle and censor anything I say or publish by getting “shadowbanning” performed on my online posts on my sites as viewing figures have revealed for those sites since March 2018 – and I know this censoring is happening daily because I kept and still keep a daily record of view counts on my sites. They don’t like it up ’em. My computers and phones are hacked to the point of making the said appliances unworkable at times, with the need for whichever appliance to be replaced. Even my Royal Mail has been affected in the past, with even R. Mail employees getting in on the stalking [see ​​​”​​ STALKING THAT FAILS:[My local postman’s involvement in my targeting]”https://butlincat.com/2017/10/11/the-shocking-carol-woods-coverup-stalking-that-fails-the-postmen-11-oct-17/ ] and much I do in my everyday life is affected to a smaller or larger degree. These rogue figures can control all aspects of society regarding any and everything I do [and probably many others, wherever they may be, suffer the same outrageous harassment too] involving agencies such as the NHS, to the DWP, to my town council, to my GP, along with many others I have no choice but to interact with – and I have much genuine bona fide evidence [and scores of pics of perps – stalkers] to back up all I claim, and even if 50% of that is questionable and claimed to be bs, then that leaves the other 50%… See the links at the end of this post which explain and describe much more of the harassment suffered since 2010 after I reported a serious case of child abuse to my local police – I had raised my head above the parapet, and have been a target ever since, and have accrued overwhelming evidence along the way since then…


I am a T.I. [Targeted Individual] – my mobile phones, and other things – by J. Graham [butlincat] 31 Oct. 2018

short video –  BEING KEYLOGGED IN 2016:


Tuesday, 21 June 2016




My local postman’s involvement in my targeting



Are you ready for a world of facial recognition? Several UK police forces have been trialling the technology. + South Wales Police under fire for using facial recognition technology against protesters – the Canary + STINGRAYS – VIDEO


