Maurice Kirk: Welsh Police MAPPA Machine gun, Heroin and Anthrax to MPs Conspiracies before 24th Jan 2020 Cardiff County Court 31/12/2019 + archive inc. phone calls HMP Parc etc.

Welsh Police MAPPA Machine gun, Heroin and Anthrax to MPs Conspiracies before 24th Jan 2020 Cardiff County Court 31/12/2019

by mauricekirky

Clerk to HM Cardiff Crown                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Wales

  31st December 2019

Dear Madam,

Outdated and unlawfully obtained Restraining Orders to be Struck Out

  1. In order for a ‘restraining order’ to be considered by a Cardiff Crown Court judge, for ‘strike out’ due to startling new evidence further supporting my family’s view, both Cardiff judges, Richard Thomlow and Paul Thomas are flagrant liars, a ‘signed statement’ has to be first obtained. I am now told, from the alleged ‘victim(s)’ identified or not on the court order!
  • Successive 9 Park Street, Cardiff, Park Chambers HM prosecutors have consistently lied before courts to avoid disclosing evidence ‘restraining orders’ were even ever served!
  • If so then when, where, by whom and where are the records that ‘service’ was procured  right now  as needed for your scandalous 24th January 2020 county court machine gun conspiracy hearing  to be yet another predicted  court farce to  start a new year?
  • If and when previous ‘restraining orders’ were then challenged by the victim(s), opposing or not opposing for their ‘variation’ or ‘strike out’, then why was I denied the facts for RCJ?
  • Again it appears to be the same prosecutors that have refused to allow ‘disclosure’ of relevant evidence for fear my last 5 years  incarceration may be overturned  to appropriate 27 years of compensation, instead, for being unable to practice or be a commercial pilot?
  •  Who is ultimately responsible for my G4S foul conditions in a gaol of depravity specifically designed to subject my brain to months of foul illiterate language by drug or alcohol damaged locals throwing their buckets of foul urine under my prison cell door and smearing human faeces over my bed bribed to break me. You lot again seem to forget, I am English.
  • Is there a judge in Wales prepared to break custom and address the subject of police failed disclosure of evidence hidden in 27 years  of concocted PII andMG6D Taffia devil worship?

Yours truly,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Copy to RCVS and CAA


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Maurice Kirk: South Wales Police Struck out failed Convictions 20 Dec. 2019 + archive

South Wales Police Struck out failed Convictions

by mauricekirky

Further to my previous complaints re welsh judiciary I thought it helpful to list a sample of other undisputed facts covered up by co-conspirators on their ‘gravy train’ fast running out of track had it not been for Brexit now blocking us both from the protection of Strasbourg and Code Napoleon law.

  1. Failed prosecution of me following an ex police Cardiff Crown Court officer had deliberately pushed me down a flight of court stairs breaking my leg. This was clearly on court instructions in order to stop my appeal papers from being filed in HM Royal Courts of Justice.
  2. Another arrest, whilst attending an appointment, this time with Dr Gaynor Jones in the Caswell Clinic’s Glanrhyd Hospital. Appoint because of Cardiff Crown Court’s specific order for the immediate release of my favourable medical records held by the forensic consultants
  3. It was Taffia’s last ditch attempt to stop their fast approaching ‘machine gun’ jury trial, from which I have the transcript for you, for my Ashworth’s high security psychiatric hospital incarceration, for life, instead of their mere ‘gun’ conspiracy for a10 year prison term.
  4. Failed prosecutions claims, also struck-out by my 24th Jan 2020 ‘machine gun’ hearing judge included at least 3 drink/drive related malicious arrests always all abusing 1984 PACE law.
  5. A failed concocted conviction, concerning a ‘racially aggravated’, also springs to mind as if 27 years of insult and injury to an Englishman was not enough. I had caught another urchin, this time of an ethnic deviant, stealing from my property. I was the one, of course, arrested!
  6. This judge now refuses to recuse himself from this incestuous affair after finally getting me out of Wales but without my wife, daughter and almost sanity. Such is the spite towards the English so these far from exhaustive examples to my new MP is my way of request for searching questions, please, into the welsh authorities’ conduct frantic for judicial autonomy.

Yours sincerely,  Maurice J Kirk BVsc

Ps Please can I have my complaint documents to you before police confiscate those as well?


Archive continues

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Above: pic from late January 2018, 3 weeks or so after being released from prison having served 12 months of a 2 year sentence for – again – a “breach of the restraining order” against a certain consultant doctor who has since left the NHS. Note this “restraining order” was never served upon M. Kirk according to UK law, but despite this Maurice has had to serve over 5 years in prison undertaking cruel custodial sentences, time after time, connected to the same highly questionable charge. The pic above was taken after a hearing at the Cardiff Civic Centre, that being the very same venue that the January 2020 hearing will continue at – all supporters are welcome.  Less than a month after this pic being taken, in mid-Febuary 2019 Maurice was to be recalled back to prison, to finish serving the two years sentence given in the hellholes that are HMP Cardiff and Parc. During those 2 long years in prison his vital medication “Omerzaparole” was to be illegally denied a great deal of the time by the prison staff, leaving him in acute pain from serious stomach ailments, ultimately putting him in a wheelchair that was denied too most of the time, as well as crutches and a new wheelchair that was sent to the prison by family members was denied totally. Regular physical assaults occurred to Maurice in HMP Parc, by cons and G4S prison staff alike, and his cell in Parc was regularly burgled by other vindictive cons, stealing his private property and canteen, and roughing him up also on occasion – even the prison-provided television was taken [see the posts + phone calls from Maurice in HMP Parc in the archive below from September + October 2019]. Other hostilities occurred constantly, such as buckets of urine being poured under his cell door and eggs being thrown against the walls of the cell by wayward cons – or even at his head! – everything ignored wholesale by the prison staff, who also promised to move him away from the stinking health hazard of a cell before renaging on their promise. A hip injury reoccurred because of a fall for which medical treatment was ignored and denied – the accident not investigated either by prison staff as it should’ve been, and many preplanned and important hospital appointments were ignored or interfered with so as not to occur throughout this 2 year internment. Court hearings took place when Maurice’s presence was required but went ahead without him as he was refused being taken to the court by the prison staff. A large number of Recorded Delivery letters were paid for by Maurice but the important documents were denied being sent to the Appeal Courts at the RCJ or elsewhere, along with other mail not being sent or received by Maurice from authorities or supporters. Many other outrageous and illegal irregularities occurred throughout the lengthy near 2 years served behind bars this time – many years of imprisonment have been served in total since Maurice’s acquittal in 2009 re: the highly questionable “Machine Gun case” brought by S. Wales police against him, but finally, on his day of release in mid-October 2019 from HMP Parc – a couple of weeks after a Parole hearing where even the Parole bench members were denied from getting simple “Paracetamol” being given to Maurice who was in great pain because of being denied medication by G4S prison staff on the day yet again – he was handcuffed with his hands behind his back while 8 G4S prison officers used their authority to severely manhandle him and roughly eject him from the prison – his legal papers and other property confiscated and left behind – the next stop for Maurice being the local hospital for urgent medical treatment that had been denied for so long. What a disgraceful state of affairs, alleviated only by the fact that the outfit “G4S” are soon to be rid of their “duties” in HMP Parc, their contract having been terminated, for which they have only themselves to blame, and thank God for that!  

