Maurice Kirk updates: Case no 1CF03361 Welsh Judiciary Conspiracy + more shocking mistreatment 08 Dec. 2019 + archive

Case no 1CF03361 Welsh Judiciary’s Conspiracy 


Serious assaults and theft of legal papers by G4S HMP Park Case no 1CF03361
6th December 2019

I receive phone call from police officer 5958 this morning before 10 am to establish:

1. My complaint was to Avon and Somerset who passed it on to South Wales Police

2. Incident number 1900361630 injured/medical negligence in June on wing A2 HMP Parc

3. Incident number 1900418801 protracted assault with handcuffs for my ejection from prison

4. Incident number? G4S theft of all my personalty incl. legal papers and wheel chair.

5. My 10am 101 call back causes 2nd conversation and was to remind the officer that my new wheel chair and legal papers were stolen by G4S for police. G4S had told the officer my prison property was being ‘posted back’! Officer’s admission was that he had taken no statements from any one while also refusing to take one from me or identify just who had imparted the information for him in the prison. Admitted having viewed both the CCTV and body cams at the prison that the prison authorities had to use 8 officers and handcuffs, behind my back, as I was potentially so dangerous! My wing senior officer was identified.

6. Call to PC 5958 confirmed there will be no action against the prison on either incident

7. All so predictable and clearly orchestrated by police from the start.

8. 10.30ish phone call back by investigating officer was to retract the way the case was left ie no further action with G4S. Now a statement was to be taken by him visiting me in Taunton.

9. My typing this document was being monitored at Bridgend’s police HQ, letter by letter, on this South Wales Police bugged laptop so rather ‘thrown a spanner in the works’.

10. Along with, this week, my visits to aircraft owners in Lincolnshire over machine gun conspiracy that had required senior police including Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, to have ‘gun’ altered to try and fool the 2010 Cardiff jury. The ‘gun’ had been on the DH2 battle of the Somme replica flown, by personal invitation from Captain Brian Trubshaw, 002 test pilot, at Farnborough’s 2000 air show.

11. Yesterday, two Avon and Somerset police officers came knocking on my front door due to my ringing or visiting the air museums all over the country simply to gather more statements of how the police had unlawfully kept me in prison for 5 years.

12. Museums had panicked on my 2009 arrest by police helicopter raid on our home on the pretence I had a sect 5 prohibited weapon. No, it was simply an excuse to steal my £20,000 collection of lawful guns and more to the point, my legal papers for the 27 year running BS614159 claim arising from their 40 odd failed malicious criminal prosecutions.

13. So I told him on how the police had held me in prison since March on new concocted convictions including child abuse, firearms, narcotics and ABH! When, where and how?

14. I spent 7 more months in prison because the police could not identify the ‘toothpaste’ sent to my MP from my prison cell on the excuse it may be anthrax or cocaine.


Archive continues

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Above: pic from late January 2018, 3 weeks or so after being released from prison having served 12 months of a 2 year sentence for – again – a “breach of the restraining order” against a certain consultant doctor who has since left the NHS. Note this “restraining order” was never served upon M. Kirk according to UK law, but despite this M has had to serve over 5 years since 2009 undertaking cruel custodial sentences – time after time – regarding the same highly questionable charge. Within approx. 3 weeks of this picture being taken M was recalled to HMP Cardiff [then Parc on June 28 2019] as a bail condition was broken, ie.: not signing on at 5pm at the Cardiff bail hostel he was forced to reside [at as part of his release conditions] as he had fallen asleep on a train due to being unwell, thus missing the train station stop, and the mandatory “signing on” at the hostel. Result: recall back to prison for the final 12 months of the original 2 year sentence, but this time the targeting and victimisation meted out during this 12 months gained a horrific acceleration – many actions continued as before, which were illegal, outrageous, and completely unacceptable eg. constant denial of vital medication, which led to serious stomach pains and more, important hospital appointments not kept, legal papers stolen, prison visits from family members not allowed, mail refusing to be sent to Law Courts in London and elsewhere, [eg. even recorded delivery mail containing Appeal docs. to the RCJ Appeal courts] and mail sent to M being refused being given to M, serious accidents not being reported or investigated by prison staff, with related medical treatments denied also, court hearings which demanded M’s presence being also denied him, physical assaults occurring being ignored by prison staff, as were threats…and much more, including, finally, being very roughly treated when being released from HMP Parc, with 8 prison officers manhandling M who was put in handcuffs with his hands behind his back before being ejected from the prison – minus many legal documents, a wheelchair bought and sent specially by family members which M was denied since it’s arrival at the prison months earlier…along with other property being refused. The 1st stop on leaving HMP Parc was the hospital not far away to receive the denied medical treatment that went on for so long where he was…Disgusting and often very illegal  treatment throughout comparable to WW2 tactics by the Wehrmacht of Nazi Germany.


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