SHOCKING: SNOOPER’S CHARTER IS NOW LAW Nov. 2016: “Britain has passed the ‘most extreme surveillance law ever passed”, SNOWDEN, GCHQ #massurveillance – VIDEO 
ANDY COLES – #sackandycoles #spycops + JANET ALDER + UNDERCOVER COPS: “The Women Activists Who Fell In Love With Police Spies And Are Still Waiting For Justice” VIDEO
Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance: Spycops Inquiry: Banging Your Head Against a Brick Wall – 26 Feb. 2018 + UNDERCOVER COPS
Update: Video, 2018: “Gangstalking: Police Misuse of databases and infiltration of confidential information” 
 see more comments:
“and in the UK too. The rogue police involved in my targeting liase with my GP, the DWP, the local hospital where i have appointments compromised….and a whole lot more. Formal local police deny everything re: gangstalking, but it’s really because they dont want to know about their officers operating their own agendas, mainly because it is criminal activity!” 
2] Video, 2018: “Policing 1”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGuPe5pPRp8&t=7s
[see the comments]
– this video describes how, allegedly, a smear campaign can be enacted against a person – false rumours are spread about a citizen [who then becomes a “stalked victim” aka a “Targeted Individual”] to his neighbours in his community, along with others he interacts with eg. his GP, his hospital, his local council etc. – any agency or anyone he/she interacts with – even the staff at any restaurant the T.I. frequents are told “smear stories” to discredit the victim – their “body language” says it all. It is a smear campaign against, in my case, a law abiding citizen who has no current criminal record. I have been told by one of my stalkers who was “befriended” that he was [allegedly] told by a certain individual [or by one of his colleagues] to monitor me at all times or whenever he could [as half a dozen other neighbours were also told who became stalkers too, judging by their behaviour towards me, some of which stopped but much continues] as I was “involved in criminal activity”, even though I most definitely am not and my last arrest [on a minor drug offence of “possession”] was in 1984 – 35 years ago. I firmly believe this character in an authority position is responsible for instigating my stalking beginning in 2010. Apart from [unreplied to] letters of complaint regarding this harassment and victimisation already sent to the Chief Constable [to now ex-Chief Constable Ms. D. Simpson] regarding the harassment suffered during the past couple of years an 8-page letter to the Home Secretary and 5 other high-up government personnel [including eg. 2 local MPs and the local council’s head solicitor] was sent on 06 Nov. 2018 informing them all of this black op. and longstanding gangstalking happening here, including the identity of the character I strongly allege originally instigated this black op. harassment originally way back in 2010 [who may or may not be still at where I reported my email a/c being hacked – my local police station] – my letter was acknowledged by most of those sent to, but this unwarranted and illegal surveillance upon myself continues unabated, in varying degrees unsurprisingly. After all, no police force or government agency is going to readily admit black ops of this kind are happening – clandestine surveillance of law abiding citizens who aren’t involved in any crimes at present goes against Article 8 of the Human Rights Act [right to a private life] anyway, especially when the person targeted is most definitely not involved in crime of any sort and having no current criminal record – in any shape or form – either. The simple fact emerges that if one highlights particularly horrific crimes against another [perfectly law abiding] citizen as has occurred with my highlighting the chronic and highly illegal harassment one Carol Woods has been forced to endure since at least 2001 one will receive payback in the form of gangstalking and other sometimes severe harassment perpetrated by those supposed to PROTECT us from exactly this type of thing. Fact. 
STALKERS Sat. 15 Dec. 2018
These retard stalkers and their insane pathetic controllers think their “subjects” – the victims in whichever scenario who is being harassed by the constant surveillance of stalkers – are as stupid and demented as they are. A lot is done to provoke any subject into retaliation when the subject is being stalked, hoping the subject will break the law and get arrested for whatever, but once the subject realises this plan and pathetic agenda, all becomes meaningless and a waste of time. Who would do what stalkers do anyway, taking dirty money for their sordid behaviour, or being threatened to act as their controllers wish, feeding them a smear campaign against the victim – a story riddled with lies and other ridiculous stories to get the stalkers cooperation against, often, a perfectly law-abiding citizen who has done and is doing nothing wrong in the eyes of the law – in any country?
Saturday 15 Dec. 2018
After i got off the train, around 9pm, at Bournemouth rail station, after going to Cardiff to visit Maurice Kirk, I went to the bus stop directly opposite the train station. At this busstop i have often been accosted by strange people – this is common at this location, but not as bad as another other bus stop by my home, which has always been seriously worse with stalkers turning up when I’m awaiting a bus, even though I’ve made lots of this stalking data public. I find it easy to find odd behaviour by watching the body language of these characters, and, if they speak, by what they say, if anything. After things have been going on for so long – since 2010 originally [when I reported a very well-known case of child abuse to my local plod], certain things are easy to spot. Put simply, one learns from experience, and this rubbish here has been going on years.
The Stalkers Turn Up
As I awaited the bus by the usual train station bus stop around 9pm last night 15 Dec. 2018, after alighting the train coming back from visiting Maurice [Kirk] in Cardiff, a young woman, around 30 years of age, with a “Bournemouth University” cloth carry bag over her shoulder, arrived at the busstop. She was wearing noticible shoes, like high heeled stiletto shoes, jeans, jacket, and wearing a baseball-like cap. I sat on the bench by the busstop, and others were waiting close by in the rain shelter by this stop. As i sat there – the bus was due in around 5 minutes – and after arriving there she walked back from the direction she came, back to the other bus stop nearby, stopped there as if checking the bus times on the board there, and then turned and stood there for a minute or so, before walking back to the stop I was waiting at. A bus came along and stopped by the stop – but not the bus I was waiting for. This person joined the queue of around 6 people boarding the bus but oddly, in my opinion – turning round at the point she would’ve boarded the bus and walked back into the small rain shelter by the bus stop, presumably to await a different bus. My bus duly came along a couple of minutes after that, and I boarded it and this person did too, after myself, and sat close by in the seat directly adjacent to mine near the front of the bus. I hadn’t noticed then another older guy sitting in the very front seat, on the left, further up the lefthand side of the bus, directly by the bus exit.
As we approached the area where i usually alight the bus, 2 stops before my usual exit point, the female person rang the bell and alighted the bus. I was to get off the next stop – at a stop before the stop which is much closer to my home. The bus moved on after this person alighted and I rang the bell in good time and stood up and moved a bit towards the exit doors at the front of the bus, but it was clear by the speed of the bus it seemed it was not going to stop. So i immediately got much closer to the exit point by the doors so the driver could plainly see I was getting ready to leave the bus – even though I’d rang the bell and heard it ring, in good time. At the very last second the bus rapidly drew to a halt, and as I was standing by the exit point, waiting for the doors to open so I could alight the bus, the guy sitting in the very front seat, right by this exit point, suddenly got up and stood very close by me before the doors opened to let people get off the bus. I duly exited the bus, with, presumably this guy who was waiting to exit the bus also, directly behind me. I walked on towards my home close by, but I turned to see what was happening behind me and the guy who had exited the bus was just stood there, by the bus stop I had just got off at, just standing looking in my direction. I thought this was particularly odd – as why would a person stand there looking at me further up the road after getting off the bus? I’d never seen  behaviour like this in all the time I’d ben using the local transport there – since 2004 – people just don’t do that. Normally people go home or whatever in similar circumstances – they do not just stand there in the middle of the pavement seemingly watching me, looking up the road at me. This bus stop this person was stood at was the very next stop on from where the female had alighted a very short while before, so I assumed they were together. I stopped walking and stood watching this person as he stood looking up the road at myself, and I then crossed the road to get on the opposite side of the road that we were on. I walked a few yards to the bus stop on this other side of the road, and turned and to look for any developments with this person. The guy had crossed the road too and now stood on the pavement, further down this side of the road opposite to the side we had previously been on, still staring up at me. I presumed this person was watching what I was doing, and was checking that I went to my home, and was watching me to confirm that. I stood by this other side of the road for a good minute or so watching this person who could be seen in car headlights as the cars passed him. I then simply went home close by to where all this was taking place. They could now confirm I had arrived home, and the woman living under me, in the flat below, could continue the surveillance – even telling if I was on the phone to anyone, as the walls  are ridiculously thin in these flats. One can hear conversations clearly even though there’s a  ceiling inbeteen the flats. One can even tell which tv programme  one has on, it’s that easy to tell.
So, I perceived – by these characters own actions – 2 characters who I presume to be stalkers. There could have been more on the train I was on previously too – it’s not hard to board a train and look for a person wearing a fluorescent green “safety” jacket as I was, and sit close by that person to surveille him – I was the only person I saw this day wearing a jacket the same as I was during the 10 hours of train journey that day to Cardiff, and back, so it would’ve been easy to find me on any train, or bus, come to that. My emails and, I allege, bank a/cs are routinely hacked so any government agent would know I bought a ticket for travel the day before, and had an entire day to make arrangements to stalk, getting these weird characters in place beforehand a “fait accompli”. I cannot stress enough just how many times I have been accosted by, usually, strange women whilst at the bus / train station where I had been that night. Even when someone visited Bournemouth last winter I was accosted by a young female – around approx. 16 years of age [if that] – at this same location after I had just left the visitor in the town centre, and was forced to engage with this young stalker when normally I do not start having conversations with people I’ve never met when I’m waiting for a bus. When I saw this person the very first time whilst at the bus station location after leaving the visitor and she told me she “had been working hard and was going home and straight to bed”. I felt this was a loaded statement, meant to get a reaction from me. I gave no reaction, thinking  “how provocative a statement is that? – an obvious trap I was having nothing to do with. Also I saw this same female a couple of times after too during the following couple of days, but I ignored her totally, of course. I haven’t seen her since anywhere. This person told me she was a “door-to-door salesperson for window double glazing”. Unbelievable. Were they having a laugh? During the following couple of days this person just turned up where I was, once in centre of town, and another time on the same bus I was on, coincidentally, which is a common part of their agenda. People accost you, and then you see them for the next couple of days, then they vanish but might turn up weeks or months later – this has happened so often. I have now a folder full of pics of these characters for reference, built up over time, stored at various locations with various persons.
There are many stalking neighbours who live close by me who have paid me outrageous amounts of attention beginning a couple of years ago – but before that paying me no attention whatsoever for the previous 12 years or so. One who takes part made out she had a son, a couple of years ago, who often would be there waiting for me outside the block as I arrived home from being out, or would be waiting on the corner of my road, or would even be by that bus stop close by me. This character would never look directly into my eyes when approaching or passing, but I knew what he was up to. When I went out to get on a bus, for example, he would be right behind me couple of minutes after I’d left my block to go to the bus stop 150 yards or so away on the main road by me, and get on the bus with me, and sit directly by me, all the time with a menacing, angry look on his face. This is what I mean by the provocation they dispense. This character disappeared as fast as he appeared a couple of years  ago, when his presence was chronic in the area  for about 4 – 6 weeks, and after that hasn’t been seen since then [although, as stated already these weirdos have a habit of turning up later, sadly]. So, I’m surrounded by these weirdo stalkers. 2 elderly neighbours who were involved have actually died, through old age or illness or whatever. An elderly female, who lived next door used to follow me around the town centre and try and engage me in conversation often when there, whereas for the previous 10 years or so never said a word at any time to me whenever passing or seeing them outside of their blocks. 
There are many other events I could describe, eg. another time I exited the train and station and went to the same bus stop, much earlier in the day this time. A young woman, approx. around 25 years of age, acting like a student or someone studying, sat smiling to herself and was sprawled very oddly across the public seat, taking up at least 2 spaces where people could sit, right by where I had to stand by the shelter to await the bus – the same no. bus as always. She had books open and was writing on an A4 sheet of paper which was in a pad, but her diary-like book was open and easy to view and in big letters I could see “May 26” printed at the top of this book’s page. It was as if this item was wanted to be seen by anyone that was close by, and I was within 8 feet from this bench, and I was close enough to the book to be able to read this date “May 26” easily, as I stood there. May 26 was when I met the now deceased George Gretton outside the Hammersmith Odeon, London in 2016, for a chat. George was a whistleblower, regarding accountancy and the Institute therof. Some of his stuff is online on youtube under “George Gretton”. George died of apparently “heart related illnesses” a couple of months later, sadly, before major disclosures of his could finalise. I thought it was very telling thy were letting me know, via these weird methods, that all was recorded by them, just as all they do is recorded by myself. What a complete crock. 
Another time, around 11pm on a week day, after getting off a train and going to this very same stop, I was alone waiting for the last bus and a young woman, around 25 years of age approx., smartly dressed, came and sat at the very end of the bench I was sat on, the same bench as the previous events described. She sat on the very end of the bench with her back to me and, weirdly, began humming loudly. I thought this was very odd and it seemed to me she was trying to attract attention to herself. I immediately knew something was wrong and got up, crossed the road to where the taxis await by the station exit, got a cab home, away from the situation. 
Of the half a dozen or so stalking neighbours who live close by me who have paid me outrageous amounts of attention beginning a couple of years ago – but before that paying me no attention whatsoever – opposite me we have 3 lesbian types – all living in one house, and next door  there’s an elderly female drug user junky who makes her presence known constantly, and, directly in the flat underneath me, a short fat lady made out she had a son, a couple of years ago, who often would be there waiting for me outside the block as I arrived home from being out, or would be waiting on the corner of my road, or would even be by that bus stop close by me. This character would never look directly into my eyes when approaching or passing, but I knew what he was up to. When I went out to get on a bus, for example, he would follow me out of the building a couple of minutes after I’d left it to go to the bus stop 150 yards or so away on the main road by me, and get on the bus, and sit directly by me, all the time with a menacing, angry look on his face. This is what I mean by the provocation they dispense. This character disappeared as fast as he appeared a couple of years  ago, when his presence was chronic in the area  for about 4 – 6 weeks, and after that hasn’t been seen since then [although, as statd already these weirdos have a habit of turning up later, sadly]. So, I’m surrounded by these weirdo stalkers. 2 elderly neighbours who were involved have actually died, through old age or illness or whatever. An elderly female, who lived next door used to follow me around the town centre and try and engage me in conversation often when there, whereas for the previous 10 years or so never said a word at any time to me whenever passing or seeing them outside of their blocks.  
Much began with these 6 or so neighbours around 2 years ago [see blow about then re: Carol Woods], all of these characters at the same time began acting very oddly, paying me untold attention – daily even, but, as stated earlier, the more public one goes exposing this trash, the more they cowardly back away, and tire, and become complacent and cease to be useful to their controllers – particularly if you let them see you taking photographs with your mobile phone eg. for use in a court case for harassment or similar later. I see the 2 deaths happening to these neighbour stalkers as karma. All the 6 or so  neighbours were acting completely normally before this period of intensive stalking began around 2 years ago, when, I believe, they were recruited to do the dirty work, being controlled by these evil types running it all. As they’re using everyday citizens to do their dirty work, these neighbours were uncannily amateur in there stalking behaviour – it was really pitiful to encounter at times. And how inconsiderate of those 2 stalking neighbours to actually cease existing whilst engaged in their stalking “job” – is this not the height of amateurishness? you bet – but karma at it’s best, as karma has an uncanny way of leveling any playing field, even when one has the might of a rogue government department against one. After all, the stalking begins to falter if the stalkers cease being alive – no? That kind of defeats the very dubious object, surely! Lol. 
And that’s not even mentioning the guy who would appear every time I visited the local “Subway” joint – he’d always without fail turn up around 10 minutes after my entering that establishment. Every time, halfway through a veggie roll he’d turn up – he lives just round the corner to the joint. More recently he even had the cheek to nod and say “hello!” to me, which was met with serious indifference and complete silence on my part. The manager of that establishment – a young gay foreign puppet also plays a part in it all, as every creature involved in this nefarious stalking is told to watch what I do [make phone calls or whatever – my phones are monitored relentlessly and I’ve even had to replace a phone recently because their hacking and interference has destroyed it] and who I meet, if anyone – everything I do is watched closely – even when I take pics of them for my records they will see and make note of, and the town’s cctv system only aids them in their crimes by recording everything wherever I am. The joke about visiting whichever “Subway” here [there are about 3 different establishments] is that I deliberately never met anyone there – ever. Do I look as stupid as they are? Well, I’m not. 
And there’s the times I would comically throw their stalking perversions into complete disarray, eg. by making out I’d be waiting for a bus, then when it came along, I’d  go towards it, but then turn away at the last moment and walk away, and even cross the road and do all that over again at a bus stop opposite when a bus going in the opposite direction came along, or actually catch the bus going in the opposite direction for the original  preplanned meet with someone somewhere. In the end they had to have stalkers everywhere, anticipating my moves. But when I would go back home instead of going wherever after making out I was waiting for a bus – that then really laid their plans to waste. Now I do various unpredictable actions often when out to undermine these offences which is so easy to do too, when they think they’re “James Bond” saving the country over the likes of yours truly. I believe they actually think they’re doing society a great service, when, in actual fact, they’re just being played bigtime for the gullible fools they are. The pity of it all is that all this recruiting of what amounts to be very stupid members of our society must be costing the poor taxpayer a small fortune, over time. Already a number of employed  stalkers must be active wherever and whenever I go out, prepared in advance – each must be paid, somehow, as who would do this trash day in, day out for nothing? Don’t  they have better things to do in their lives than to watch me when I’m shopping or doing something as equally boring, or travelling on a long coach or train journey to somewhere? It’s insane, but I tell no lies here – anywhere in this account, I swear to God, and not only do I have a statement from one person recruited, who gave me an affadavit some time ago about his interaction with these controllers regarding what he was told to do, after I told him the score when having a little chat onetime, but I also have the full  ID another, who made her presence chronic for a short while recently – turning up at different places I would go to, or being at bus stops or being on a bus when I boarded it, wearing her skirt up to her neck as if to entice me in some most provocative manner into whatever, naively [which, when thinking about it, has happened on a few occasions, on buses too] – sex being the commodity used that’s seen many a person’s downfall, from MPs that we read about in the newspapers, to other misfit’s nefarious actions who got caught doing something they most definitely shouldn’t. Using sex as a commodity to achieve an end is as old as the hills, but still they try it – this is the mentality we’re dealing with here – to call these characters and their controllers “morons” is a compliment – these affected and challenged idiots are far, far worse.
They are evil.
This is a true sworn statement.

