Maurice Kirk: “Machine Gun” judgement 15/09/21 – & archive – 17 September 2021

“Well done, John, publish the 1CF03361 machine gun judgment, by all means, to let it be a lesson to anyone else so stupid in England wishing to cross the river or Offa’s Dyke, marry and live in South Wales

.It was a forgone conclusion, after the appalling behaviour of Judge Seys Llewelyn in dismissing my BS614159 +2 civil damages claims, following  the  other 40 odd failed South Wales Police’s malicious criminal prosecutions against me requiring little or no defence witnesses or legal representation.Failed police disclosure was rampant then and now it is again, both in the criminal cases and subsequent civil court cases, so it was of no surprise Judge Petts did not allow my usual N244 forms seeking relevant CPR disclosure. He was simply carrying on in the well  known tradition by some of those in Welsh authority, that is of being inherently deceitful and for some weird reason bearing a burning hatred of the English without being able to explain the reason why”The welsh system is terrified of ‘losing control like allowing a jury to decide, as in this case, with the police bringing yet another malicious prosecution when I was always the danger to the Chief Constable’s pension NOT a ‘film prop; from ‘Gunbus’ movie’ Remember, John,  Taffy was a Welshman, Taffy was a thief, Taffy came to our house and stole a leg of beef…. “!

The judgement 15 September 2021: [apologies for the state of the following but am badly hacked whilst uploading this]


Archive [here] continues [from 2011]

Maurice’s site / updates from: “Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police”


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1 Response to Maurice Kirk: “Machine Gun” judgement 15/09/21 – & archive – 17 September 2021

  1. butlincat says:

    This case, beginning on 6 Sept. 21 at Cardiff civil court – for “malicious prosecution” regarding the 2009 “machine gun” case was dismissed with serious costs of £257000 given against Maurice. In 2009 he was charged with “dealing in machine guns” and was subsequently acquitted by a jury then. This case dismissed, probably, so as not to expose the decades long Welsh police targeting / corruption against Maurice Kirk, now 77. Having spent over 5 years total in prison since 2009 connected to the machine gun case, and having been forced to spend months in a closed unit in 2009 – Caswell Clinic, Wales – they even now still refuse to divulge the medical records from this months-long internment, which is every citizen’s right. They failed to lock Maurice away forever in Ashworth or Broadmoor, but the records are still denied nevertheless despite judge’s orders. The “consultant psychiatrist” owner of the clinic [allegedly blackmailed by SWP] left the NHS shortly after, and is refused being called as a witness at any of Maurice’s hearings to correct the obvious wrongs that have occurred.


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