Maurice Kirk: “Warrant for My Arrest” – the charges pile up! 04 July 2021 + archive

Warrant for My Arrest

Another indication as to how desperate GTH, auctioneers, are getting in the cover-up of their notional’ criminal conviction. Their 50 years of running a fraudulent multimillion pound conspiracy, played out by Greenslades Taylor Hunt in Hammet Street, Taunton, is what Mum used to call ‘Rogues Alley’ and is only part of why I had to be acquitted on 20th May without defense exhibits, defense statement or even an apology.

Their criminal conduct was in order to swindle many farm widows over Probate and whose husbands had been, so very often, veterinary clients of both Dad or myself.

I am in Exeter court again tomorrow, on Monday 5th July 2021, to further warn the British general public as to the true state of our UK’s current judicial system.

It is not just those wicked devil worshipping in South Wales, we have again been denied its judicial reform due to the hasty BREXIT bulldozered through before Northern Ireland, fishing or parts of Code Napoleon being carefully carefully considered for our future.

Reply from Exeter Court

Good Afternoon,

We have received the below response to our enquiry:

We were aware that Mr Kirk was in the building for his Crown Court case. The court was running behind and put back Mr Kirk’s case to the afternoon. We did not call the case until about 3.30pm. We tannoyed for Mr Kirk and checked the building and he could not be located, he did not approach any court staff to explain that he was leaving. On that basis a warrant was issued for Mr Kirk’s arrest as he had failed to surrender on bail as he had not actually appeared before the court.

On that basis at this time the warrant remains outstanding. If Mr Kirk wishes to surrender to the court then the issue of that warrant can be reviewed but he should be aware that until the court determines if the warrant can be withdrawn it will remain outstanding and he is liable to be arrested by the police.



below: January 19 2019 pic taken shortly after being released from a sentence for “breaching a restraining order” – an order that was never served upon MK according to UK law, that couldn’t even be produced for a jury when they asked to view it. A public scandal. Shortly after this pic was taken, M was imprisoned yet again on the dubious charge of “breaching a restraining order”  regarding the doctor who left the NHS shortly after the 2009 “Machine Gun case” whereby M was acquitted, but not after spending months in the dr’s “Caswell Clinic”, Wales, the medical records of which are denied totally to many people – not only MK himself who has been trying for years to get the records, but also various drs. + surgeons who desperately need the records to give the proper medical treatment to Maurice, 77. A judge has even ordered these records to be produced but even he is ignored – totally illegal and a  public scandal! Maurice has served over 5 years in total in prison since 2009, when this “order” was allegedly manufactured [see the video on what really happened  when the attempt was made by prison staff to serve this order on MK:  – this order was not SERVED UPON MAURICE KIRK CORRECTLY ACCORDING TO UK LAW. The Welsh “Recorder for Wales” judge Ms. Tracy Lloyd-Clarke stated during a hearing in the Cardiff Cr. Ct. [I was there] when it was pointed out that no order was served correctly  “Oh but you had knowledge of this order!” – as if this was legally binding in some way – it is not, of course!

Maurice is formally requesting a proper and full Public Enquiry into all that has gone on for a very long time regarding his arrests and subsequent prison sentences – totally unjust!  See his site “Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police” for latest updates on the entire miscarriages of justice and abuse of processes which seem to happen all the time now…

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