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Little Ash Campaign Appeal

Published on 1 Jan 2019


Fundraiser here: https://fundrazr.com/41Pix0?ref=tw_37…

SEE THE Campaign Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/Little-Ash-C…

#LittleAsh #LittleAshCampaign #WWG1WGA

“Special Appeal on behalf of the little Ash campaign

Happy New Year all

I am John White, the lead admin of Aslan’s Army, and campaign admin for the Little Ash Campaign. Some of you will have heard of Little Ash before, some will not: Our message today, is that time is now running short, and Little Ash needs your help. The window of opportunity to get her kids back is closing, and its essential the fundraiser succeeds so the case can get into high court. The deadline approaches, January 17th, and more still needs to be done. I have been supporting little Ash over the last three months. During that time, many people, including many members of Aslan’s Army, have donated to help Little Ash win through two rounds of legal battles against two local authorities. Both times have been incredible triumphs, and the points of legal principle are clear, if the case can be brought to High Court, we can have a very high confidence justice can be done. Little Ash’s Barrister is a powerhouse who is dedicated to this cause and takes no prisoners! Little Ash has suffered through so much, to have her children literally defrauded out of her, to face a system that has betrayed her and worked against her while making 1000’s of pounds from her misery. Yet she has never given up, never stopped fighting for what is right, even with the full weight of the system doing its best to crush her. Her courage, her will, and her strength to just keep going no matter how hard it is, are an inspiration. It is my honour to do all I can to help her, to give this crusade for justice a chance. And yet, all of us are human. The stress of the campaign, including the strain of being caught up in controversies that had nothing to do with her, have taken a toll. And right now, Little Ash is poorly, and unable to make livestreams on her own behalf. Therefore, it falls to me to say: please help her! Never was a cause more deserving, nor better positioned to win a fantastic victory, one that can not just make a difference to Ash and her little ones, but to the hundreds, if not thousands, of other women suffering predation out there from a family court system gone rotten. This scandal MUST be exposed to the nation for there to be political action to stamp this corruption out, help Little Ash now, help many more in the future. We can all have opinions and spectate drama on the internet as entertainment. But sometimes, it really matters. Sometimes its about more than opening one’s mouth: its about putting money where your mouth is. So, donate to Little Ash’s Campaign today. Help get this case into High Court, help finish this, help make all that she has suffered worthwhile, help the suffering of countless other mothers out there. The fundraiser link is included in the description with this message, along with the link to the Little Ash Campaign Facebook Page. Every bit of help you give matters, time is pressing now, we can but ask: And NOW is the time: that’s why we’re asking. Let us unite together with this one aim, to give Little Ash this last chance she deserves. There are just over two weeks left to do it in. Make or break. Triumph or Tragedy. The choice is yours.

Thank-you for your kind consideration. John White, Out.”

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British armed police shoot dead unarmed cannabis grower, Sean Fitzgerald, in the back.

By Richard Shrubb

A 31-year-old man fatally shot by police during a botched cannabis raid in Coventry has been named as ex-soldier Sean Fitzgerald.

During the First World War, a US senator famously said, “The first casualty, when war comes, is the truth.” So it appears in the case of the Coventry drugs raid on Friday night. Here is what is known:

A warrant to raid the property at 6.20 pm on Friday night. The police called it part of an ‘intelligence-led operation’, which considering intelligence is a scarce enough thing in your average police force, suggests they had a tip-off.

The police obviously had some sort of inkling that a cannabis grow on the property would be heavily defended as armed police were on the scene, climbing ladders to enter the windows as well as front and rear doors simultaneously.

Within a minute or so of the doors and windows going in, several shots were heard by locals. It was confirmed that no policeman was harmed but 31-year-old Sean Fitzgerald was fatally wounded. An ambulance turned up very quickly and emergency medicine was administered on the scene but he was declared dead.

At the same time, two other men were arrested.

The Guardian: unarmed and shot in the back?

Photo of Sean Fitzgerald, shot dead by West Midlands Police.

Sean Fitzgerald, the unarmed ex-soldier shot dead by British police for growing cannabis.

