SHOCKING DECEIT: Maurice Kirk: “South Wales Chief Superintendent Caught Lying on Oath” + archive 06 Nov. 2021

South Wales Chief Superintendent Caught Lying on Oath

by Maurice Kirk

At my recent one million pound 1CF03361 ‘machine gun’ damages Cardiff claim, euphemistically called a trial before Judge Petts, retired Chief Stuart Superintendent Mackenzie was swiftly arrested following his being caught lying on the tape records.——would you like a copy?


He said the 2008 Chief Constable Barbara Wilding Gold Group led criminal investigation, into my being ‘in possession’ of a ‘prohibited weapon’, was run by him and exclusively by him, which we all knew procedures for a MAPPA 3/3 registered victim by standard policing, was a blatant l

Chief Constable Barbara Wilding, the Defendant in my civil claims, had to have been in charge of her latest ridiculous allegations over a film prop replica WW2 Lewis machine gun , not just because she was also the Defendant in my 90s BS614159 forty three failed police malicious criminal prosecutions but it was listed, in January 2010, to soon ‘hit the proverbial fan’!

This meant the Gold, Silver and Bronze Group police investigations and their findings were deliberately kept completely hidden from the Criminal and Civil Procedure Rules procedures of ‘disclosure’ of facts identifying malfeasance.

It identifies yet another tranche of deceitful senior SWP officers not disclosed under primary or secondary CPR in the daft maliciously brought ‘machine gun’ criminal trial either, such is the level of welsh so called ‘justice’ for those interested into what ‘what actually goes on in our UK law courts.


That must explain why my designated MP refuses to answer any of my pleas, my letters from Welsh prisons, for help both before and following the 1st November 2019 robbery by by G4S Park prison staff to steal, on behalf of the South Wales Police, my ‘machine gun’ privileged legal papers together with my clothes and two wheel chairs…..someone clearly needs a visit, at home and without notice this time.

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Archive [here] continues [from 2011]

Maurice’s site / updates from: “Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police”


don’t trust them.   Patrick Cullinane R.I.P. sadly missed.”The People’s Lawyer”, barred from so many “courts” because he stood by the truth, which they refused to accept. 

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