The archive here from 2011

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Archive continues:

Maurice Kirk updates: Case no 1CF03361 Welsh Judiciary Conspiracy + more shocking mistreatment 08 Dec. 2019 + archive

Case no 1CF03361 Welsh Judiciary’s Conspiracy 



Serious assaults and theft of legal papers by G4S HMP Park Case no 1CF03361
6th December 2019

I receive phone call from police officer 5958 this morning before 10 am to establish:

1. My complaint was to Avon and Somerset who passed it on to South Wales Police

2. Incident number 1900361630 injured/medical negligence in June on wing A2 HMP Parc

3. Incident number 1900418801 protracted assault with handcuffs for my ejection from prison

4. Incident number? G4S theft of all my personalty incl. legal papers and wheel chair.

5. My 10am 101 call back causes 2nd conversation and was to remind the officer that my new wheel chair and legal papers were stolen by G4S for police. G4S had told the officer my prison property was being ‘posted back’! Officer’s admission was that he had taken no statements from any one while also refusing to take one from me or identify just who had imparted the information for him in the prison. Admitted having viewed both the CCTV and body cams at the prison that the prison authorities had to use 8 officers and handcuffs, behind my back, as I was potentially so dangerous! My wing senior officer was identified.

6. Call to PC 5958 confirmed there will be no action against the prison on either incident

7. All so predictable and clearly orchestrated by police from the start.

8. 10.30ish phone call back by investigating officer was to retract the way the case was left ie no further action with G4S. Now a statement was to be taken by him visiting me in Taunton.

9. My typing this document was being monitored at Bridgend’s police HQ, letter by letter, on this South Wales Police bugged laptop so rather ‘thrown a spanner in the works’.

10. Along with, this week, my visits to aircraft owners in Lincolnshire over machine gun conspiracy that had required senior police including Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, to have ‘gun’ altered to try and fool the 2010 Cardiff jury. The ‘gun’ had been on the DH2 battle of the Somme replica flown, by personal invitation from Captain Brian Trubshaw, 002 test pilot, at Farnborough’s 2000 air show.

11. Yesterday, two Avon and Somerset police officers came knocking on my front door due to my ringing or visiting the air museums all over the country simply to gather more statements of how the police had unlawfully kept me in prison for 5 years.

12. Museums had panicked on my 2009 arrest by police helicopter raid on our home on the pretence I had a sect 5 prohibited weapon. No, it was simply an excuse to steal my £20,000 collection of lawful guns and more to the point, my legal papers for the 27 year running BS614159 claim arising from their 40 odd failed malicious criminal prosecutions.

13. So I told him on how the police had held me in prison since March on new concocted convictions including child abuse, firearms, narcotics and ABH! When, where and how?

14. I spent 7 more months in prison because the police could not identify the ‘toothpaste’ sent to my MP from my prison cell on the excuse it may be anthrax or cocaine.


OUTRAGEOUS! Maurice Kirk: 2 calls: Vital docs. refused to be sent to the Parole Board by prison staff – highly illegal! 29Oct19 + archive

Maurice Kirk: 2 calls: Vital docs. refused to be sent to the Parole Board by prison staff 29Oct19

2 calls from Maurice Kirk, 74, from 29 Oct. ’19 in HMP Parc awaiting parole after the parole hearing on the 15th October. His papers, which are vital to his release on parole must be sent to the Parole Board by 30th October but are refused from being sent from the prison – thus his parole and release is affected – a very dirty AND ILLEGAL trick by all involved, including very much the prison G4S staff who have targeted Maurice for some time.
See the archive with updates from Maurice himself
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Maurice Kirk: today’s medical treatment denied again, + numerous other shocking irregularities continue 28 Oct. 2019 + archive

Received: 2 messages from Maurice, 74, today, with far too many irregularities connected to him + his present situation to mention. What happened to his release after the Parole Board hearing? Well, that was never going to happen, was it? The 15 days after the hearing date of 15th October is drawing close, and listed in these new messages are some of the conditions to which Maurice must comply.  And so on…


Archive continues: 

Maurice Kirk: 3 notes received: “reports fabricated since 2009” – reports + more withheld – 24 Oct. 2019 + archive

Received = the latest on the outrageous goings-on in HMP Parc. In the first message received, how the Probation OASystem Assessment report contents has been fabricated, and how the “Recall Dossier” has been withheld from Maurice. Maurice should not be in prison. What else has been fabricated that only the judges see that overrides any semblance of fairness to do with Maurice Kirk, 74? We will probably never know… 


Maurice Kirk calls: the targeting continues unchecked in HMP Parc – 24 Oct. ’19 + archive

Received:  3 latest calls from Maurice Kirk, 74, in HMP Parc, detailing the targeting he has been forced to experience, which has been going on for a very long time:

Maurice Kirk: now kept in cell, mail not allowed to leave the prison – again 23 Oct. ’19


OUTRAGEOUS: Maurice Kirk call from HMP Parc: will Maurice be dead by Christmas due to the constant denial of vital medication by prison staff? 22 Oct ’19 + archive

Received:  Maurice Kirk call from HMP Parc 22 October 2019: will Maurice be dead by Christmas due to the constant denial of vital medication by prison staff? The denial of prescribed Omerzaparol for his severe stomach ailments [Barrett’s Syndrome etc.] has been going on for months in HMP Parc, when it is rarely given as it should be from a medicine cabinet mere yards from Maurice’s cell, yet on most days he doesn’t receive it. Numerous other hostilities have been suffered by Maurice too, such as medical treatment denied, hospital appointments not adhered too [as happened during the past few days] recorded delivery mail not being allowed to be sent to the Law Courts in the Strand, London, to bullying with physical assaults by cons – reported by Maurice time and again but not investigated by these staff – to so much more. Numerous high-ups in the government have been notified over and over about these illegalities, but no one does anything!! Why won’t Mr. Cairns, Welsh Secretary who has been written to so many times about what’s going on and who has known of Maurice for years – do anything? It is a public scandal how these hostilities are allowed to continue! Even the wheelchair Maurice’s family got for him remains denied being given to him, after months of it being received at the prison!