You can imagine there has been a bit of a media frenzy over this as people don’t get shot by police too often in the UK. Amongst the babble, the Guardian newspaper raised two queries that the police are trying hard to refute.

The paper reported, “At about 1 pm on Saturday, police said they could not confirm whether a gun was found at the scene because the police watchdog was investigating. Later, however, West Midlands Police confirmed they were yet to find a firearm, adding that a search was ongoing.”

This confirms claims by one of Fitzgerald’s friends that he was shot while trying to escape. The police are also trying hard to refute the claims that he was shot in the back: “Asked about the claims, assistant chief constable Sue Southern said: “From the information, I have at this point, that is not my understanding … body-worn video has been examined and there will be a full forensic postmortem”.

Some insight into the IOPC

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) will now investigate.

Having had a family member killed by the police a couple of years ago, I will now hold my hands up and say that I’m not too fond of the police and take the view that they shouldn’t be allowed much more than a truncheon let alone a machine gun. The IOPC was brought into being during the investigation of my brother in law’s death and is said to be even more pro-police than the IPCC that it replaced.

Investigations can take 12-18 months. This will significantly delay justice for Fitzgerald’s family and the community he belonged to. Only then may we see a chance of criminal proceedings against the officer – criminal investigations against armed police are rare as hen’s teeth and it is unlikely that justice will be served.

A word on cannabis

My final thought on the matter is that it is very rare that you need seven armed cops to tackle a bunch of weed growing hippies. A terraced house in Coventry with maybe 50 or so plants isn’t exactly a warehouse full – this suggests extreme heavy-handedness on the part of the local plod.

Was the armed raid instituted because Fitzgerald was ex-Army? Most ex-soldiers are glad to leave weapons alone after leaving the Forces, as they more than anyone know what harm a gun can do to people.

These facts put together suggest a police force, hamstrung by tight budgets due to a government that couldn’t give a cuss for public safety, desperate for a quick win to tell the public that they are on top of the war on drugs. Crackhouses are far more dangerous for the community than a bunch of hippies growing weed, so I’m honestly baffled that the same heavy-handedness wasn’t applied to one of the dozens of such establishments in northern Coventry instead. Or is this a new tactic on the police’s part – sending in the armed mob to send lead flying in the UK war on drugs? Well, nothing else has worked to date.

Richard Shrubb

Richard is a marijuana, water sports and electric vehicles writer based in Dorchester, Dorset. Living in Prince Charles model housing estate, Poundbury, he is an avowed republican, community and Labour Party activist. Visit his website at www.richardshrubb.com for more about what he does.

Cheap and nasty policing – PCSOs demand more powers


Man shot dead by armed police in Coventry named as Sean Fitzgerald – Telegraph


2 days ago – A 31-year-old former solider was shot dead by police during a raid in … Friends of Sean Fitzgerald, said he had been “unarmed” and shot in the back, but on Saturday the police … the property because they believe cannabis was growing inside. …. Britain’s social care system is ‘broken’ according to a former …
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FAIR? “Man jailed for harassing judges by megaphone, email and Twitter” 04 Jan 2019

Man jailed for harassing judges by megaphone, email and Twitter

Foskett: Brought proceedings

A man who shouted abuse at judges with a megaphone outside the Royal Courts of Justice (RCJ) and sent them harassing emails has been jailed for a year.

Eze Kinsley Ezeugo was found to have repeatedly breached an order that prohibited him from harassing three judges, whom he claimed had conspired against him.

He was sentenced for contempt of court on the application of the judges, before whom he had previously appeared: High Court judge Sir David Foskett, Circuit Judge Emma Peters and Deputy District Judge Suki Waschkuhn.

Her Honour Judge Peters had jailed him in 2014 for 30 months after being convicted in the Crown Court of five counts for offences contrary to the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974. Mr Justice Foskett has made various decisions involving Mr Ezeugo.

According to a Lawtel report of the decision of Sir Peter Openshaw in the High Court shortly before Christmas, Mr Ezeugo had appeared before the deputy district judge whilst representing his wife in a claim brought against her.

Mr Ezeugo began a campaign of harassment that included “posting vituperative comments on Facebook and Twitter, sending abusive emails about the applicants to various individuals [and] attending the RCJ with a megaphone shouting abuse”, aimed particularly at Foskett J.