To be continued and [updated].

UPDATE:  Who is this clown?

Dec 5

Stalkers always arrive at the same local busstops I use almost everyday. As I stand there awaiting bus they have time to assemble/act. Yesterday 4 Dec. ’18 I was knocked flying by a guy who crashed into me on an empty pavement 25 feet wide, which for a normal person is nigh on impossible. I got the pic below after. He was  with another couple of recruited henchmen who remained close by – there descriptions are recorded. The main very cocky fool entered the shop opposite and watched me where I was standing when I got  this pic:


Gangstalker Wars: Security Industry Specialist Tells All

19 Aug 2017

SHOCKING: SNOOPER’S CHARTER IS NOW LAW Nov. 2016: “Britain has passed the ‘most extreme surveillance law ever passed”, SNOWDEN, GCHQ #massurveillance – VIDEO 
ANDY COLES – #sackandycoles #spycops + JANET ALDER + UNDERCOVER COPS: “The Women Activists Who Fell In Love With Police Spies And Are Still Waiting For Justice” VIDEO
Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance: Spycops Inquiry: Banging Your Head Against a Brick Wall – 26 Feb. 2018 + UNDERCOVER COPS
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Its comical. You get in a cab [as I did, on Sunday, to go to the station], and after a while, chatting to the driver, you find he knows more about you than you would’ve imagined. The chat goes to the subject of “corruption”, after you’ve been asked where you’re going and why? [typical probing] and one wonders who else has been “primed”, with one’s name being “flagged”, as I’ve been made aware of so many times now, when visiting agencies, or wherever, around myself, that I have no choice but to use. Different locations – different flagging. They always deny it, of course, when asked “is my name flagged on your system – what does it say?” or whatever, but I know it’s there simply by the body language or speech used from the person who’s being asked – a very telling giveaway. Try harder spooks!! Get a real life! As if they haven’t better things to do – my local plod etc. – what a joke! They began in 2010 by taking down the Hollie Greig posters I put up around me, then it progressed, till it became very obvious, and easy to spot, not much later. 

They prime people with info – people you are to come into contact with. Eg. the guy “Frank”, from way back in 2011, the business owner, who came round from miles away who thought he was going to sell me a particularly worthless laptop I saw his advert for, online. What he said, mentioning America out of the blue [I had connections in America], and the way his voice and body language changed when he said it, let me know something was afoot. It was the only time he actually looked me in the eye when he said that, too. Its not common when one invites an invited person into one’s abode that they don’t look you in the eye until 10 minutes into the scene. I was thinking it was weird as it was happening – why couldn’t the guy look at me? When his entire demeanour changed ,and he said, out of the blue “I have a [family member] in America…”  I knew he’d been primed and this was a fishing expedition. 

Shortly after that, the monitoring began in earnest – and at one point the Internet disruption I was paying for was so bad I was having to use an Internet cafe for 6 weeks until the director of a certain well known ISP company – who I’d complained to about this interference to my service [by spooks] – could sort out my broadband problems, which they finally did, after incredible hassle, and I was refunded for 3 months line rental because of the interference with service – caused by the very same people who primed the cab driver, etc. 2 days ago. This kind of cr-p happens all the time. They deny any flagging,  or monitoring, of course, and will go out of their way to deny it, as conversations I’ve had very recently or reply letters reveal after the subject had been broached. But we know, spooks – we know, and its not rocket science.
I know I caught you on the hop on Sunday, when I caught that early train into London – but you soon caught up – I saw the 2 short [5’6″?] female officers peering at me from the corner, for a few seconds only, looking intent, talking, then disappearing back round the corner. You think I don’t notice tiny things like that, or when you follow me around, or put silly females in my path who come up to me and ask me crazy questions, like “where’s Asda?” – twice, when we’re standing right outside the place [2014]? 

And what about when I turned that corner, just by the Aldi roundabout, and the female student-looking type, or trainee spook, was already looking at me square in the eyes as I turned the corner [that is so very odd!], and walked straight up to me, standing very close to me, asking where the nearest bank was as she needed money? Come on. That’s so cheap a stunt. The bank was round another corner down a nearby road 250 yards away – but how come she had a smile of her face whilst looking at me – in the eyes – when I turned that corner? Can you imagine how bizarre that acting was? I believe you must’ve dropped her off by car immediately preceeding this event, to get her [and the rest] ahead of me, ready for the verbal. You probably had people watching the event too, close by, and this person [and all the rest at other events, or some of them anyway] are probably wired for sound so anything said can be used later as evidence. 

What about the tiny very very young female with the small brown and white terrier dog, whilst waiting at the busstop that’s now been moved, that I used nearly every day? Did you think I missed that one? Of course I didn’t.  And, at the busstop, whilst waiting for the bus – who was the old guy on his mobile phone, 20 yards away, looking away from me all the time I was noticing him, leaning on the gate post. 

They also use nondescript very ordinary looking people – including teenage girls to pensioners, both male and female who are recruited to pop along to surveille and watch whoever is deemed a target – I know because ive been witnessing this for months and have been accosted by many of them – particularly young females and older tarty types – possibly prostitutes or ex-prostitutes [often employed by police or connected]. 

It would take literally all night to list every event since those posters were taken down in 2010, 2 weeks after they were put up, by that very busstop, a week after I gave a couple  of the posters to a person who lives in Highgate, London, around the time I met Kevin Annett + co. too, at the same location.
When you hassled me over 2 days beginning at the anti-pope march, and I complained to the IPCC about it, and 6 months later, the verdict back from the IPCC was “no case to answer” – noone from your side could recall what the heck I was complaining about, even though I’d given you the officer’s numbers + names, etc etc.? Oh, and funny how that cab driver on Sunday, around 07.15BST, during the station trip mentioned an IPCC complaint he’d had disregarded. What an odd coincidence!! or is it “ham acting”? 