See the archive here with numerous recent updates detailing the atrocious story from Maurice, 74, himself: =
Maurice’s site is

Maurice Kirk call from HMP Parc: will Maurice be dead by Christmas due to the constant denial of vital medication by prison staff? 22 Oct ’19

The official NHS recent medical report on Maurice, dated 07 Febuary 2019, stating he should be taking the Omerzaparol tablets “without stopping”  for his serious stomach ailment – something the prison deliberately refuses to acknowledge!

Archive continues

Maurice Kirk: notes on the Parole Hearing, letter to HMP Parc director on the illegalities, and more 19 Oct. 2019 + archive

Received:  Amongst other important statements in the docs. received from a very ill Maurice, below, one  particularly stands out – and that is the ludicrous allegation that Maurice, 74,  sent 2 serving MPs [at the time] the Class A drug “heroin” from his HMP Cardiff prison cell prior to his move to HMP Parc on the 28 June. As is written at the very bottom of the note received entitled “Part 2” below, it states the substance that was supposed to be “heroin” turned out to be a “clay based product” – namely toothpaste. Could this ridiculous allegation from the police have been created so as to interfere with Maurice’s then upcoming Parole Hearing of the 15th October [where so many people were refused from attending also, wrongly?] – this daft allegation manufactured to blacken and cast doubt upon Maurice’s character in time for the hearing, and now the hearing has passed, naturally the truth about the so-called “heroin” sent to the MPs comes out? 

The rest of the notes received are just as important, particularly the the letter shown below to the HMP Parc director citing numerous blatant illegalities [allegedly] occurring at this place eg. Maurice’s mail not being allowed to leave this prison time after time – particularly important letters to the Royal Courts of Justice [although the recorded delivery fee was paid for by Maurice], and Maurice’s ignored and uninvestigated “hip” injuries suffered from the fall from the “floor buffing machine” incident recently, along with the lack of medical treatment also connected to the fall – these things and more are covered in the notes below that many government high-ups have been notified about more than once, beginning months ago. Let’s just hope Maurice lives to tell the horrific tale when he’s released from this place in December – everyone will benefit from that.



The alleged “heroin” Maurice was alleged to have posted to 2 serving MPs whilst at HMP Cardiff, prior to his June 28th move to Parc turns out to be a “clay-based product”…indeed..

See the archive of  info received from Maurice:

Maurice’s site is

Maurice Kirk calls 16 Oct. ’19 Now very ill but still denied medication in HMP Parc 16 Oct ’19 + archive

Maurice Kirk 2 calls 16 Oct. ’19: Now very ill but still denied medication in HMP Parc

Still Maurice, 74, is denied his prescribed medication making him very ill – the contracted G4S warders ignore everything including their responsibility of dispensing his medication to him – an utter outrage.

Maurice Kirk: call after the Parole Hearing 15 Oct. ’19 + archive

Maurice Kirk call from HMP Parc 15OCT19 – after the Parole hearing

2 longterm supporters of Maurice applied to be at this hearing in Parc, allowable by “permission” only. The other longterm supporter was refused point blank attending due to – he says – input from the Probation guy connected to Maurice [totally biased with highly questionable reports containing falsehoods about M’s previous history] and I – after sending emails asking could I attend this hearing, which was originally acknowledged but then I heard no more, meaning I did not even know if I had permission to attend as I was never formally notified either way. A hopeless and deliberate lack of communication causing me to cancel the train ticket I purchased prior to the date. Similarly with the “visit” with Maurice after the hearing [the result of which is in 2 weeks from the 15th] at 2pm at HMP Parc – our names were originally on the visitors list, but then both names were taken off it, causing confusion, and again causing me to cancel the train ticket I had already purchased. Typical. Disgraceful!
See the archive re: Maurice going back to 2011 with many recent updates on the targeting and other hostilities =
Maurice’s site is:

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Maurice Kirk: 2 calls from HMP Parc – 15Oct19

The result of Maurice’s Parole Board hearing that many weren’t allowed to be at will be revealed in 2 weeks time. Supporters were denied also seeing Maurice at a visit too on Tuesday afternoon  at least 2 names being removed from the list of visitors for the afternoon after the Parole Board hearing at HMP Parc.

Received:  In messages received today, below, Maurice, 74, tells us that his cell was wrecked again by cons, and that property was stolen from the cell, including important legal papers, and his medication. Letters were already written to Mr. Buckland, Sir Peter Clarke and the PPO and the Parole Board about Maurice being assaulted, along with the continuous severe bullying suffered, plus other serious hostilities but no replies have been received from letters sent from over 2 weeks ago, along with more sent more recently. Mr. Cairns, Welsh Secretary, does nothing about any of it although notified for some time about these outrageous happenings and despite his promises that he will see to things, stated in received  emails from him. Judging by Maurice’s latest letter below, dated 13th Oct. and received today, Maurice is now very ill but, as usual, any medical treatment will presumably be ignored, as we are told has happened so many times in HMP. He has stated recently that he has 2 upcoming hospital appointments – but will they be honoured? We are also told that he was taken to a hospital appointment recently but as he arrived there AN HOUR LATE the appointment was not followed through with. The Parole hearing is today, and although I and other supporters were supposed to attend, I have not been notified if I “have permission” to attend, and the other long-term supporter has been outrightly been refused attending this hearing, likewise with the visit planned for this afternoon with Maurice – both our names have been removed from the visiting list that were originally on it. This all is an outrage and now I seriously wonder whether Maurice will leave HMP Parc alive as the warders stand around and “laugh”, we’re told, at Maurice’s various demises, and do nothing to thwart these hostilities by insane cons, who also assume Maurice is a paedophile, which he is not, although treating him like one and telling him he is one too whilst screaming obscenities through his cell door at any given opportunity. I’m off to the local police station to report what these useless warders – and the prison regime – won’t.  Phone calls to follow.