The campaign continued and the three judges began proceedings. In May 2017, a court granted an interim injunction and made various case management directions with which Mr Ezeugo did not comply.

Five months later, judgment was entered in default of acknowledgment of service and summary judgment were entered for the judges, and the injunction was confirmed.

The terms of the order prevented him from uploading further abuse on Facebook and Twitter, and from attending the RCJ unless he was a party to listed proceedings and had given notice to security staff in advance of his intention to attend.

His appeal against the order was held to be totally without merit.

The judges alleged that Mr Ezeugo had breached the order by committing 178 acts of contempt by his posts on Facebook and Twitter, sending emails and by attending the RCJ without giving notice.

Lawtel reported: “The respondent contended that he was not guilty of breaching the order because it had not been lawfully made. He alleged that the instant hearing was a result of a conspiracy against him designed to separate him from his wife and children.

“He made many allegations about other cases which he claimed had been driven by conspiracy.”

The court was not satisfied that the breaches in relation to attendance at the RCJ had been made out to the criminal standard.

But in relation to the social media posts and emails, amounting to 175 acts of contempt, “there was no doubt on the evidence that he had sent them and had done so because he maintained that what he was alleging was true, and that as the order was unlawful he should not be bound by it”.

However, the judge said the order was lawful and Mr Ezeugo was in contempt.

The report said: “His actions were calculated to cause considerable alarm and distress. The breaches had continued despite repeated warnings by the Government Legal Department about the prospect of committal proceedings if his conduct continued.

“The respondent had shown complete disregard for the order and he had shown no remorse. The scale of the breaches had not diminished and there had been a recent escalation. There was no doubt that he would continue with that course of conduct.

“Although judges should be able to accept reasonable criticism, there were limits. The respondent’s conduct damaged respect for the law and judges and damaged the rule of law.”

Mr Ezeugo “had become obsessed as he had an irrational sense of injustice”, and the breaches would continue, meaning imprisonment was “inevitable”.

His Twitter account has been suspended, while cases on Bailii indicate that other judges have had problems with him.

In 2010, there is a case which detailed how he was excluded from a hearing in the magistrates’ court, despite being the defendant in a criminal matter, because of his behaviour in the courtroom.

In 2014, Mr Justice Jay imposed an extended civil restraint order against Mr Ezeugo in relation to his pursuit of one particular matter.

Last March, Mrs Justice McGowan dismissed a challenge he made to the Legal Aid Agency over funding for a case against the Metropolitan Police, describing it as “entirely without foundation”.

source: https://www.legalfutures.co.uk/latest-news/man-jailed-for-harassing-judges-by-megaphone-email-and-twitter?utm_source=iContact+Weekly+Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=legal-futures&utm_content=

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IT’S TIME THIS LEGALISED TORTURE WAS STOPPED: “Forced Adoption Protest Held On Christmas Day”

via Forced Adoption Protest Held On Christmas Day

Forced Adoption Protest Held On Christmas Day

Researching Reform

A father from Royston launched a protest against forced adoption outside Barnsley Town Hall on Christmas day to raise awareness around the impact of forced adoption and the policies the UK uses to implement the practice. John Aveyard lost his four children to the care system. The siblings were then split up and forcibly adopted.

Forced adoption, or non-consensual adoption as it is sometimes called, allows the government to remove children from families where there is a risk of harm, without getting parental consent. The practice is used in a small minority of countries around the world, with consensual adoption being the preferred approach for the majority of countries.

As part of the demonstration, John put a table up outside the town hall and placed four candles on it, one for each of his children as a reminder that they would not be sitting with him at the table on…


View original post 301 more words

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Appalling DWP Failings: “Universal Credit dad-of-three tried to kill himself while on phone to DWP” 01 Jan. 2018 + archive

Universal Credit dad-of-three tried to kill himself while on phone to DWP

Dean Lovell-Payne, 52, took a massive overdose in September 2018 after having to endure almost three months without receiving any benefits at all

Dean Lovell-Payne said although he survived he ‘doesn’t see much of a future’ (Image: Caters News Agency)

A dad driven to despair by Universal Credit tried to kill himself while on the phone to the DWP after he was denied payment for 10 weeks.