September 2010 was obviously the trigger for numerous particularly amateur events that continue to this very day. What about the old doxy who confronted me on the coach journey en route to see a Musa in HMP in 2012 – who, to my irritation – came an sat next to me after a few minutes into the journey, drivelling on about how she’d been wronged by whoever in business and she also thought she was pretty sure she knew a paedo who was a wrong’un? Did you think I’d fall for all her predictable bs? Luckily, I was able to escape off the coach at Hammersmith where I always used to alight to get the tube, but anyone could stake a fortune on me getting a tail by the time I’d reached Caledonian Rd. – the tube stop for either HMP the M’s were in. 

Who was the guy plain-clothes that time that jumped my exit through the ticket barrier at Cale. Rd. – creeping close right behind me as i went through the ticket barrier device, unnoticed until we’d gone through the thing – so he could get off the station without using his ticket – not that he even had one in the 1st place because he was a spook on duty tailing me. White guy, black well-worn leather jacket, dark jean-type trousers, black medium length hair – centre parting, slightly unshaven, dark t-shirt. He gave it away by staring malevolently at me, off and on, in the lift one has to get in at Caledonian Rd. tube before the ticket barriers  + the street exit. He leant against the wall on the left in the lift, clocking me off and on as the lift awaited moving and then went up, whilst I looked forward towards the lift exit 2 yards away, by the other lift wall to the right.  Was I being provoked, the same as they did when with Annett in Oxford street, on the march, the day after the pope’s Lambeth visit in 2010, the officer literally pushing me backwards away from the other 5 this character was with, after the helicoptor must’ve got me with face recognition when in the middle of scores of people waiting to begin the march by Selfridge’s? Then, after being separated from Annett + co, after being held by the side of the road as the march began for about 6 minutes, you allowed me back into it, and I caught up with Annett, only to have another officer never further than a few yards way from me for the entire march, ahead of me to my right, who kept turning back to look directly at me, often. You surely have all recorded – all this connected to the IPCC complaint they couldn’t remember anything about, made a fortnight later. 

It would take literally all night to list every event that’s been noticed.  The common factor in all this is my local agency [with others they’ve told], who I reported the Hollie Greig case to, in 2010 [ignored, emails to the then chief constable were blocked also], and also a “missing person” was reported to them in 2012 [ignored also

But what is happening to CERTAIN OTHERS especially is gross, and much, much worse. You act “under the law” – and that will never work, and is very illegal. Gangstalking, when connected to government, is a public scandal. How come genuine citizens are punished when reporting serious crimes committed by government employees, and the government employees are left alone to continue the serious crime, and the persons reporting the crime’s lives are made hell – even imprisoned? What I’ve noticed is ridiculously negligible compared to many good citizens targeted simply because of what they know, and do about what they know.

When people join enforcement agencies I well believe they have the honesty and integrity needed, and are to be applauded for that. But, along the way, some fall, and turn into pure monsters. This has, and is happening right now – to a lot of people. Where did it go so wrong for these people to make them change into monsters? Where? And what do they hope to achieve by it all? Is it all down to simply having a bigger bank balance? 

Its pathetic.

Update:  and that’s without the phone hacking going back years [landline and mobile, [and audio recorded also], some callers or recipients of calls made refusing to believe me at first, until, in calls after, what I had been telling them about blossomed in front of our very ears – that changed their minds, And the computer being hacked constantly also, which varies according to whose doing it – one can usually distinguish by what’s being done.

See more, added 31/07/17 [clipped message]:

This is extremely sad reading – compounded with the knowledge that the local council and connected parties are allegedly responsible for doing nothing to avert the horrific stalking described, let alone being behind it all. I am in a similar position, stalking-wise, to this which is described, with, imo, exactly the same parties running the entire show. 

​My “crime”? Reporting on what certain whistleblowers are saying…​

The general public do not realise certain agendas which are now in place, and what is going on, courtesy of these government departments. They are not aware of how seemingly ordinary and general members of the public – locals – are used to surveille [and harass] one, who report to their fellow stalkers when one has gone out, where wider surveillance takes over. These Watchers can even be in place at the place one is going to if one has, for example, used a public bus to get to wherever one happens to be going to, or be at the place one is going to if one has ordered a cab, or bought train or coach tickets to somewhere. It is not hard to tell who these stalkers are, often by their incessant and quizzical stares, for no reason. Often I arrive home to find a neighbour waiting to greet me – an elderly, almost senile next door neighbour who I have no contact with at all, yet who regales me with a “hello!” when I am about to go into my block. Obviously someone has tipped him off – mobile phone messaged him or whatever – that I will be arriving home in 15 minutes or whatever, and his job is simply to be seen and be there as I arrive home, to reinforce the outrageous fact that surveillance is being enacted. If I’ve ordered a cab for the following day, this neighbour will be there as the cab arrives, no matter what time or how early it may be, as he was at 7am last Sunday when he stood watching me get into a pre-ordered cab – what was he doing waiting by my abode at 7am on a Sunday morning in the remote, secluded close that I live in? Other neighbours I have no contact with often try and engage me in conversation whilst out – mysteriously appearing away from my home when I am awaiting a bus home, at random locations, or even when I’m in a “Subway” sandwich bar – they waltz in shouting “hello!” as I’m sitting there – its uncanny, and all approaches are avoided like the plague. One next door neighbour is a class A drug abuser, so who knows what’s going on with her approaches and why she should suddenly appear, targeting myself when I am out, walking right up to me and attempting to engage in conversation as if we’re old friends and she’s known me for years. For weeks her friends would knock on my door asking for her [she lives in the block next door] – each one apologising for disturbing me after realising they had, deliberately, the wrong address. Who can be behind all of these weird happenings? 

​ There have been scores of similar such events since 2010, after I became a supporter in the Hollie Greig case – not counting my phones being tapped, my computers hacked [I have video evidence and recordings to prove everything] to much more.​ [see more: DOMESTIC SURVEILLANCE – DAYS OF MY LIFE…with spooks
https://butlincat.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/domestic-surveillance-days-of-my.html ].

Surely there’s only one party who can get something like this together – the local police.  I’ve complained to many agencies about what’s been going on for years now, in one form or other, but the common factor with this case described in Wales is that noone actually does anything when this harassment is reported to them, and there must surely be many other similar stalkings taking place nationwide, but with it being a relatively new phenomenon, little is understood, or spoken or written about, and even if one does try and relate what one is experiencing, or hits this nerve too hard, one is branded as delusional – their ace card, and the attempts are made to lock one away in a mental unit, as has happened many times to some we know. Why aren’t these characters stalking the 23000 known extremists on the terrorist watch list – some of whom have gone on and murdered innocent passers-by? It is known the surveilla


ce on these potential murderers is woefully lacking, yet I can be surveilled daily, as the author of the post above is – without any hindrance at all. How can this be justified – or is reporting on government crimes more important than these extremists intentions to murder innocents? Seems so!…jg

If You Have a Smart Phone, Anyone Can Now Track Your Every Move

Government spy programme will monitor every phone call, text and email… and details will be kept for up to a year

By Pamela Owen

Details about text messages, phone calls, emails and every website visited by members of the public will be kept on record in a bid to combat terrorism.

The Government will order broadband providers, landline and mobile phone companies to save the information for up to a year under a new security scheme.
What is said in the texts, emails or phone calls will not be kept but information on the senders, recipients and their geographical whereabouts will be saved.
Direct messages to users of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter will also be saved and so will information exchanged between players in online video games.
The information will be stored by individual companies rather than the government.
The news has sparked huge concerns about the risk of hacking and fears that the sensitive information could be used to send spam emails and texts.
Nick Pickles, director of privacy and civil liberties campaign group Big Brother Watch, said: ‘Britain is already one of the most spied on countries off-line and this is a shameful attempt to watch everything we do online in the same way. 
‘The vast quantities of data that would be collected would arguably make it harder for the security services to find threats before a crime is committed, and involve a wholesale invasion of all our privacy online that is hugely disproportionate and wholly unnecessary. 

‘The data would be a honey pot for hackers and foreign governments, not to mention at huge risk of abuse by those responsible for maintaining the databases.It would be the end of privacy online.

‘The Home Secretary may have changed but it seems the Home Office’s desire to spy on every citizen’s web use and phone calls remains the same as it was under Labour.

‘At a time when the internet is empowering people across the world to embrace democracy, it is shameful for one of the world’s oldest democracies to be pursuing the kind same kind of monitoring that has a stranglehold on civil society in China and Iran.’

