Maurice Kirk due in court over alleged harassment of Taunton MP Rebecca Pow – 28 July 2020

Use discernment [lots of it]!!!


Somerset County Gazette

Maurice Kirk due in court over alleged harassment of Taunton MP Rebecca Pow

By Amy Cole Reporter 28/07/2020
IN COURT: Maurice Kirk

IN COURT: Maurice Kirk

A MAN is due in court next week over alleged harassment of the Member of Parliament for Taunton.

75-year-old Maurice Kirk, of Westgate Street, Taunton, will be appearing before Exeter Crown Court on Monday, August 3, for incidents said to have taken place between May 1 2019 and May 28 this year.

The charge states his behaviour amount to ‘stalking’ of Taunton MP Rebecca Pow, and alleges that his actions caused her serious alarm/distress, and had an adverse affect on her day-to-day activities.

He is then said to have visited Ms Pow’s constituency office a number of times, and delivered a letter to Ms Pow’s home address.

He was remanded in custody after appearing before Bristol Magistrates’ Court on May 30, as the court feared he would interfere with witnesses or otherwise obstruct the course of justice.


Archive continues [from 2011]

Maurice’s site is “Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police”


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