UPDATED: Maurice Kirk call: now kept in cell for no reason – serious targeting by all continues 11Oct19 + archive

Received:  This outrageous letter, directly below, from the firm that’s contracted to staff HMP Parc is a truly preposturous response to a recent complaint made to them about the appalling treatment Maurice, 74, is forced to receive in HMP Parc. This letter denies, for starters, that medication is being withheld, as it has been a great deal of the time as Maurice’s updates testify since June 28th alone [not mentioning elsewhere and previous occasions when medication has been denied longterm] when Maurice was moved to Parc from HMP Cardiff after ludicrous allegations that he supplied 2 serving MP’s with “heroin” via “letters” he’s supposed to have sent from HMP Cardiff directly prior to June 28th when he was moved to HMP Parc – a completely ludicrous fabrication manufactured to impede any rightful appeal to his release. Any “bullying” is outright denied also – but how can they deny the stench of old urine that’s been poured under his cell door by idiot cons, out of reach of the cctv cameras on this prison’s landing, and how can they deny the eggs thrown against cell walls and their stench? How do they deny stating Maurice would get a cell change as his cell is now a “health hazard”, but then they renage on their statement and refuse to let him have a clean, normal cell, away from the physical attacks and other bullying reported to staff who do precisely nothing, who even keep him in his cell for hours when he is supposed to have his cell door open, as Maurice describes in his latest phone call below? The denial of medication and the constant bullying are just 2 things that are refused being sorted out honestly and properly by this prison regime. Truly unbelievable and truly outrageous!

Maurice Kirk call from HMP Parc: now kept in cell for no reason 11Oct19

Maurice’s call from HMP Parc 11 Oct. ’19: The targeting continues mercilessly – still he is refused a cell change AS PROMISED by the G4S “staff” to get away from the condoned bullying, and the health hazard that is his cell now after buckets of urine were poured under his cell door, and eggs were thrown onto the cell walls – everything out of range of the prison landing cctv cameras as the staff deliberately put him in a cell not covered by the cameras. Cons walk in and brazenly steal items right in front of him, and Maurice reports it, yet nothing is done about the criminals are doing the stealing – food also has been stolen as well as personal items. See the earlier updates with phone calls about this bullying – it is truly outrageous for a 74-year-old disabled man to be bullied daily by a gang of convicts who are allowed to continue this harassment.

See the archive with latest updates from Maurice, 74, suffering great and long term targeting by ALL in HMP Parc:
Maurice’s site is


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Maurice Kirk call: cell change now denied by staff although cell is a health hazard – serious bullying continues by all 09Oct19

Maurice Kirk call: cell change now denied by staff although cell is a health hazard – bullying continues by all 09Oct19

The bullying by prison officers and cons continues. A cell change was promised by these G4S “officers” but renaged upon and denied as Maurice’s cell is a health hazard after eggs were thrown by idiot cons against the cell walls, and buckets of urine were poured under Maurice’s cell door – the culprits getting away with it all – along with more such as the cell being ransacked and private property stolen – as the prison landing cctv could not pick up any of the culprits in action. As Maurice states – the officers are to frightened of the cons to do anything about any of it, or are indifferent – or both. Such a shame that gone are the old time prison officers who were ex-services, who got respect, which was earnt.

Maurice Kirk: the shocking + often violent targeting by G4S staff + cons continues – the false Probation Report + more 09 Oct. ’19 + archive

Received:  After Maurice’s first Probation Service OASys Assessment was received with multiple fake charges added to Maurice’s past history [see earlier update Maurice Kirk: Regarding those false charges added to his criminal record 28 July 2019 + archive [+ pics] this chicanery was complained about to all and sundry in office, the report being “revised” after the falsehoods were pointed out, but now the revised report stating, in black and white, and very falsely, that Maurice [qu.] “has convictions for violence” [unqu.]  The report states clearly and very misleadingly that Maurice has been “violent” and had acted with “violence” in the past and even has convictions for such but the fact is that Maurice has no convictions for “violence” in his past and these allegations are completely false, which had to be told to all and sundry again and was with a witness statement added to the notifying letters very recently. Maurice couldn’t oppose these false charges himself as his mail is constantly interfered with in HMP Parc as earlier updates testify. Obviously this false info on his records would not only blacken Maurice’s character but would be used against him even more in the future, as it is being attempted now. See the latest OASys report directly below [the first 2 docs. shown] – the offending false comments highlighted with a blue cross by them, everything sent to officials. Other docs received tell of serious physical bullying not only by G4S staff , but also the cons.

From the inaccurate report: that Maurice has convictions for “violence” when he hasn’t:

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Maurice Kirk phone call: victimised further in HMP Parc: framed for nonexistent  “infringement” and punished 07Oct19

Received: even the office staff girl in HMP Parc has framed Maurice for an “infringement” that didn’t occur, resulting in his loss of canteen money – down to £4+ / week. Barbaric.

Maurice Kirk: victimised further in HMP Parc: framed for nonexistent  “infringement” and punished 07Oct19

Maurice Kirk: Classified MAPPA and “Very High Risk” after 2009 trial collapses – the sentences begin 04 Oct. 2019 + archive

Received:  A very revealing note into what’s a little of what’s behind the serious persecution Maurice has suffered since 2010, when the trial they brought on after he was arrested for “dealing in firearms” collapsed totally in front of them. The Welsh police had tampered with evidence by painting the “machine gun” a different colour Maurice had got which was attached  to an old WW1 airplane he had purchased, but they erred. The intention was to put Maurice in a closed mental hospital – Ashworth – forever – by bringing the charges as they did – but their plot failed wholesale.  Since 2010 Maurice has spent 6+ years in prison sentences for breaching that so-called restraining order – a restraining order that was never served upon him in the first place according to the law. As the judge uttered [allegedly] at the Plea Hearing in the Spring of 2015 when it was pointed out that the restraining order wasn’t served according to the law in the first instance “ah, but you had knowledge of the restraining order” as if that was any legal precedent to keep putting Maurice in prison each time on the reasoning that Maurice had breached the restraining order pertained to. In an earlier trial even the jury asked to see the restraining order but couldn’t be shown it. A few months after the Spring of 2015 Maurice was served with more months in prison, as he is having to serve now.  What is behind all these sentences Maurice has had to serve must come out – because it hasn’t so far, and it has been covered up successfully. The real [alleged] story of what is behind it all is substantial too, and very serious.  