It is believed the Home Office started talks with communication companies a few months ago and could officially be announced in May.
The plans have been drawn up by home security service MI5, MI6 which operates abroad, and the GCHQ, the governments communication headquarters which looks after the country’s Signal Intelligence.
Security services would then be able to request information on people they have under surveillance and could piece together their movements with information provided.

Details of email correspondence and every website visited will also be kept

Details of email correspondence and every website visited will also be kept
Mobile phone records are able to show within yards where a call was made from and emails will be tracked using a computer’s IP address.
Security services are said to be concerned about the ability of terrorists to avoid tracking through modern technology and are believed to have lobbied Home Secretary Theresa May to introduce the scheme.
According to The Sunday Times ministers are planning to include the spy initiative called the Communications Capabilities Development Programme in the Queen’s speech in May.
Jim Killock, executive director of the Open Rights Group, said: ‘This would be a systematic effort to spy on all of our digital communications.
‘No state in history has been able to gather the level of information proposed,’ he said to The Sunday Times.

Smartphone apps are being used by the companies that sell them to store information about your children.

The apps can gather information of their whereabouts, who they are talking to and even store photographs.
Small print in the information provided before it is downloaded gives permission for the information to be accessed.
The Sunday Times examined 200 apps available and out of those 170 provided the right to access some information stored on the phone.
Developers have said they need the information in order to ensure the products work properly but some of the data accessed has little relevance.
Last week it was discovered the app for Twitter had been secretly accessing mobile phone address books.
Director of Big Brother Watch, Nick Pickles, told The Sunday Times: ‘How many parents knew that a simple mobile phone game would give someone the ability to access their child’s location, see what their camera lens is looking at or see the phone number of who is calling their child?’
Mr Pickles added it was proof of how weak regulation was.
source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2103314/Government-spy-programme-monitor-phone-text-email.html#ixzz2oWJshw00


Christopher Mims April 20, 2012
Navizon I.T.S. makes it easy to pinpoint Wi-Fi devices anywhere its listening nodes are installed. 
Location services company Navizon has a new system, called Navizon I.T.S., that could allow tracking of visitors in malls, museums, offices, factories, secured areas and just about any other indoor space. It could be used to examine patterns of foot traffic in retail spaces, assure that a museum is empty of visitors at closing time, or even to pinpoint the location of any individual registered with the system. But let’s set all that aside for a minute while we freak out about the privacy implications.
Most of us leave Wi-Fi on by default, in part because our phones chastise us when we don’t. (Triangulation by Wi-Fi hotspots is important for making location services more accurate.) But you probably didn’t realize that, using proprietary new “nodes” from Navizon, any device with an active Wi-Fi radio can be seen by a system like Navizon’s.
To demonstrate the technology, here’s Navizon CEO and founder Cyril Houri hunting for one of his colleagues at a trade show using a kind of first person shooter-esque radar.
And here’s a website set up by Navizon to anonymously log the devices of pedestrians who walk by its offices in Miami Beach, FL.

Real-time data (and webcam) from Navizon’s listening station at its offices

Finally, here’s a promo video that lays out the workings of the technology fairly succinctly, starting at 1:40.
It’s important to note that the technology is inherently (somewhat) anonymous. Navizon’s system can determine where you are, but not necessarily who you are, since all it sees is a Wi-Fi radio.
However, because each device has a unique signature, Navizon’s system does know whether you’ve been in a place before. This could be used for security – is someone showing up in the same place over and over again, possibly casing the joint? – or by a retailer who wants to track repeat customers.
In addition, Navizon also has the ability to assign real identifying information to a device, but it’s a process that could hardly occur without your knowledge. Here’s Houri again, demonstrating the capability.
This might be useful in, for example, a hospital that wants to know where a given medical staffer is at any given moment.
Navizon I.T.S. isn’t just useful for the owner of the system – using custom floor layouts or the indoor portions of Google Maps, it can help people precisely locate themselves within buildings, much like the Bluetooth beacon system proposed for use in concert with Broadcom’s new GPS chip.

Navizon’s technology is also reminiscent of the location data provided to retailers and marketers by Skyhook’s Spotrank system, which has a different set of pros and cons: That data is available for every point on the planet, but it only includes devices running Skyhook software.
The rollout of this technology means there are now at least three ways that users can track their locations indoors, where GPS is generally useless – bluetooth beacon, Spotrank (and proprietary vendor) databases of Wi-Fi hotspots, and Navizon’s I.T.S. nodes. It also marks the second way (that I know of) for you to be tracked via the location of your phone, whether you want to be or not. (The first requires access to your cell phone carrier, and is used for example to locate your position when you make a 911 call.)
It shouldn’t be surprising that carrying around a little RF transmitter in your pocket makes you visible to all sorts of tracking technology. Maybe it’s simply the (inevitable) commercialization of this fact that is somehow unnerving.http://www.technologyreview.com/view/427687/if-you-have-a-smart-phone-anyone-can-now-track-your-every-move/

How to Disable Facebook Places Location Tracking

If this feature creeps you out a little bit, you’re not alone.


“Have you ever bothered to click on the “Places” map on your Facebook timeline? It kind of creeped me out the first time I tried it. It almost felt like Facebook was stalking me.
Hovering my mouse pointer over any of the red dots on the Facebook Places map revealed pictures I had been tagged in at each location, status posts I had made from different places, etc. I had never really thought that Facebook was aggregating all of this geotag data together, and frankly, I’m not crazy about them doing this for me. Depending on your privacy settings, your friends and others may also be able to see this information.
If you don’t like Facebook presenting your location information in a scrapbook-for-stalkers format, you can turn it off (sort of). Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to remove your location data from the Facebook Places map.

Step 1 – Remove Geotags From Your Pictures Before You Upload Them to Facebook
To ensure that future pictures posted to Facebook and other social media sites don’t reveal your location information, you should make sure that the geotag information is never recorded in the first place. Most of the time this is done by turning off the location services setting on your smartphone’s camera application so that the geotag information doesn’t get recorded in the picture’s EXIF metadata. There are also apps that will help you strip our the geolocation information of pictures you’ve already taken. You might want to try deGeo (iPhone) or Photo Privacy Editor (Android) to remove the geotag info from your photos before uploading them to social media sites.

Step 2 – Disable Location Services for Facebook on Your Mobile Phone / Device
When you first installed Facebook on your mobile phone, it probably asked for permission to use your phone’s location services so that it could provide you with the ability to “check-in” at different locations and tag photos with location information. If you don’t want Facebook knowing where you are posting something from, then you should revoke this permission in your phone’s location services settings area.

Step 3 – Enable the Facebook Tag Review Feature
Facebook recently made an attempt to go from a super-granular privacy settings structure to an ultra-simple one. It now appears that you cannot selectively prevent people from tagging you at a location, however, you can turn on the tag review feature which allows you to review anything you’ve been tagged in, whether it’s a picture or a location check-in. You can decide whether tags get posted before they are posted, but only if you have the tag review feature enabled.

To Enable the Facebook Tag Review Feature:
1. Log into Facebook and select the settings padlock icon next to the “Home” button at the top right corner of the page.
2. Click the “See More Settings” link from the bottom of the “Privacy Shortcuts” menu.
3. Click the “Timeline and Tagging” link on the left side of the screen.
4. In the “How can I manage tags people add and tagging suggestions?” section of the “Timeline and Tagging Settings menu, click the “Edit” link next to “Review tags people add to your own posts before the tags appear on Facebook?”
5. Click the “Disabled” button and change its setting to “Enabled”.
6. Click the “Close” link.
After this setting is enabled, any post that you are tagged in, whether it’s a photo, location check-in, etc, will have to gain your digital stamp of approval before it’s posted to your timeline. This will effectively prevent anyone from posting your location without your express permission.
Step 4 – Limit Who Can See Your “Stuff” on Facebook
Also located in the newly revamped Facebook privacy settings area is a “Who can see my stuff” option. This is where you can limit the visibility of future posts (such as ones with geotags in them). You may choose “Friends”, “Only Me”, “Custom”, or “Public”. I advise against choosing “Public” unless you want the whole world knowing where you are and where you’ve been.

This option applies to all future posts. Individual posts can be changed as they are created or after they are made, in case you want to make something more public or private later on. You can also use the “Limit Past Posts” option to change all of your old posts that might have been “Public” or “Friends of Friends” to “Friends Only”.

It’s a good idea to check your Facebook privacy settings about once a month as they seem to make sweeping changes on a regular basis that could affect the settings you have in place. Check out our Facebook Privacy and Security section of our site for more guidance.

