#FreeAssange: Saturday 31/07/21 12-14:00 HMP Belmarsh Solidarity Vigil + RCJ Strand London Wednesday 11/08/21 9am Free Assange Protest

Dear Friends in the struggle to Free Assange!

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Saturday 31/07/21 12-14:00
HMP Belmarsh Solidarity Vigil

Day:            Saturday 31/07/21
Time:          12:00-14:00

How to get there: Get to Plumstead Rail Station or Woolwich Arsenal Rail Station and catch the 244/380 bus to HMP Belmarsh

How to get to Plumstead https://www.southeasternrailway.co.uk/travel-information/more-travel-help/station-information/stations/plumstead

How to get to  Woolwich Arsenal https://www.southeasternrailway.co.uk/travel-information/more-travel-help/station-information/stations/woolwich-arsenal

Bus 380 route: https://tfl.gov.uk/bus/route/380/
Bus 244 route: https://tfl.gov.uk/bus/route/244/

Location:     HMP Belmarsh, Western Way, Thamesmead, London, SE28 0EB

Wednesday 11/08/21 9am
Free Assange Protest

Day:            Wednesday 11/08/21
Time:          19 am

The Don’t Extradite Campaign has called a protest outside the Royal Courts of Justice, during a preliminary hearing of the US Appeal against Julian Assange.

During this preliminary hearing The US Department of Justice represented by UK’s Crown Prosecution Service is going to challenge the earlier decision made by a British judge to grant the US DOJ only limited scope for appealing  Judge Baraitser’s  decision on January 4th prohibiting Julian Assange’s extradition to the US on humanitarian grounds.

Please pay particular attention to this judicial move by DOJ/CPS attempting to unpick the judge’s decision. Do not forget that the US wants to punish Julian Assange for WikiLeaks publications. Stand up for your right to a free press, turn up outside the court and show with your presence that you are prepare to defend Julian Assange against extradition.

Judicial processed are not outside the society that produce them. Neither are they independent of political influence in this political case. Extradition Agreements are primarily political agreements between two states. As governments exercise their influence over the process so can we, within our democratic system. Freedom of Expression is the cornerstone of every democracy. Raise your voice to defend Julian Assange.

The Committee to Defend Julian Assange, answers the call out to protest and is organising the provision of posters, banners, flyers and other materials to supporters.

Please be aware that the timing of the Court hearing has not yet been announced and will only be confirmed on the 10th of August. We will therefore send an update through this newsletter on the 10th.

There is no information currently whether the hearing is open to the public virtually, in person or both. Again, we shall be giving an update regarding this issue on the 10th of August.

In Solidarity #FreeAssange

How to get to the Royal Courts of Justice

Address:           Strand, London, WC2A 2LL
Nearest Tube:   Temple (District and Circle Lines)

For further Information please press here  

source: Wiseupaction.info

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