Maurice Kirk: totally victimised in HMP Parc: even denied a shower as he’s “too dangerous” – food denied + more 04 Oct. 2019 + archive

Received:  the shocking victimisation continues for Maurice in HMP Parc, with such things as his even being denied a shower as he is deemed “too dangerous”, being kept locked up in his cell for a weekend [as a previous update declared], denied a “change of clothes” or even a “towel”, and – maybe worst of all – he was booked to see a heart specialist [he has been suffering acute chest pains, exacerbated by the denial of his medication “Omerzaparole” which is regularly denied him even though it is stored in a cabinet yards from MK’s cell] but he was [deliberately?] taken to the hospital an hour late, thus missing the appointment – more typically monstrous behaviour by all concerned, but seemingly the norm in HMP Parc for Maurice  AND MORE – courtesy of the officer named in Maurice’s latest, below, who refused to allow Maurice to go and get the “Paracetamol” he’s been reduced to, despite Maurice’s “OAP [Old Age Pensioner] rights. Maurice tells that his “food is stolen” and he’s let out of his cell too late to get it at times. Disgraceful. Letters sent to authorities regarding this bullying by both cons and G4S staff remain unanswered, unsurprisingly, from being sent a couple of weeks ago, but has inspired a new batch of recorded delivery letters to be sent, regardless.

The archive with hundreds of updates from Maurice =

Maurice’s site [needs updating] is

Maurice Kirk: serious bullying and other irregularities continue in HMP Parc – the G4S staff do nothing -02 Oct. 2019 + archive

Received: Maurice tells of being seriously bullied by cons in HMP Parc – the staff do nothing to stop anything. The urine poured under his cell door, and the eggs thrown by idiot cons on the walls of his cell are a health hazard, and Maurice is promised, by the G4S staff, a different cell away from this health hazard and the bullying, but, typically, nothing happens. Other serious irregularities are described in the docs. received, below, including medication denied yet again, and worse: non-existent convictions on his criminal record since 1993! No wonder Maurice is deemed a MAPPA registered subject with all the severe restrictions and hostilities that come with that when they make up serious convictions and put them on your records! HOW ILLEGAL IS THAT?  =

Maurice Kirk call 25 Sept ’19 the bullying and denial of contact with courts continues in HMP Parc 26 Sept. ’19 + archive

 Maurice Kirk call 25 Sept ’19 the bullying and denial of contact with courts in HMP Parc continues

Serious bullying is happening in HMP Parc towards Maurice, 74, by the cons who think they’re so hard, right in front of the G4S [so-called] prison warders who do nothing, and condone it, as they’re as bad at the bullying as the cons towards Maurice, we’ve learnt. They are ineffectual anyway as HM Prison warders and blatantly flout the prison rules and guidelines time after time eg. by not even officially acknowledging Maurice’s recent accident when he fell from a floor buffing machine which shouldn’t have even been where it was in the 1st place for Maurice to climb on and use to get from A to B, and fall from after being dragged from the said machine by the screws, damaging his already damaged hip when he hit the floor. No wonder they don’t want to acknowledge that accident in one of HM Prisons – it is actually an offence for prison staff not to register an accident happening in a prison, but these G4S screws just don’t get it. All other methods of transport had been denied Maurice – eg. a wheelchair, or 2 crutches, for Maurice to get to wherever he was going in the prison – more than likely to the medicine room as his medication had been denied him yet again. Maurice’s medication – Omerzaparole – for his stomach ailment Barrett’s Syndrome, and other ailments, are denied Maurice most of the time – they have refused so many times to take a couple of pills from a medicine cabinet a few yards away from Maurice to give to him in his cell! It is truly a public scandal that taxpayers hard earnt money is paying these character’s salaries when they can’t or refuse to do the job they’re very well paid to do! G4S have lost their contract to HMP Parc, and no wonder when they allow things like this to happen over a period of many months, as well as allowing the bullying as Maurice describes in his call, and in his notes received, below, and in the archive. 


Many thanks to Mr Cairns, the Welsh Secretary, who promptly replied to my sending him Maurice’s note, below, today, stating he would look into the matters concerned.

G4S HQ are stating in their letter to Maurice below, that “a wheelchair is not required for yourself [sic.] medically”. Could it be that they refuse to deny Maurice has had an accident whilst in HMP Parc and a pre-existing hip injury was badly damaged after G4S prison warders dragged Maurice from a floor buffing machine that shouldn’t have been left in a area of the prison where cons could climb upon it in the first place, and fall after being dragged from it by HMP Parc warders, damaging the already damaged hip after Maurice hit the floor after being dragged from the said floor buffing machine by the said prison warders? Accidents in HM Prisons are bound by law to be recorded, but HMP Parc see otherwise – and refuse not only to acknowledge Maurice’s accident but also refuse medical treatment regarding his now damaged again hip, we are told. Authorities will be notified in detail regarding the HMP Parc’s refusal to follow not only the prison rules and guidelines but also the laws of the land in place regarding this matter, and more! 

The archive with hundreds of updates from Maurice =

Maurice’s site is

Maurice Kirk: justice denied: urgent J.R. blocked again, mail denied to Law Courts, rogue prison officers – disgusting! 17 Sept. 2019 + archive

Received: as the note describes, an officer has meted out his personal vengeance and targeting against Maurice, 74, again by keeping him unlawfully kept in his cell over the weekend, for no reason. Maurice’s calls yesterday Sunday 16th September ’19, and the day before, the 15th, below, tells how Maurice was even denied going to church, and more!!  All will be reported, too. Scandalous.

Maurice Kirk call: outrages continue: medication – even Paracetamol – denied in HMP Parc 16 SEPT 19

Maurice Kirk call: outrages continue: medication – even Paracetamol – denied in HMP Parc 16 SEPT 19

The latest call on 16 Sept. 2019 tells of the typical restrictions and targeting suffered by Maurice in HMP Parc, and this is minor compared to the rest of the targeting and victimisation. See the archive of and from Maurice Kirk, 74, who has served an outrageous 6+ years in sentences in prisons since 2009 on highly questionable convictions + charges, and has 60+ civil cases running against S Wales police – no wonder they are going to keep him locked up via highly questionable charges and convictions!