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 “SNOOPERS CHARTER” + archive 
“SNOOPERS CHARTER RULED UNLAWFUL” + #spycops [“Undercover Policing” abuse] + GCHQ SPYING, SNOWDEN, MASS SURVEILLANCE + more 05 Feb. 2018

SNOWDEN and mass surveillance, IAN HISLOP, GCHQ

10 Dec. 2016 originally

SPYING ON US 12mar15 


UPDATE FEB. 2018: 
UK mass digital surveillance regime ruled unlawful
Judges say snooper’s charter lacks adequate safeguards around accessing personal data
 Home affairs editor
A man on his mobile phone walks past a CCTV sign
 Appeal court judges have ruled the government’s mass digital surveillance regime unlawfulin a case brought by the Labour deputy leader, Tom Watson.

Liberty, the human rights campaign group which represented Watson in the case, said the ruling meant significant parts of the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 – known as the snooper’s charter – are effectively unlawful and must be urgently changed.

The court of appeal ruling on Tuesday said the powers in the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act 2014, which paved the way for the snooper’s charter legislation, did not restrict the accessing of confidential personal phone and web browsing records to investigations of serious crime, and allowed police and other public bodies to authorise their own access without adequate oversight.The government defended its use of communications data to fight serious and organised crime and said that the judgment related to out of date legislation. Minister Ben Wallace said that it would not affect the way law enforcement would tackle crime.

The three judges said Dripa was “inconsistent with EU law” because of this lack of safeguards, including the absence of “prior review by a court or independent administrative authority”.

Responding to the ruling, Watson said: “This legislation was flawed from the start. It was rushed through parliament just before recess without proper parliamentary scrutiny.

The government must now bring forward changes to the Investigatory Powers Act to ensure that hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom are innocent victims or witnesses to crime, are protected by a system of independent approval for access to communications data. I’m proud to have played my part in safeguarding citizens’ fundamental rights.”

Martha Spurrier, the director of Liberty, said: “Yet again a UK court has ruled the government’s extreme mass surveillance regime unlawful. This judgement tells ministers in crystal clear terms that they are breaching the public’s human rights.”

She said no politician was above the law. “When will the government stop bartering with judges and start drawing up a surveillance law that upholds our democratic freedoms?”

The Home Office announced a series of safeguards in November in anticipation of the ruling. They include removing the power of self-authorisation for senior police officers and requiring approval for requests for confidential communications data to be granted by the new investigatory powers commissioner. Watson and other campaigners said the safeguards were “half-baked” and did not go far enough.

The judges, headed by Sir Geoffrey Vos, declined to rule on the Home Office claim that the more rigorous “Watson safeguards” were not necessary for the use of bulk communications data for wider national security purposes.
The judges said the appeal court did not need to rule on this point because it had already been referred to the European court of justice in a case which is due to be heard in February.
Watson launched his legal challenge in 2014 in partnership with David Davis, who withdrew when he entered the government as Brexit secretary in 2016. The European court of justice ruled in December 2016 that the “general and indiscriminate retention” of confidential personal communications data was unlawful without safeguards, including independent judicial authorisation.
Security minister Ben Wallace responded to the ruling saying: “Communications data is used in the vast majority of serious and organised crime prosecutions and has been used in every major security service counter-terrorism investigation over the last decade. It is often the only way to identify paedophiles involved in online child abuse as it can be used to find where and when these horrendous crimes have taken place.”

He said the judgment related to legislation which was no longer in force and did not change the way in which law enforcement agencies could detect and disrupt crimes.

We had already announced that we would be amending the Investigatory Powers Act to address the two areas in which the court of appeal has found against the previous data retention regime. We welcome the fact that the court of appeal ruling does not undermine the regime and we will continue to defend these vital powers, which Parliament agreed were necessary in 2016, in ongoing litigation,” he said.

source: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/jan/30/uk-mass-digital-surveillance-regime-ruled-unlawful-appeal-ruling-snoopers-charter

Now anyone can be hacked by government –  going back a year “in police investigations”…yeah right. Bang goes the right of privacy – ECHR Article 8: Article 8 – Right to respect for private and family life
1. Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.
2. There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except such as is in accordance with the law and is necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security, public safety or the economic well-being of the country, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Article_8_of_the_European_Convention_on_Human_Rights]

Britain has passed the ‘most extreme surveillance law ever passed in a democracy’

The law forces UK internet providers to store browsing histories — including domains visited — for one year, in case of police investigations.
It’s 2016 going on 1984.
The UK has just passed a massive expansion in surveillance powers, which critics have called “terrifying” and “dangerous”.
The new law, dubbed the “snoopers’ charter”, was introduced by then-home secretary Theresa May in 2012, and took two attempts to get passed into law following breakdowns in the previous coalition government.
Four years and a general election later — May is now prime minister — the bill was finalized and passed on Wednesday by both parliamentary houses.
But civil liberties groups have long criticized the bill, with some arguing that the law will let the UK government “document everything we do online”.
It’s no wonder, because it basically does.The law will force internet providers to record every internet customer’s top-level web history in real-time for up to a year, which can be accessed by numerous government departments; force companies to decrypt data on demand — though the government has never been that clear on exactly how it forces foreign firms to do that that; and even disclose any new security features in products before they launch.
Not only that, the law also gives the intelligence agencies the power to hack into computers and devices of citizens (known as equipment interference), although some protected professions — such as journalists and medical staff — are layered with marginally better protections.
In other words, it’s the “most extreme surveillance law ever passed in a democracy,” according to Jim Killock, director of the Open Rights Group.
The bill was opposed by representatives of the United Nations, all major UK and many leading global privacy and rights groups, and a host of Silicon Valley tech companies alike. Even the parliamentary committee tasked with scrutinizing the bill called some of its provisions “vague”.
Britain allegedly bypassed international intelligence-sharing treaties. Read More
And that doesn’t even account for the three-quarters of people who think privacy, which this law almost entirely erodes, is a human right.
There are some safeguards, however, such as a “double lock” system so that the secretary of state and an independent judicial commissioner must agree on a decision to carry out search warrants (though one member of the House of Lords disputed that claim).
A new investigatory powers commissioner will also oversee the use of the powers.
Despite the uproar, the government’s opposition failed to scrutinize any significant amendments and abstained from the final vote. Killock said recently that the opposition Labour party spent its time “simply failing to hold the government to account”.
But the government has downplayed much of the controversy surrounding the bill. The government has consistently argued that the bill isn’t drastically new, but instead reworks the old and outdated Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA). This was brought into law in 2000, to “legitimize” new powers that were conducted or ruled on in secret, like collecting data in bulk and hacking into networks, which was revealed during the Edward Snowden affair.
Much of those activities were only possible thanks to litigation by one advocacy group, Privacy International, which helped push these secret practices into the public domain while forcing the government to scramble to explain why these practices were legal.
The law will be ratified by royal assent in the coming weeks.


  • Voices
  • The Snooper’s Charter passed into law this week – say goodbye to your privacy

The fact that you’re on this website is – potentially – state knowledge. Service providers must now store details of everything you do online for 12 months – and make it accessible to dozens of public authorities
This week a law was passed that silently rips privacy from the modern world. It’s called the Investigatory Powers Act.
Under the guise of counter-terrorism, the British state has achieved totalitarian-style surveillance powers – the most intrusive system of any democracy in history. It now has the ability to indiscriminately hack, intercept, record, and monitor the communications and internet use of the entire population.

The hundreds of chilling mass surveillance programmes revealed by Edward Snowden in 2013 were – we assumed – the result of a failure of the democratic process. Snowden’s bravery finally gave Parliament and the public the opportunity to scrutinise this industrial-scale spying and bring the state back into check.

But, in an environment of devastatingly poor political opposition, the Government has actually extended state spying powers beyond those exposed by Snowden – setting a “world-leading” precedent.
The fact that you’re on this website is – potentially – state knowledge. Service providers must now store details of everything you do online for 12 months – and make it accessible to dozens of public authorities.

What does your web history look like? Does it reveal your political interests? Social networks? Religious ideas? Medical concerns? Sexual interests? Pattern of life?

What might the last year of your internet use reveal?

Government agencies have even won powers to hack millions of computers, phones and tablets en masse, leaving them vulnerable to further criminal attacks.

You might think that you have nothing to hide, and therefore nothing to fear. In that case, you may as well post your email and social media login details in the comments below.

But I don’t think we do feel that blasé about our privacy – we cherish our civil liberties. Everyone has a stake in guarding our democracy, protecting minorities from suspicionless surveillance, defending protest rights, freedom of the press, and enjoying the freedom to explore and express oneself online. These freedoms allow our thoughts, opinions and personalities to flourish and develop – they are the very core of democracy.   
Has any country in history given itself such extensive surveillance powers and remained a rights-respecting democracy? We need not look too far back – or overseas to see the risks of unbridled surveillance. In recent years, the British state has spied on law-abiding environmental activists, democratically elected politicians, victims of torture and police brutality, and hundreds of journalists.
In fact, as the Bill finally passed on Wednesday evening, I was training a group of British and American journalists in how to protect themselves from state surveillance – not just from Russia or Syria, but from their own countries.
When Edward Snowden courageously blew the whistle on mass surveillance he warned that, armed with such tools, a new leader might “say that ‘because of the crisis, because of the dangers we face in the world, some new and unpredicted threat, we need more authority, we need more power.’ And there will be nothing the people can do at that point to oppose it”.

