Stalked – 15 May 2020 + UPDATED: MY STALKERS and the smear campaign they’ve made me part of 16/05/2019 VIDEOs 

Comment 17 Sept. 2020:   

“This hacking of mobile phones [+ pcs] has been happening to me since 2010 when i blew the whistle on a town council’s crimes when removing children from decent and good parents. Now many phones have been destroyed, inc. my contract phone which was rendered useless by having it’s “Network Connection” completely removed from the phone’s settings, meaning i couldn’t connect to my providor. 3Mobile say my a/c was fine, and Samsung said theyed never heard of what happened to my phone before. The phone is useless and i left 3Mobile a month ago after 20 years with them when a new update S20 phone + new contract was due – being left with 2 years contract payments was too risky if they destroyed this new phone too and i couldn’t guarentee this hacking not happening again by the rogue local police who have been controlling the gangstalking happening to me since 2010 when i began whistleblowing – it’s neverending + i’m stalked every time i go out by recruited stalkers of all shapes + sizes and i’ve tons of evidence on film etc. but no solicitor will touch the case as the police lean on them – and that’s that. IF ANYONE knows of a reputable solicitor who would deal with this crime of stalking: PLS contact me!
They said insurance can’t be got for hacking by a 3rd party – it’s uninsurable! The phone was rendered useless leading up to a vital heart op on 2 September so i had no emergency phone.  Now i use PAYG 24/7. They are evil! And that’s without the home burglaries these evils are behind whereby expensive items were taken from my home whilst i was out – out being watched on the cctv + being stalked by their recruits! It’s hopeless and this has been going on 10 years since 2010!”


02 Sept. 2020 – Many more updates are needed to show the full capacity of this illegal activity by public servants in the pay of the public purse [funded by the UK taxpayer], in particular, the many instances of items removed from my home when I am not at home. Many thefts from my home were reported to police, as was the hacking [and destruction] of my 2 laptops [to date] but, naturally, nothing is done by the local police reported to, and the thefts continue, as does the hacking, even though I’ve changed from the Windows system to Linux on my computer – it makes no difference – I am still badly hacked almost every day. “


This post is from May 2020, and needs to be updated with numerous more reports i simply havent had the time to publish – an earlier post with much detail is here:

There’s an #evil black op happening in #UK by rogue #police + their hired cronies with many agencies collusion inc. town councils etc-#whistleblowers+connected are especially #targeted using smear campaigns/#hacking pcs+phones They are very evil #stalking#gangstalking#Bournemouth

[NB: some pics have been deleted by you-know-who]

15 May 2020

Another broken pc, tks to hackers – guess who – the 2nd in a week, although the desktop was miraculously fixed with messages showing on my screen when it was turned on again after not operating at all with the mouse deleted and the USB ports too – these new screen messages.implying i should update the drivers [which have been fine since day one but which the hacker changed the existing drivers to “previous versions” if not deleting them totally off the machine, as was done to the USB ports, making the pc not work at all and become frozen]. This video shows my turning my Acer notebook on after it being off 2 days due to it being made unworkable [from working perfectly], especially when trying to download Nord VPN on it, which the hacker would allow at al!!! – which is working fine on the desktop. They are evil. The local police complaints replied to my complaint re: irregularities after 2 cops visited after i reported the hacking + criminal damage to my pc – more of that later

  • the screenshot from this notebook which disappeared from my pcs stating the thing cant be repaired was on my phone, luckily, after being removed from at least 2 pcs’s folders, and is shown below
    No photo description available.
Stalkers – more so the actual evil harassing controllers whose sickness rubs off to the individual stalkers they control to harass completely innocent citizens [often for no reason], giving these often sadistic puppet stalkers a false delusion of power and worth, and more – are very mentally ill, very sick evil people. “By their fruits shall ye know them” – never has a truer word been said…


