Maurice Kirk: what’s the story regarding the 2009 arrest and trial over the “dealing in machine guns” charge? -Transcript: Day 1 of the court hearing 29/01/2010 – 11 Feb. 2020 + archive

Maurice Kirk: the story is of such seriousness regarding Maurice’s 2009 arrest and 2010 trial over the “dealing in machine guns” charge which has seen Maurice forced to serve years in prison on numerous occasions since that trial, even though he was cleared of any wrongdoing by a jury back then. Why?

Police Machine Gun Conspiracy Trial (Day 1)

by mauricekirky

This concocted criminal allegation by the South Wales Police of my ‘being in possession of a prohibitive weapon’ C:\Users\Owner\Documents\MG Charges + MG5 was simply to stop my civil claims against them following their lost 50 odd malicious prosecutions over some nine years with no indication of abetting. Not only did the welsh judiciary ooze inherent deceit it also lost me a chunk of my life, my wife, my health my wealth and almost my sanity.

It was obvious by the 2nd day of evidence being given, to the remaining jury left in that restururant near the Cardiff Crown Court after my acquittlal, that both the trial judge, Paul Thomas and HM Prosecutor, Richard Thomlow, were thoroughly deceitful and ‘hell bent’ on getting me a mandatory 10 year prison term now that getting me sectioned in Ashworth had failed.   C:\Users\Owner\Documents\09 01 25 MG Transcript.pdf.

They noted  my not even being allowed my legal papers, confiscated by the custody staff and that the WW1 Lewis machine gun (Exibit1) had been simply brought in and out of court each day slung over the shoulder of some police sergeant off the street!

While the police officer ‘in charge’ of the case, being last to give evidence, was quietly slipping in and out of the hearing each good moment, over the two weeks, obviously to keep the next prosecution witness well briefed on how to modify their dirty scheme! mauricekirky | February 7, 2020 at 11:26 pm | 

Transcript: Day 1 of the court hearing 29 Jan. 2010 [pdf file –  to be continued with more transcripts]:

1 CR MKIRK, T20097445, KIRK, 29.01.10 (CARD) – WH v4


Archive continues [from 2011]:

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