Maurice Kirk: “Malicious Intent by the South Wales Police” – what’s been did + what’s been hid, with 5 years in prison + the highest MAPPA classification thrown in for good measure, and much more! VIDEO 20 April 2020

A sample of legal work while the farmer is using my temporary airfield on Exmoor for sheep of all things!

Malicious Intent by the South Wales Police Machine Gun Damages Claim 1CF03361

I, Maurice John Kirk, make this statement that is true to the best of my belief.

1. Unless the reader was personally witnessed or read corrected court transcripts then this repeated extreme and unusual behaviour by specific welsh authorities is unlikely to be believed. I therefore incorporate extracts from T20097445 January 2010 ‘trading in machine guns’ conspiracy jury trial that was staged in Cardiff Crown court as a typical example.

2. Since the Claimant’s 10th February 2010 acquittal, while facing a minimum 10 year mandatory prison term for ‘trading in machine guns’, it has taken me until now, due to 5 years in prison for ‘breaches of restraining orders’ never having been served on me in the first place, to piece together the extreme level of police deceit that came out in Cardiff criminal court hearings in well over two decades s of welsh court rooms. This deceit has been dominated by police withholding evidence, despite countless court orders to the contrary. I have quashed well over one hundred malicious criminal allegations and still nothing is done.

South Wales Police painted Mr Cooper’s film prop (imitation Lewis machine gun) from silver back to black as when I owned it. They also unblocked the imitation barrel to further try and fool the jury. Despite the police knowing all about the film prop ten months earlier they had me remanded in prison as a very high ‘risk’ to the community asking for a minimum of 10 year prison term , just anything to disrupt my civil claims. After my acquittal police had to return the ‘dummy’ gun to Mr Cooper but could not even get that right when returning it in a completely different shade of silver!

Police’s Plan B: The Claimant’s alleged ‘significant brain damage

3. I never had ‘significant brain damage’ contrary to what the clandestine 2nd December 2009 Cardiff Crown Court was told by HM Prosecutor, Richard Thomlow, while I was locked up in the cells beneath not allowed legal representation. I never suffered a suspected ‘brain tumour’, causing the ‘significant brain damage’ and PDD, ‘Paranoid Delusional Disorder’ either, relied on to stop my many BS614159 etc. civil claims against the Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, following her 50 odd hopelessly failed malicious criminal prosecutions.

4. When the police machine gun conspiracy collapsed on 22nd June 2009, it being the same day of my arrest , I had been charged for ‘being in possession of a prohibited weapon and ammunition’ and having ‘threatened’ to put a ‘girt brick’ attached to my civil claim witness statement papers through Dolmans, solicitors, front window if they did not ‘exchange files’ by that afternoon’s court deadline.

5. Dolmans’ court ordered ‘disclosure of evidence’, by a specifically signed Chief Constable affidavit, was already six weeks overdue and my entering their inner sanctum deep inside police HQ , Barbara Wilding’s personal office, the day before to ‘exchange’ witness statement was again met with a blunt refusal. Instead a most bizarre experience unfolded by my being surrounded by a huge swarm of tin hatted policemen all sporting anti-flak jackets while brandishing a selection of stun grenades and automatic weapons at me.

6. On my decision to leave these gentlemen empty handed what was to happen next only became clear three days later when the full force of Operation Chalice descended, with helicopter and twenty odd police officers and had surrounded our home. We were quietly drinking afternoon tea in the garden surrounded by my gun dogs. After a day even later when I was then arrested and interrogated for days in custody I established that the air raid had been in the hope of having me shot on the pretext of attempting to recover a ‘prohibited weapon’! Much, much later I was to hear that ‘Operation Daisy’ or some such flower name had also been launched that Sunday to snatch our ten year old daughter, Genevieve, on the pretext I was so dangerous and a serious ‘risk’ also to the community.

7. The collateral damage included instant divorce proceedings following interrogation of my then wife whilst not even legally represented. This undisclosed police interrogation of my family, with subsequent further property searches and witness statements taken, to this day also remain hidden contrary to English law. Police took away with them, following my arrest on the following day of the police raids over , now valued ,nearly £20,000 worth of my perfectly legally held gun collection and had them destroyed clearly out of plain welsh spite.