THEY’VE NOW RUINED MY FORMERLY PERFECTLY GOOD LAPTOP WITH THEIR CONSTANT HACKING OF IT – I’D WILLINGLY SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE IN PRISON IF I COULD ONLY KNOW WHO AND WHERE THEY ARE, THE EVIL COWARDS! AND MY NEW DESKTOP FROM FEBUARY [which is now on it’s way out now due to ENDLESS PROBLEMS NOW WHICH WEREN’T THERE AT FIRST – COUNTLESS SYSTEM RESTORES FIXED THE HARASSMENTS BUT THEN THEY MESSED THINGS UP AGAIN, AND AGAIN EVEN ADDING VIRUSES ONTO MY PCS VIA THE BACK DOOR AND BACKDATING UPDATES SO AS THINGS ARE MESSED UP – THINGS DON’T GET UNINSTALLED LIKE CHROME AND THE KEYBOARD AND MOUSE BY THEMSELVES – EVEN THE TIME IN THE CLOCK THAT WAS SHOWING WAS ALTERED AND NOT ONLY ON THE DESKTOP PC – 3 COMPUTERS HAVE BEEN INTERFERED WITH – NOT JUST THE NEW DESKTOP PC WHICH WAS FINE FOR WEEKS + WAS NEW TO REPLACE THE 2 YEAR OLD ONE THAT WAS COMPROMISED + MADE USELESS BY THESE RETARDS DUE TO CONSTANT FAULTS THAT RESTORES COULDN’T FIX. THIS CHRONIC HACKING GOT MUCH WORSE ABOUT A MONTH AGO TO BEING HACKED EVERY SINGLE DAY BY THESE GUTLESS RETARDED CRONIES EMPLOYED BY ROGUE POLICE – BOY AM I COMING FOR YOU FACELESS COWARDLY SCUMBAGS – SO STAY HIDDEN FOR YOUR OWN NEGLIGIBLE BENEFIT!!—> I don’t believe in hating anyone but i do these sickos – and i’m being truthful when i say i would spend the rest of my life in prison – what they have done is terrible, including home burglaries and smear campaigns to every record shop in Bournemouth + Poole – owners of those shops [+ more] told me what they were told by these rogue police with their smear campaigns. Evil sick retards – for what? exposing their dishonesty and corruption – that’s what! They have gained nothing through their 10 year long stalking program using their colleagues the local council too, who they fund – who have also badly shunned their responsibilities many times over the years – all seriously criminal losers who need a taste of justice – asap – which is not possible until they stop blocking my attempts at getting a solicitor.

I don’t believe in hating anyone but i do these sickos – and i’m being truthful when i say i would spend the rest of my life in prison – what they have done is terrible, including home burglaries and smear campaigns to every record shop in Bournemouth + Poole – owners of those shops [+ more] told me what they were told by these rogue police with their smear campaigns. Evil sick retards – for what? exposing their dishonesty and corruption – that’s what! And what have they gained from it all? Nothing – except I am much more adept at witnessing their absolutely criminal abuse of power – and see just how much they need to hide from the inevitable – they’re being brought to book for the endless crimes committed over the years – and even very recently!!

05 April 2020

 Once again, my computers are hacked daily by cronies of the police, or police themselves. I believe – to keep themselves in the clear and “unconnected” to anything illegal they use 3rd parties to do their dirty work. All the time now there’s a hacker on my pcs, 24/7 – whether it’s desktop or laptop – and they love to show they’re there by constantly changing the page size from 100% – my normal setting – to 67% – their favourite setting, or by doing something very obvious that I’ll notice immediately, such as deleting the entire page of an email I’m writing, – or something else, like stopping a youtube video halfway through or turning the volume off completely – not at the video itself, but via the little speaker symbol that is at the bottom righthand corner of the screen in the taskbar. This morning when I turned my desktop on earlier, the keyboard had been disabled and Chrome browser also – this has happened many times now within the past month alone. The laptops were unaffected – today – but videos have been removed but not many as I copied everything onto an external memory bank recently. Now everything has been removed on every device. Sometimes it’s the other way around with the laptops having things disabled as described, and the desktop left alone. Antivirus and antimalware does nothing, and vpn is a joke. 