The archive with hundreds of updates from Maurice =

Maurice’s site is

Maurice Kirk call: kept in cell + not even allowed a crutch after injuries in HMP Parc 15 Sept. 2019

Maurice Kirk call: kept in cell + not even allowed a crutch after injuries in HMP Parc 15 Sept. 2019

Maurice has a renewed hip injury which has returned after a fall recently in HMP Parc which, allegedly, the prison fails to formally record as they, of course, must – see the notes received, shown in the 13 Sept. update directly beneath this update. Another illegality.  And note Maurice says it’s “paracetamol” he’s not getting – he’s actually been prescribed “Omerzaparol” for his stomach ailment “Barrett’s Syndrome”  for years before he entered this place, and has been getting it on the odd occasion too in HMP Parc, instead of at least a couple of times a day before meals as it’s been formally prescribed – but it’s denied most of the time [see many earlier updates and phone calls from MK] despite notifying so many authorities here including the G4S HQ [the prison staff’s company], the Prisons Inspectorate, the Prisons + Probation Ombudsman, and many more – it seems no one in this prison cares enough for them to do their jobs properly and give Maurice the medication he needs and is prescribed and should be given which keeps him out of serious pain.

See the full archive from 2011 and latest updates:

Maurice’s site is:

Maurice Kirk call 12 Sept.: his recorded delivery mail to authorities now proven to be withheld + other irregularities 13 Sept. 2019 + archive

Received:  Maurice gets proof of his recorded delivery mail, which he’s paid for, not leaving HMP Parc and being returned to him later…and this is not the only time his recorded delivery mail to the Law Courts etc. has not left the prison – it’s happened over a score of times, it is very very strongly alleged: 


Maurice Kirk call 12SEPT19 – proof his recorded delivery mail is denied leaving HMP Parc 13Sept19

Messages received this week:

Maurice writes – in the first note shown – that injuries received in 2 incidents recently within this prison are denied being recorded by prison staff – as UK Law dictates – and that the staff even refuse talking to him about the Caswell Clinic medical records which the prison have had for a while yet deny giving to Maurice – he has every right to have these records, but they are always denied him, for many years – WE WONDER WHY!! These updates newly received detail other atrocities suffered in HMP Parc, of Bridgend, Wales. So many authorities have been told now about what’s going on, it’s ridiculous, yet nothing is ever done about most of it.


2]  The [fake] “heroin” allegations – on the strength of these outrageous allegations that Maurice supplied TWO SERVING MPs with the class “A” drug from HMP Cardiff [where he was before they moved him to HMP Parc on the 28 June 2019], with even, as Maurice states, a House of Commons room being searched by the Met. police, it is assumed Maurice’s upcoming October 19 Parole board hearing [for release] will be greatly affected, to Maurice’s demise – anything to stop him getting released –

Mr. Clarke, of the “H.M. Inspectorate of Prisons” states in his letter dated 10 Sept. 2019 that he “cannot investigate individual cases” and that Maurice’s “care is being regularly reviewed” – if that is true, how come changes to obvious very serious irregularities aren’t corrected that Maurice regularly describes – such as his stomach medication – common “Omerzaparole” – being denied for weeks on end, or food being denied also for days on end? For open wounds not having their coverings changed for days on end? for his recent hip injury after a fall being ignored by medical staff? And the mail irregularities like recorded delivery letters not being sent after being paid for out of a greatly reduced canteen amount? or visits being denied when the family member has spent all day getting to the prison only to be turned away? or incoming letters – including a letter fom the CPS – being withheld for weeks? or his private  money being denied him? or the wheelchair family members had delivered to the prison being denied him and still in the ante-room somewhere within the prison? so much more is revealed within the updates M has sent, even from this recall which was mid-Febuary, actually… 

Maurice Kirk: Recorded Delivery mail to authorities refused still? the proof of posting is! 09 Sept. 2019 + archive

Received:  Proof of recorded delivery mail to authorities now being refused – hopefully sent [but proof of posting refused] was an Emergency Judicial Review Application re: medical attention [long denied whilst in HMP] plus an early hearing re:  the civil damages claim following new evidence re: the “machine gun” case ICF03361. This is specifically what they – the S. Wales police and connected judiciary WISH TO NOT ALLOW GOING FORWARD hence the continual denial of recorded delivery mail not being sent from the prison from Maurice.

Maurice Kirk: latest notes received 07 Sept. ’19 + archive



Maurice Kirk: Cell searched again by police with dogs – restrictions continue en masse – 05 Sept. 2019 + archive

Received: dated 3rd Sept. 2019 – Maurice writes by email and states his cell was searched again by police with sniffer dogs looking for serious drugs again, showing the police the different coloured toothpaste used from before when “Macleans” white toothpaste was allegedly used which founded the “heroin sent to MPs” allegations. He states also “health care” for him is now blocked, something he’s been mentioning  for some time – especially denied is the medical treatment for his injured hip, plus his “Omerzaparol” stomach medication, for his painful “Barrett’s Syndrome” ailment – the pain so bad from it he needs a wheelchair to move about [when it’s operable], when he’s not confined to his cell 24 hours / day as he remarked was happening recently. All applications are now denied too eg. photocopying, and we were told this week that communications are being stifled too eg. snailmail letters out.

See the archive and latest updates:

Maurice’s site is:

Maurice Kirk: the nonsensical allegations of supplying serving MPs with heroin from HMP Cardiff 03 Sept. 2019

Update 04 Sept. ’19: Maurice, in his latest call which hasn’t been published, is asking for someone to run his site. Maurice wants the many docs he’s sent to be put on that site – but unfortunately I do not know anyone worthy who could do such a task. There is the added worry of the site being compromised and shut down completely should things go pear-shaped regarding the running of the site given the climate we seem to be in re: the persecution he faces from certain authorities. If any of Maurice’s supporters knows anyone who could do such a task – run his site – pls contact me and I will pass anything on to M’s relatives.
Meanwhile Maurice states that his communications from HMP Parc have now been forcibly ceased, which may include the mail he sends. Apparently his money has been affected too which will compromise phone calls out. Meals have been denied, he states, and he hasn’t mentioned his medication, but he mentioned something about getting a few pills to keep him going a couple of days ago. He is apparently suffering from bullying by many factions within the prison. Roll on mid-December – his supposed release date.