8. The police’s fear, it transpired, seven months later following court room cross examinations, was to keep me completely in the dark as to what was really going on? That is police standard practice and reason to oppose bail for whatever it takes and I did not know then what I found out in 2018 about the string of false criminal convictions police had been using since May 1993 (the garrotte type instrument HRH Prince of Wales imprisonment acquittal case) to so successfully oppose my bail for their victim not being represented. For whatever pretext it took this particular family intrusion and her undermining evidence of the prosecution’s case, gathered even on that very first day while I was in custody, was not, at any cost, be allowed to be disclosed to either me or the jury.

9. So, three days earlier, while leaving and already outside Bridgend police HQ, I was then mysteriously prevented while hordes of police (see photos) chose to search my little ford convertible, following a walkie-talkie message, allowing our three legged Jack Russell Terrier to escape to nearly being run over by a van! How on earth was I to know what they were looking for, The Crown jewels, machine guns? No one asked me so I finally said, ‘enough is enough’ and drove away ‘into the sunset’ none the wiser.

10. The Welsh police already knew, by sunset, on my day of arrest, the English police, CAA, Farnborough Air Show scrutineers and RAF had all already cleared my ‘film prop’ lookalike WW1 Lewis Machine gun as ‘safe’ and not in breach of section 5(1)a of 1968 Firearms Act.

11. This police withheld above information from me, whilst I was in Cardiff gaol for over many months awaiting trial, as they needed to move to their plan B, by dealing on me their ‘Gulag card’ now that their daft machine gun conspiracy was already dead in the starting gate.

12. My false criminal convictions, ‘child abuse’ etc, strangely could not have been put before the Barry magistrates by the clerk of the court, Mr Dobson, when I had applied for bail on the 24th June as it was granted by Barry magistrates with no conditions what so ever. Achieved by their simply reading my already prepared 64 page defence statement, as I had already warned my wife that something just like this was likely to happen and so I needed it written, aware at the time it was for a jury for something but needed also for the pending BS614159 etc civil claims cases. Just why no Crown Court was prepared to read my 64 page defence statement was never disclosed to me until as late as 4th December 2018, whilst I was in the appalling G4S Parc prison, did I first find out about my false criminal convictions that had been used for more reasons other than the obvious one, to stop all my civil claims.

13. My HM Prison & Parole Service (Wales) OASys Assessment data, that police had been preventing me from getting, contrary to regulations, on each of my prison discharges, were not to just hide these false criminal convictions but the countless pages of deliberate gross error focussing on falsifying my level of ‘risk’ to the general public, the base line relied on for any considered incarceration of their victim.

14. Simple scrutiny of my 4th December 2018 OASys data, alone, reveals an indictment of a plethora of pages recording blatant criminal conduct by many in the welsh authorities that had contributed for their ring leader, the South Wales Police, evidence easily proven as

15. AT my October 2019 HM Parole Board hearing, granting immediate prison release, upon hearing from both parole officer and police liaison officer that there was no evidence of my ‘risk’ to the general public available for the board caused both my sister, Celia and myself the obvious question.

16. As a retired magistrate Celia had attended and given evidence under the new 2019 regulations also asked for copy of video and transcript of the hearing inside prison for immediate private criminal prosecutions proceedings. Whereas the Chairman from London without hesitation granted it, again, under the 12019 new regulations we, of course, have been denied ever since by G4S, as they were currently answerable to my pending Judicial Review application, for the return of my confiscated Caswell clinic medical records and legal papers against their masters, the local bullying police, case number CO/3782/2019.

17. The presiding HM Parole Board also caused the fabricated fairy tale data, portraying my being a very great danger to the State due to my level of ‘risk’, including the false criminal convictions circulated worldwide by the police for decades, to be also expunged from the official UK record. But will that now be enough to allow my return to the United States to impart wisdom and experience, again, amongst one of our old colonies before my rudely interrupted lecture tour was interrupted when the South Wales Police caused me to be gaoled for over a month, put in a lunatic asylum and then deported in ankle chains, again on disgracefully supplied false data to the US Department of Homeland Security?

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