After complaining again to the so-called main police complaints agency here in the UK – the IOPC – a few weeks ago they passed my complaint on to the local police Professional Standards who found my perfectly genuine complaint without merit, and all was dismissed via a letter with the statement that I was not on the list of the police / council’s surveillance program, which can be seen here, from the council’s official site:…/CovertSurveillance.aspx .

My reply to the police stating I was not on their official list of being “covertly surveilled” via their R.I.P.A. program was that of course I’m not officially going to be shown to be on the program, and stalked as I am, as which judge – who has to endorse officially anyone whose to be put on the program – would endorse and sign for anyone if that person doesn’t even have a criminal record, which I don’t, nor mixes with known criminals. The council openly admits it’s program is designed to watch active criminals, and to watch for criminal activity which, during the 10 years I’ve been harassed and stalked I have proved I’m not involved in either, having not even been spoken to by any police or anyone about anything under the sun since at least 1984 – a whopping 36 years ago!  So, they’ve all unconnected themselves from this program, but nevertheless still continue it, apparently “on the side” and illegally, as the police have stated their program is unconnected to myself. Unfortunately I have found the police to be very sadly lacking in it’s job role and whose “officers” I believe and allege are very much behind or very much connected to the many crimes of stalking that I’ve experienced, which has been ongoing since 2010/2011, with burglaries to my home happening too not long ago. I noticed stalkers – and more – operating in 2010/2011 when I would be watched and followed when leaving home for London, and returning home again, using the National Express coaches mostly, or train if possible when visiting either Musa family parent who was on remand in prisons there. Note I was not mixing with “known criminals” or anyone involved in “criminal activity” as the police / council’s RIPA surveillance dictates even though visiting friends in prison – the big difference being that the Musa parents had committed no crime and were victims of corruption – framed by that N. London council and their police in order to get their children, with the payback – thousands of pounds in bonuses for social workers etc. –  that kind of obnoxious crime is prone too. The Musa parents were and always will be totally innocent of any “mistreating their 7 children” charges – the removal of their 7 children bringing a pretty penny in for the corrupt social workers involved, and all aligned to the crimes – “council contact centres” and dubious legal representives included.  

Note the police are funded by local town councils, at least the one here is, and are therefore obliged to action any order  the council cares to present to them, being at their beck and call 24/7. The Dorset police chief constable has blocked my emails for some time and doesn’t reply to written letters that even my MP replies to time + again. When I tweeted 2 Dorset Assistant chief constables a few weeks back re: the stalking + hacking crimes, my twitter a/c was actually closed down but reinstated 8 hours later after I appealed – the closing of the a/c perhaps being a warning to me not to tweet these local police high-ups with crimes as they don’t wish to know, let alone investigate, perhaps. 

Coincidentally an unknown perp – a stalker and part of the gang here, I allege – made a death threat to myself verbally and to my face on the 18th November 2017, which was reported to the police within hour with a formal statement given and a crime number got, and an officer assigned to the case who called me a week after my making the statement. 2 weeks after the threat was made I saw the stalker again and followed him to a house nearby which he entered with a key he took from his pocket. I informed the officer dealing with the case immediately, giving him the address I’d found. After that I tried to make contact with this officer many times but it was impossible – he was always unavailable, and often “on holiday” an uncanny amount of times. Despite numerous promises from the police when calling them trying to contact the officer many times on the police 101 number during December 2017 and the whole of January 2018 – even waiting outside the police station building he was supposedly working from at times – I was totally ignored until he finally called me, out of the blue, 3 whole months later in mid-Febuary 2018, telling me he had nothing at all to report – 3 whole months from my first contact with the police about this matter, and 9 weeks since I’d spoken to this officer, telling him the perps address, a stones throw away. I couldn’t believe what was going on here. The character who made the threat has not been seen again around here – yet, as many they regularly used for months haven’t – many individuals recorded in film and photographs from numerous dates, but I know much more than I’m telling here. 