03 Sept. – Received:  the ridiculous attempt to get Maurice charged with supplying a Class A drug eg. heroin, from when he was in HMP Cardiff, prior to the 28 June, to the Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns MP and his Taunton MP is as stupid an allegation as can be. Firstly, where did Maurice get the required monies for the transaction for the drug when his monies are stifled by the prison staff bigtime – one can’t get such contraband in exchange for biscuits or “vapes” from the prison canteen either and the thought is as preposturous as the allegation. To illustrate this point, Maurice has to rely on supporters sending him a couple of stamps per week so as he can even send his letters out – when they allow it, of course. As we are told previously – numerous recorded delivery mails have been stopped from being sent for many months to the Law [Appeal]  Courts in the Strand, London, because that’s what the prison staff do to Maurice’s important mail containing important information which should get his case reviewed by the Appeal judges, who should then free him on the new evidence. As Maurice explains in his latest note below, received 2nd September, the authorities in question will do anything to thwart his early release, as this this outrageous lie of supplying a Class A drug to the Welsh Secretary and others confirms. Several weeks passed too before the police interviewed Maurice over this matter also, in HMP Parc – see the earlier update: Maurice Kirk: email received: “interviewed under caution” by police for “heroin distribution” But how did the substance get past the security features inside HMP Cardiff? Answer: the Class A drug didn’t get past the “security systems” in place in HMP Cardiff because the substance didn’t exist in the first place – and they know it. Simple.

Received  2 Sept. =

Maurice Kirk phone call 2Sept19: now not let out of cell, food denied, urine poured under cell door 03 Sept 2019 + archive

Maurice Kirk phone call 2Sept19: now not let out of cell, food denied, urine poured under cell door

Maurice Kirk latest call 31 Aug. – new docs. received + pills are given but date is wrong 31 Aug. ’19 + archive

Received:  Maurice tells us some pills were given him last night but were dated from 2 days before. Could this be that when records were checked it would appear that the pills were dated and supposedly given from that earlier date cited – but weren’t as he only received the pills 2 days after the date shown? Quite clever really, but the records would be false. If Maurice doesn’t receive his medication he is left in acute pain – hence the need for a wheelchair for him to be mobile – a wheelchair that is often removed, and returned in an inoperable and unusable state as we were told occurred a few days ago [see the earlier update when M tied his testicles to the chair so as it couldn’t be removed from him without hard work…]. Other important docs received this morning 31 Aug. are below, including  a report from Febuary 2019 re: his stomach ailment existing, along with other communications to government departments detailing the constant and chronic irregularities happening past and present, especially the denial of medical treatment for M’s hip – a pre-existing  injury damaged afresh after a fall a couple of weeks ago now, but everything covered up by staff [allegedly]. 

See the archive and latest updates:

Maurice’s site is:

Maurice Kirk phone call, 31 Aug. [late]: pills given but dated wrong + important docs 31 Aug. ’19

 Docs. received =

Maurice Kirk phone call 30/08: medication denied could lead to pleurisy / pneumonia 31 Aug. 2019 + archive

Maurice Kirk phone call 30/08: medication denied could lead to pleurisy / pneumonia 31 Aug. 2019

The ridiculous and painful denial of a couple of OMERZAPAROL tablets a couple of times a day to Maurice for his stomach ailment Barrett’s Syndrome from a medicine cabinet a few yards away could lead to far more serious ailments – life threatening too. WHY WON’T THEY GIVE HIM HIS PRESCRIBED MEDICATION?

notes received:

See the archive and latest updates:

Maurice’s site is:

Archive continues:

Maurice Kirk phone call 28Aug.’19: now in enforced solitary – more punishment 30 Aug. ’19 + archive

Maurice Kirk phone call 28Aug.’19 now in enforced solitary – more punishment

Maurice Kirk: phone call + new docs tell of level of irregularities: from the medication/meals denied and money denied to much more 27 Aug. 2019

Phone call 27 Aug. 2019 from Maurice in HMP Parc tell of the hostilities + denial of food:

Below: Received:  2 new notes plus 7 pdf files which include complaints explaining serious irregularities pertaining to the greatly targeted Maurice Kirk, 74, now very ill but denied medical treatment and prescribed medication for over a month now in HMP Parc:

Complaint no food nor pottyAug19


evidencehealthcare neglectAug19

Ignorant staff,no wheelchairs


money complaintAug19

No Dirfs reaching destination Aug19 

Archive continues:

Maurice Kirk phone call 26 Aug. 2019: hostilities continue wholesale 26 Aug. 2019 + archive

Maurice Kirk phone call 26 Aug. ’19 – hostilities continue wholesale

More hostilities in HMP Parc – Maurice, 74, tells of how they made it as difficult as possible for him to go on a visit yesterday – his finally getting to the Visiting Hall on crutches. There is a wheelchair sent by his family waiting for his use but it is refused being given to him! Still no medication for over a month now. How come a couple of pills can’t be transported a couple of times a day from a medicine cabinet a few yards from Maurice? This failure for the G4S staff to do their jobs responsibly must be the perfect example of targeting. Maurice is prescribed [and was prescribed before he entered HMP] Omerzaparole for his stomach ailments [Barrett’s Syndrome] and his injured hip and other injuries are denied medical treatment also, along with seeing a doctor properly. Deliberate targeting + torture. The authorities have been told all about everything in a series of letters from supporters and family for some time….but nothing is done. Why is this?

See the archive and latest updates:’s site is:

Earlier posts =

Maurice Kirk: vital medication denied a month now! – more thefts from his cell and injuries suffered: prison staff do nothing 26 Aug. 2019 + archive

Received: the 2 notes below, which tell of Maurice finding a con – name “Williams” aka “O’Brian” – in M’s cell going down his jacket pockets, who previously on the 22nd August “entered my cell again, uninvited and stole an “oil” [a “vape”], causing me further injury. I was told both injury and theft would be reported to wing manager – NOTHING was done”. So here we have another example of just how incompetent and futile the employment of the G4S company actually is in HMP Parc. Last week on the 22nd, letters again were sent to the Prime Minister [whose office will probably reply stating the info has been forwarded to the MoJ, as before], to Mr. Clarke, the Prisons Inspectorate [who replied before stating he could not partake in individual cases [!],  and the G4S hq at the 5th Floor, Southside, 105 Victoria Street,London SW1E 6QT notifying them all AGAIN just exactly what is going on in HMP Parc re: Maurice Kirk and the irresponsible targeting and illegalities he has suffered 24/7 for months on end now, especially the denial of medication [for “almost a month now” as the note below states] as well as other vital medical treatment – and more, such as letters out to the Law courts – being denied also. Whether G4S reply to the information sent regarding their staff’s preposterous behaviour remains to be seen, but they have a lot of covering up to do so it may not be hard to imagine what the reply will state. Below, the proof of sending the letters described above:

Notes received 22 Aug. 2019:

Maurice states – paragraph numbered “7” at the bottom of this note – that when his cell door was opened for him to attempt to get medication at the medical station on the wing but the “4th” wheelchair was “smashed up”, rendering him immobile. Disgusting.