The US finds itself with a President-elect who has committed to monitoring all mosques, banning all Muslims, investigating Black Lives Matter activists and deporting two to three million people. And with the ushering into law of the UK-US free trade in mass surveillance, MPs may have a lot to answer for.

Liberty and its members fought tooth and nail against this new law from its inception to the moment it was passed. That fight is not yet over. Our message to Government: see you in court.

Silkie Carlo is the policy officer at Liberty

The United Nations has passed a non-binding resolution condemning the disruption of Internet access as a human rights violation.
Russia and China were among countries opposing the resolution, which reaffirms the stance of the UN Human Rights Council that “the same rights people have offline must also be protected online.”
Saudi Arabia joined the two nations in their objections. But in addition to authoritarian regimes, democracies such as India and South Africa also disagreed and called for the deletion of the following passage:
Condemns unequivocally measures to intentionally prevent or disrupt access to or dissemination of information online in violation of international human rights law and calls on all States to refrain from and cease such measures.”
While not legally enforceable, a resolution such as this can help put pressure on governments and add weight to the arguments of digital rights groups.
Digital rights site Access Now’s Global Policy and Legal Counsel representative, Peter Micek, enlarged on this.
This unanimous statement by the world’s highest human rights body should give governments pause before they order blocking, throttling, and other barriers to information.”
Such throttling was witnessed in Turkey following the June 2016 attack on Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, when social media sites were suppressed.
Access Now says at least 15 Internet shutdowns took place worldwide in 2015. So far in 2016, at least 20 shutdowns are known to have been put into place.

A major row between the political parties is brewing over demands by David Cameron and the intelligence services for even more surveillance powers in the wake of the terrorist atrocities in Paris last week.

David Cameron has promised new legislation so that terrorists no longer have “safe spaces” to communicate.

Pointing out that in the old days, intelligence agencies  were able to open letters and eavesdrop on phone calls, the PM asked in a speech yesterday: “In our country, do we want to allow a means of communication between people which […] we cannot read?”

But today deputy PM Nick Clegg said such a response would be disproportionate and would “cross a line”.

The issue centres on the fact that technology is changing so fast that the laws on which security officials rely to give them access to communications are becoming obsolete almost as soon as they are written.

Here the Bureau explains why new legislation passed last summer is said to be already inadequate to keep Britons safe, what the government could do next and why the public debate must take account of GCHQ’s most realistic option – hacking.

What are the problems?

The Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act (DRIPA) was only passed last summer, having been fast-tracked through Parliament.

The new law extended the reach of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) which gives authorities interception powers.

Under DRIPA telecoms companies can also be required to keep billing data – information on who contacts whom, when and for how long on mobile networks but not the content of these messages – for up to 12 months and allow security officials to access it on production of a warrant.

This “meta-data” held by the companies is helpful in identifying associates of known terrorists or criminals. Law enforcement and security officials can use evidence of contact between parties to justify directly surveilling individuals and accessing the content of their communications.

But the law is already said to be becoming obsolete.

There are three main reasons for this:

1) People aren’t calling each other over mobile networks as often as they used to

Terrorists and serious criminals, like the general public, are using the internet to communicate instead, speaking to each other via social media sites, instant messaging services – including those provided by online games – and chat rooms.

Billing data doesn’t capture these exchanges.

2) Encryption

Intelligence agencies are increasingly finding that even when they have located the particular messages they want, the content is encrypted.

3) The data isn’t collected by UK telcos

Companies operating fixed line and mobile infrastructure such as BT and Vodafone may simply transport data to and from another company – such as Facebook or Twitter – to the customer with little or no data retained about the communication.

4) Some of the communications the spies want access to are held by service providers that are not based in the UK

Under DRIPA, interception warrants issued by UK authorities can be applied to overseas firms. As Liberty pointed out, the UK’s Home Secretary could serve Gmail with a warrant in California, requiring it to intercept all communications between subscribers in two specified countries or all communications leaving or entering the UK.

However many legal experts have questioned the validity of this extra-territorial effect, not least because the legislation could require companies to breach their own nation’s laws in complying with a UK warrant – a warrant whose existence they could not reveal without breaking UK law.

A recent Telegraph report quoted an anonymous security official complaining that these companies would not assist GCHQ enquires by passing on evidence about serious criminals unless there was an imminent threat of harm.

What can be done about it?

1) Get heavy with the tech companies

Media reports have suggested Whatsapp, Snapcat and Apple’s iMessage, which offer an encrypted instant messaging services could be banned from the UK.

Companies that offer encrypted email services could also be banned or required to hand over their encryption “keys”, either to the security services or to network operators.

Operators could then be required by law to decrypt the data.

As Privacy International points out, proposals to outlaw encrypted communications “not only threaten the very rights they’re said to be designed to protect, but begin from a fundamentally flawed premise – that such measures are even possible.”

It added: “The UK simply can not command foreign manufacturers and providers of services such as Whatsapp to modify their services to accommodate the desires of British spies.”

Any attempted move in this direction would antagonise some very powerful opponents – Google, for example, which recently proposed that websites that do not encrypt their traffic be marked as “insecure” by default.

The company is a major advocate for “end-to-end encryption“, which encrypts data leaving a user’s browser until it is decrypted by the recipient. The tech giant has previously publicly announced support for anti-surveillance campaigners.

In 2010 the Indian government threatened to ban Blackberry for refusing to allow the country’s security officials access to its messages. The dispute ran for several years before ending in a compromise, with the company agreeing to allow more limited access – to meta-data – than had originally been requested.

A battle between the UK and Google or Apple would be a different matter altogether.

2) Revival of the “Snoopers’ Charter”

The Conservatives are pushing for a revival of the Communications Data draft Bill, known as the “Snoopers’ Charter”, which was abandoned in 2013 after opposition from the Liberal Democrats.

This would have required all internet service providers to retain, for 12 months, in a common format data on their customers’ communications via the internet as well as via the mobile networks.

Data stored would include visits to websites and social media activities.

These databases could then be searched by a Government data-mining device called a “request filter”.

As well as major concerns about the threat to privacy this would entail, it is questionable whether the national security benefits would justify the expense of building and maintaining the data storage centers necessary to retain this huge amount of information, particularly if the encryption problem has not been solved.

Companies that have no commercial imperative to collect the information would have to be compensated if they were compelled to do so. The bill could run into hundreds of millions of pounds given the volume and complexity of data involved.

3) Hack!

The third prong in the intelligence agencies’ communications surveillance trident is its ability to break encryption by hacking.

GCHQ’s capabilities in this and any other regard are never discussed officially as a matter of policy.

But without understanding this capability – and how, if at all, it is constrained by the law – it is difficult to know just how hampered the security services are.

Documents leaked in 2013 by National Security Agency (NSA)  whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed that US and UK intelligence agencies have been pouring their efforts into cracking encryption codes for many years.

A Guardian report that year quoted a 2010 NSA presentation as stating that “for the past decade, NSA has led an aggressive, multipronged effort to break widely used internet encryption technologies.”

A more recent report in German newspaper Der Spiegel based on a set of Snowden files dated 2012 showed that the NSA considered monitoring Facebook chat “a minor task”. On the other hand a protocol called Off-the-Record (OTR) for encrypting instant messaging seemed to be causing the NSA major problems.

Facebook has improved its security since 2012 but it’s likely that intelligence agencies’ hacking powers have improved in tandem.

GCHQ hacking may also explain why the government wants companies to store data that is currently unreadable due to encryption.

As yet another Snowden file says: “Vast amounts of encrypted Internet data which have up till now been discarded are now exploitable.”

Once an encrypted system has been hacked into, intelligence agencies can re-examine stored data to find information that was previously hidden – a powerful motive for retaining data.

The Snowden documents also revealed that NSA and its “Five Eyes” partners including the UK had adopted covert measures to ensure control over setting of international encryption standards, the use of supercomputers to break encryption with “brute force”.

Through covert partnerships with internet service providers and tech companies, the agencies had also inserted secret vulnerabilities known as backdoors into commercial encryption software.

“These design changes make the systems in question exploitable … to the consumer and other adversaries, however, the systems’ security remains intact,” one document says.