What is happening – stalkers being at destinations before I even get to them – can surely only be done by using at least the town councils CCTV system – hundreds of local cameras are listed here:  – that link’s source with much more on the local cctv systems in operation here: . 

Who has the power to use the council’s extensive cctv system? The council, obviously, and the police [who they fund], including any rogue police. The police Prof. Standards stated I was not shown listed in any surveillance programs, but a] were they being truthful, and b] what do they know, especially about neer-do-wells employed in the police and council here – rogue police possibly being paid by other parties. Coincidentally, the longrunning stalking and harassments i suffer bear a striking similarity to the longrunning stalking and crimes committed, allegedly, against one Carol Woods, a whistleblower in Lancashire who has described many similar occurrences happening to her as has happened to myself over many years by the same subjects – the local police and council – her hundreds of updates posted for nearly 3 years from 2016 shown here: ]. Regarding both the local police and council  ignoring my serious complaints for years – my MP is the only one who could get one complaint to the council resolved recently all was ignored after many notifications were made to the council but ignored completely regarding a faulty front street door entry system to my block of flats –  a security feature on the street door that had had it’s time settings changed so that the feature didn’t work at all – for at least 2 whole years until my MP intervened recently, despite my notifying the council many times from the beginning of those 2 years onwards.  Also i have an affadavit – a statement of truth – from a stalker i temporarily “befriended” in order to get info. It didnt take much for this person to tell me how they were contacted and told to go and watch me, them being told where i was. After this person turned up time after time near me, I knew something was wrong. On the final occasion when this person turned up, I confronted the person, in a friendly manner, and told them the score, and they then told me what they told me [some of which was what I suspected anyway] as they didn’t believe what was happening was right – that is, covert surveillance and the resulting harassment on someone who is no criminal, has no criminal record, and doesn’t even know any active criminals in order to simply harass, and for no other reason. It surely must be costly on the public purse – the money got from UK citizens – to stalk someone since 2011 at least and getting no arrests or proof of any crime being committed by myself at any time – the stalking which even includes visits to other countries – Wales for example, which I have visited often since 2011, with very odd things happening en route on the trains and also whilst in Cardiff and elsewhere in Wales too!

They are VERY evil, out of control, and their stalkers rewards come out of the public purse, which is scandalous.

30 March 2020

Dirty stalking controllers [rogue police] arranging for weirdos to knock on my door making out they’re looking for someone else 15.35BST today!