See the archive and latest updates:

Maurice’s site is:


Maurice Kirk phone call: bully cons empty Maurice’s cell – serious injuries remain untreated by prison medical staff 23 Aug. 2019 + archive

The Welsh Assembly – in particular Mr. Alun Cairns, the Secretary for Wales, along with numerous other government officials have been told over and over about the criminal activity going on in HMP Parc – yet none of them do anything!  It is a public scandal how these high-ups are allowed to reap their luxurious salaries whilst doing nothing about the contracted prison staff – G4S’s – wayward behaviour. Surely these high-ups should be brought to book for dereliction of duty instead of covering up for each other and allowing this outrageous behaviour by the G4S prison regime to flourish and replicate!

Maurice Kirk phone call: bully cons empty Maurice’s cell – serious injuries remain untreated by prison medical staff 23 Aug. 2019

The outrageous behaviour in HMP Parc by prison staff continues – the G4S screws refusing to do their jobs eg. giving Maurice his medication – a few pills a day – as he’s prescribed . They deliberately deny him his medication, and can’t bring the pills from a few yards away from a medical cabinet to his cell – then remove his wheelchair so he can’t get about – or make it inoperable as happened the other day so it can’t be used, as the moronic prison staff did the other day! What a bunch of reprobates – the lowest of the low – not worth anything!

Maurice Kirk phone calls + new docs: off hunger strike but refused food for 9 days now in HMP Parc, medication also 22 Aug. 2019 + archive

Maurice Kirk phone calls: off hunger strike but refused food for 9 days now 22 Aug. 2019 + archive

Maurice’s “Omerzaparole” medication for serious stomach ailments has been denied for a while now – in HMP Parc Maurice came off his hunger strike [begun on 4 July] 9 days ago but has been refused food ever since, his latest calls tell, and his medication has been refused most of the 12 months previously in HMP Cardiff, and now in HMP Parc since his recall there in mid-Febuary 2019. HOW COME THEY CAN’T TRANSPORT A COUPLE OF PILLS TO HIS CELL FROM THEIR MEDICINE CABINET MERE YARDS AWAY? For G4S – the characters who staff this prison – to deny an inmate his medication for so long is surely highly illegal!!

We are told, in the phone call above and in the notes received below, that just a few irregularities befalling Maurice whilst at HMP Parc are:

1] the South Wales police – who hold such a grudge against Maurice and always have had for over 20+ years – are stopping his mail getting to the Law Courts, and more

2] that mail in for Maurice is also denied him

3] ordinary photocopying is denied Maurice – thus stopping  bringing a defence to his legal cases by disallowing agencies getting his documents

4] more seriously monies belonging to Maurice are illegally removed from him

5] medical attention is brutally refused him, and has been for a long time  – contrary to Ministry of Justice regulations 

6] and he states “When critical RCJ Criminal Court of Appeal exhibits were taken to “in-house police” by [G4S] manager SARA MORRIS theywere stolen”  

for the above statements from Maurice see the noten below entitled “LIST OF DOCS TO LAWYER [Rule 39A ETC] 20/08/2019 below. 

See the archive and latest updates:’s site is:


SHOCKING: Maurice Kirk phone call HMP Parc – his health worsens: why is medical treatment being denied all the time? 20 Aug. 2019 + archive

SHOCKING: Maurice Kirk phone call HMP Parc – why is medical treatment being denied? 19 Aug. 2019

The situation worsens in HMP Parc for Maurice Kirk – who shouldn’t even be in prison – all his sentences, totalling 6+ years since 2009 – need an honest enquiry by honest people – see the archive: Maurice’s site is:

Maurice’s sister writes 19 Aug. 2019:

“Saturday M phoned me to ask me to get an ambulance to him. I immediately phoned HMP Parc. Being a Saturday I got the control room . The man would not give his name but said he was unable to do what I asked.

Again on Sunday after excruciating pain in his chest M phoned me again. Immediately(12 noon)

I called the prison again. This time a different man said he would get a medic to see him. Hours later a nurse appeared but ‘did nothing’. He asked for his medication which he is supposed to get daily (2 tablets). This has been denied for weeks; he has had to rely on ingenuity to obtain his needs which is n erratic system and relies on compliant inmates whom he has to pay in kind..

He has been on hunger strike for over 40 days now but he has been taking liquids.(determined to get the Caswell Clinic notes from 2009 when the court had ordered him twice to have a mental assessment.). In the end nothing was found but a doctor, against his colleagues assessment said he had a mental issue. That doctor was then removed a few months later and not employed by the NHS again!

At one stage Maurice was having regular triage (but no medicine),. This has now stopped. In early July as he could not walk the inmates put him on a floor polisher which helped his mobility. Staff dragged him off (he was unable to get himself off it quick enough). Unfortunately this damaged his hip repair and caused great pain. Since then it was dressed a couple of times (2 weeks apart) but no analgesics .

Back in January he had been in pain and got to the University Hospital of Cardiff. The chest pains were assessed and he was advised to get further tests as a lung lobe may need attention due to his Barretts Syndrome. All this has been ignored and now he is in great chest pains again but nothing has happened. He had started to eat again but has had to stop as the added gut pain is too much..

I phoned the prison again this morning and was put through to the Chaplaincy!!!

Why does the Medical Department ignore him? He is 74, is a veterinary surgeon, and knows what needs attention. they bwill write in their log that they are watching him daily but that is no use if he does not know a nurse is near and they DO NOTHING! Where are his daily omeprazole pills! He wants to eat again



Maurice’s notes tell of bullying, forms not being passed on, and more in HMP Parc:

Maurice Kirk: phone call 16 Aug. 2019: barbaric!! + more 16 Aug. 2019 + archive

Maurice Kirk phone call 16 Aug. 2019 – barbaric!

Interesting points made…

Message  received 16 Aug. ’19:


Maurice’s site is


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