#FreeAssange: Judge Baraitser’s judgement indicates Judge Arbuthnot concealed existence of 2017 arrest warrant for US Extradition in the #AssangeCase – 12 July 2021

Judge Baraitser’s judgement indicates Judge Arbuthnot concealed existence of 2017 arrest warrant for US Extradition in the #AssangeCase

The stated timeline in Judge Vanessa Baraitser’s judgement of No US Extradition for Julian Assange reveals for the first time that Westminster Magistrates Court issued an arrest warrant for Julian Assange on 22/12/2017 after a diplomatic note from the US requested Mr. Assange’s provisional arrest pursuant to a criminal complaint. At the time Judge Emma Arbuthnot was the Chief Magistrate at Westminster Magistrates Court. She would have been aware of the warrant’s existence and would have probably signed it.

The issue of the warrant would have been part of a provisional US extradition request. Yet her rulings of 6/2/18 regarding the proportionality of bringing proceedings against Julian Assange in relation to violation of Bail terms and in particular her second ruling of 13/2/18 on the public interest of such proceedings are reached, are written as if US extradition proceedings had not been initiated in December 2017 and were not under way in the UK at the time of her ruling.


2]  Arbuthnot ruling 2 –  application by Julian Assange 13 Feb. 2018


Screenshot 1 is from District Judge (Magistrates’ Court) Vanessa Baraitser’s January 4th decision, in the Westminster Magistrates’ Court (but based at the Old Bailey).

Screenshot 2 is from Emma Arbuthnot’s Rulling 2 of 13 February 2018 on the public interest arguments of upholding or rescinding a 2012 arrest warrant against Julian Assange.

I have now requested through FOIA a copy of the arrest warrant issued by Westminster Magistrates Court and a copy of the diplomatic note from the Ministry of Justice. I will update this blog once I get a response.

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3 Responses to Judge Baraitser’s judgement indicates Judge Arbuthnot concealed existence of 2017 arrest warrant for US Extradition in the #AssangeCase

  1. butlincat says:

    These characters are a law unto themselves – the majority of which aren’t on the statute books. Even G4S prison staff [a mixture of ex-pub bouncers, criminals and general riff-raff] can’t be prosecuted – they are immune from prosecution, as we found out.
    What’s happened to Julian Assange is an insult to everything decent, thanks to a corrupt judiciary, and connected, including very much the US Justice department, who don’t know the meaning of the word. Blackguards, each and every one! May they reap what they sow, 10-fold.

  2. xx says:

    See political prisoner Aravindan Balakrishnan’s analysis of the British state on October 15 1976:
    1. It is a fascist state
    2.It is an imperialist state
    3. It is an integral part of NATO
    …shown to be 100% correct again and again. He is decades ahead of his time! That’s why he has been framed and imprisoned and is now being tortured in HMP Dartmoor by the Brirush fascist state at the age of 81.

  3. yy says:

    Great investigative work. Thanks Emmy.


source: https://wiseupaction.info/2021/07/12/judge-baraitsers-judgement-indicates-judge-arbuthnot-concealed-existence-of-2017-arrest-warrant-for-us-extradition-in-the-assangecase/

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