Since this was made public, the companies concerned may have become less willing to enter into these collaborations.

Related story: Thatcher and Blair Cabinet Secretary: Intelligence committee has “helped” public by confirming GCHQ’s internet tap “Tempora” powers

source: https://www.thebureauinvestigates.com/stories/2015-01-13/a-guide-to-state-surveillance-the-snoopers-charter-and-government-hacking

Sunday, 6 August 2017

UNDERCOVER COPS: An inquiry just revealed how far the British state will go in its secret war on citizens + OVER 1000 POLICE HAVE CRIMINAL RECORDS

August 5th, 2017 Tom CoburgTom Coburg UK

An inquiry just revealed how far the British state will go in its secret war on citizens [VIDEO]

The cover names of three police officers who spied on political activists have just been revealed by an inquiry into undercover policing. The three officers infiltrated high-profile campaigns at a time of great public anger.

Inquiry documents and secret intelligence reports reveal just how far the state went to undermine opposition to injustices. And understanding the response to that overreach is crucial to understanding what’s happening now.

A time of wars and strikes

The three undercover officers (UCOs) were assigned with the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) and were operational from 1968 to 1976. They (cover names) are Rick Gibson [pdf] (deceased), Douglas Edwards [pdf] and John Graham [pdf]. An outline of their undercover activities is given in each document. The three infiltrated a number of political campaigns and organisations, including [pdf]Troops Out Movement, Vietnam Solidarity Campaign and anarchist groups. 

At the time, Britain was engaged in military operations in Northern Ireland that saw 13 civilians killed by British troops on ‘Bloody Sunday’. Britain’s ‘dirty war’ in the country reportedly left many more dead. Britain was also actively supporting the US in its war on Vietnam. But the authorities had not appreciated the level of discontent this would cause. And on 17 March 1968 a mass rally at Trafalgar Square saw 8000 of the protesters break off to head for the US embassy at Grosvenor Square. The ensuing battle was a key moment, with 300 protesters arrested:

But the police learned lessons from Grosvenor Square. And ahead of a follow-up demo in October of that year, a Special Branch document provided a list of around 50 ‘leaders’. While another report revealed anticipated numbers of activists; and properties that could be targeted. Such intelligence would undoubtedly be useful to UCOs.

Beyond protest

But the state feared far more than mere protests and another Special Branch document warned of revolution:
Useful for Inquiry: Special Branch files
This assessment was not far off the truth. For the militancy on the streets was followed by another form of resistance.
The Angry Brigade appeared from nowhere, but carried out highly targeted attacks on government and police properties:Journalist Martin Bright summed up the political climate the AB existed in:

It is difficult now to imagine the intensity of the times. Edward Heath was locked into a lengthy dispute with workers who occupied the Clydeside shipyards in Glasgow, which would eventually end with a humiliating climb down for the government. Internment was introduced in Northern Ireland and the Bloody Sunday massacre of civil-rights marchers in January 1972 happened while the Angry Brigade suspects were awaiting trial. One document found in the raids across London that weekend brought the three causes together in a mini-manifesto: ‘Put the boot in – Bogside, Clydeside – Support the Angry side’.

The Angry Brigade was operational for 12 months from August 1970.

Resistance spreads

It’s known that the SDS used around 100 covert identities to infiltrate organisations and provide intelligence between 1968 and 2008. Possible targets of covert policing would have included industrial disputes, such as the Grunwick dispute, the Shewsbury pickets campaign and the 1972, 1974 and 1984/5 miners’ strikes.
But all this was just the tip of the iceberg. According to whistleblower Annie Machon, MI5 considered many public figures of the day worthy of surveillance, including John Lennon, Jeremy Corbyn, Mark Thomas, Tony Blair and Harold Wilson.

Back to the future

The SDS was not just a child of the 60s and 70s, its work and that of other undercover policing units continued over subsequent decades. And Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary subsequently revealed that a massive 3,466 undercover operations took place in England and Wales between 2009 and 2013 alone.

The Undercover Policing Inquiry was set up in 2015 to examine some of the practices deployed by these units[is he serious?…ed….he’s trying to be!…Ned.].  But it’s taken two years for a small number of cover names of UCOs to be released. The inquiry will reveal more in due course, though as The Canary reported many undercover policing files have gone ‘missing’. [well, there’s a surprise…NOT!..ed.].

Citizen activists are demanding real names should be released too. Because many UCOs formed sexual relationships as part of their cover. Indeed, former UCO Andy Coles (his real name) was exposed earlier this year – not by the inquiry, but by independent researchers. And now he is under pressure to resign as councillor with Peterborough City Council. The inquiry has agreed the then young woman he’s alleged to have exploited will be a ‘core participant’ in its investigation.
Regardless of the difference in technologies used, there are clear parallels between the political policing of earlier decades and of today. Moreover, public anger about the same injustices is no less palpable.

Get involved!

– Check out Undercover Research Group and Campaign Against Police Surveillance.
Featured image via screengrab.

source: https://www.thecanary.co/2017/08/05/inquiry-just-revealed-far-british-state-go-secret-war-citizens-videos/

UNDERCOVER COPS: The Women Activists Who Fell In Love With Police Spies And Are Still Waiting For Justice

‘I suddenly realised after he had gone that I had no way of tracing him.’

What Police Spies Out of Lives want at the end of the inquiry

The cover names of the officers involved in undercover policing from 1968 onwards to be released.



Nearly 1,000 serving police officers and PCSOs have a criminal record

More than 900 serving police officers and community support officers have a criminal record, official figures show.

Nearly 1,000 police officers across the country have a criminal conviction
Nearly 1,000 police officers across the country have a criminal conviction Photo: ALAMY
9:57AM GMT 02 Jan 2012
Forces across England and Wales employ policemen and women with convictions including burglary, causing death by careless driving, robbery, supplying drugs, domestic violence, forgery and perverting the course of justice. 
Those with criminal records include senior officers, among them two detective chief inspectors and one chief inspector working for the Metropolitan Police. 
At least 944 currently serving officers and police community support officers (PCSOs) have a conviction, according to figures released by 33 of the 43 forces in England and Wales in response to Freedom of Information requests. 
Many forces could not provide details of criminal records dating from before their staff joined the police,meaning the true figure will be significantly higher
The Metropolitan Police, Britain’s largest force, came top with 356 officers and 41 PCSOs with convictions.

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31 Dec 2011

It was followed by Kent Police (49), Devon and Cornwall Police (44), Essex Police (42), South Yorkshire Police (35), Hampshire Police (31) and West Midlands Police (27), although not all the figures are directly comparable. 
The criminal records include: 
Devon and Cornwall Police – a Pc convicted of burglary as a teenager. 
Essex Police – one inspector convicted of dangerous driving; another inspector convicted of possessing and supplying cannabis; a detective constable convicted of robbery; a Pc convicted of data protection breaches for viewing intelligence records relating to friends[and how many cops have done this? I know for a fact conversations have taken place between my GP and police re: my being prescribed painkillers / etc….]relatives or other people living in the local area, and aspecial constable convicted of stealing a set of car number plates, putting them on another vehicle and obtaining petrol without paying.
Hertfordshire Police – a sergeant convicted of dangerous driving. 
Kent Police – a Pc convicted of perverting the course of justice in 1998. 
Merseyside Police – five officers convicted of assault and one convicted of causing death by careless driving.
Norfolk Police – a Pc convicted of causing death by careless driving. 
North Wales Police – an officer convicted of forgery. 
Staffordshire Police – an inspector convicted of assault causing actual bodily harm and a Pc convicted of keeping a dangerous dog. 
Surrey Police – a detective constable convicted of obstructing police officers; a Pc convicted of wounding; a Pc convicted of drink driving in 1988 and resisting arrest a decade later, and a Pc convicted of animal suffering in 2006
Most of the convictions are for traffic offences such as speeding and drink-driving, but the records also include a South 
Yorkshire Police officer convicted of fishing without a licence.[lololol…ed.]
Home Office guidelines issued in 2003 say police officers should have ”proven integrity” because they are vulnerable to pressure from criminals to reveal information. 
The guidance says forces should reject potential recruits with convictions for serious offences – including causing actual bodily harm, burglary, dangerous driving and supplying drugs – unless there are ”exceptionally compelling circumstances”. 





ANDY COLES – #sackandycoles #spycops + JANET ALDER + UNDERCOVER COPS: “The Women Activists Who Fell In Love With Police Spies And Are Still Waiting For Justice” VIDEO

BUTLINCAT’S BLOG: The SNOOPER’S CHARTER bill is being rushed …

15 May 2016 – The SNOOPER’S CHARTER bill is being rushed through parliament that will make mass surveillance and bulk storage of our personal data …
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