I went out at 4pm today – with many cameras – to go to the nearby busstop [where the stalkers always turn up within 10 mins] just to look at the lie of the land after their usual trick – 15 minutes earlier – of a stranger knocking on my front door after my street door buzzer went – i thought it was a courier delivering a parcel or i wouldn’t have bothered letting her in via the system controlled street door that needs the resident to open it electronically – when my buzzer buzzes, I press the button which opens the street door down below. The stranger came up straightaway and knocked lightly on my door. Strangers in my block have difficulty finding the right flat, 2 on each floor, but she came straight to my door with no problem – odd – i’m on the 1st floor, with the flat numbers throughout barely viewable on each door, so she must’ve been told exactly where i was, probably. I went to my front door, peering through the 12 x 12 safety glass. “Is Jackie there?” she whispered, barely audible. “WHAT?” “Is Jackie there? Oh sorry – I got the wrong block” before scuttling off. If I had a pound for every time this has happened i’d be loaded. And how come this fake calling doesn’t happen to the other flats in this block – I’ve been here years and never once seen anyone knocking on anyone’s door here by mistake – ever!  Anyway,15 minutes later, I went out to clock the lie of the land, to the nearby busstop, and within 10 minutes was surrounded by stalkers – 2 old ones, including Fatty Boom-Boom who lives opposite, and SkinnyBloke who used to be a Hermes delivery driver before his drug addiction took over, plus 2 more who i’ve never seen before. Not that long ago the 2 creeps Fatty and Skinny were very active with constant stalking – Fatty usually staring out of his window at me on arriving home from being out so many times, moving his curtains about – the rest of his household – 2 more fatties – constantly stalking also when i’m out, waiting by my home often when i return too – and filmed often also. Skinny lives nearby. See the pic., the 1st is a screenshot from my Boblov device. On my mobile phone, i filmed at the same time 2 more stalkers – 1 approaching from up the road to the busstop i was stood at, staring me out as he approached, and another young kid who walked completely past, then when i left the scene after this 4th young kid had passed, he reappeared round the corner to “ask me for a light” and then asking me for money. I sussed it immediately but often when i go out now i’m approached by someone asking for money often – sometimes i give, sometimes i don’t regardless of who they are – this begging is one of these dimwit stalking controllers new ideas. They’re acting is quite good, but not quite right. What kills me is they don’t care who they send to stalk when this virus thing is so active – and dangerous. At least 3 people have died mere yards from me and we’re constantly told not to go out – only to go out for food, work, or exercise – these Sad Sacs are risking their very lives because some idiot stalking controller has told them to go out and watch what i do or who i meet – but i’ve never met anyone when out, nor anything else so their entire program is a pointless waste of time – and in 10 years they’ve never got one single thing from me. I used to go to record shops, but they’ed phone the owners and set a smear campaign in motion, so when i’d go back i’d get a completely negative reaction from these guys who were so friendly – and normal before. Some others have even told me what’s occurred. One stalker told me loads of stuff he/she shouldn’t after i began a conversation and a brief friendship – that person’s ID is protected, as is my promise to that person. It’s not hard to figure out how the person[s] are contacted + told when to go out, and how i’m dressed etc etc. It’s supposedly done to irritate, but it doesn’t even do that as it’s been going on for so long – 10 years – so that now it’s just boring. They try to rile me and try to get me to break the law [as i have no criminal record now after 35 years clean] by assaulting one of them – physically or by speaking – which i will never do as i don’t normally talk to oddballs when i’m out anyway – they approach me often, talking bs or begging for money, but then i just ignore them but film everything [i film all the time i’m out with a “Boblov” recording device – my phone is too cumbersome] – even hookers have been sent – on successive days – i guess they think i’ll think about it – being propositioned by them – but i don’t want no STD, nor can i be set up. If you saw what occurs you’d understand. The 2 other stalkers i mentioned above are filmed on my phone which i haven’t even looked at yet, but i will add asap, [the pic below is a photo, not from a film] for the sake of posterity, and for the controllers who will read this [if they can read, of course]. The 2nd pic is of the Fatty who stares at me from his street window when i’m in my kitchen opposite – there are more pics of that + there is more, but i’m saving that for court. D’you know i’ve got so lazy now i can’t even be bothered to get a legal rep. who could do my court case? I’ve approached so many solicitors [“Go to the Law Society” they say – a complete waste of time] and been knocked back, it’s surreal. But one day, when i can be bothered – if, say, another burglary occurs, which was reported with a crime number got not long ago. A cop came round, as they do, but tried every trick in the book to try and say my evidence was no good, that the lock – [which was broken upon entry, which still needs to be forensically analysed to show it’s been picked – not very well either] – was deemed to be “old” and therefore “the springs inside pack up and the lock becomes faulty”. Nonsense. These locks last 40 years – probably more. They look as far as they can inside the lock [which has been removed from my front door, and replaced] where the key enters and see no obvious marks or scratches from whatever picks the lock, and say “there’s no signs of tampering – no marks or anything” – and that’s it! That’s their theory to say the lock has not been picked, and my place not burgled with many items gone missing. Ridiculous, and hardly a feasible explanation when the entire lock that was bought new is busted inside, and is only about 18 months old, and won’t work when normally these new front door locks last forever – made by one of the best companies in the UK or anywhere. More later.

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