Dean Lovell-Payne, 52, who was incapacitated by a fall this summer, took a massive overdose in September 2018 after having to endure almost three months without receiving any benefits at all.

Now Dean, his partner Paula and their three children Andrew, 30, Lou, 17, and Phoebe, 15, have been forced to move into a house in woods on the outskirts of Bournemouth which is only accessible by a dirt track, meaning wheelchair-bound Dean is effectively housebound.

Despite pleading with the Universal Credit helpline, after the 10-week payment delay Dean said he felt he had no option but to take his own life during the call as he thought his life insurance would pay out more quickly.

He received his benefits the same day after police are believed to have alerted the DWP to the incident and a spokesman for the DWP said they ‘sympathised with the distress he felt’.

Do you have a Universal Credit story? Get in touch webnews@trinitymirror.com

Dean [pictured with partner Paula] said he felt he had no option but to take his own life (Image: Caters News Agency)

source:  https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/universal-credit-dad-three-tried-13799086

See the archive:

MORE DWP MONSTROSITIES: “Mum with cancer on Universal Credit forced to wait months to bury son after she was £900 short for funeral” + archive

Mum with cancer on Universal Credit forced to wait months to bury son after she was £900 short for funeral  Desperate cancer patient Diane Hannaby, 52, was left in debt after waiting two months for enough funds for her son’s funeral Cancer … Continue reading 

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“Stop Universal Credit” day is 01 December: “The DWP is facing the wrath of thousands of people this week”

The DWP is facing the wrath of thousands of people this week Steve Topple 26th November 2018 0  0 comments https://spkt.io/a/149301 SPONSORED BY CASUMO The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is facing the wrath of potentially thousands of people this week. … Continue reading 

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UNIVERSAL CREDIT FAILS: May’s DWP claims at PMQs were debunked before she began 25 Oct. ’18 + archive

May’s DWP claims at PMQs were debunked before she began AUDIO: LISTEN to this article:   https://spkt.io/a/128181 At Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) on Wednesday 24 October, Theresa May made some bold claims about the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Sadly … Continue reading 

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The Carol Woods Coverup: Disappeared elderly people, + DVLA + DWP frauds + ID THEFT now proven AGAIN – 19 Sept. 2018 + archive

Why will no one sort this massive corruption out? So many top UK government officials have been written to by many people but  everything is ignored wholesale! Received: From: carol woods <woodsresearch2002@yahoo.co.uk> To: many UK govt. officials inc. ministers@dwp.gsi.gov.uk <ministers@dwp.gsi.gov.uk>, donald.toon@nca.x.gsi.gov.uk … Continue reading 

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SCRAP “UNIVERSAL CREDIT”!: The DWP is now facing the wrath of five million workers 18 Sept. 18 + archive

STEVE TOPPLE The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is under more pressure over its flagship benefit policy. Because an organisation with over five million members has now officially called for Universal Credit to be stopped and scrapped. The DWP: five million … Continue reading 

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DWP: The “DOSSIER OF DISGRACE” and demonising clients 29 July 2018 + archive

update:  More than a million benefits sanctions imposed on disabled people since 2010 Groundbreaking Demos study reveals ‘culture of disbelief’ about disability among jobcentre staff leads to money being docked https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/feb/18/disabled-people-million-benefit-sanctions-since-2010———————————————————————————————————————————– The DWP was just savaged in a ‘dossier … Continue reading 

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SCANDALOUS! “The DWP just revealed the eye-watering millions it paid out to private companies” [don’t forget the highly questionable “Prospects Workfair”] – JULY 26TH, 2018 + archive

The DWP just revealed the eye-watering millions it paid out to private companies JULY 26TH, 2018  STEVE TOPPLE TRENDING, UK https://spkt.io/a/98811On Thursday 26 July, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) revealed the amount it paid out in June to private contractors. It’s … Continue reading 

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The DWP sneaked out a damning admission just before parliament closed for the summer – The Canary 26 July 2018 + archive

JULY 25TH, 2018  STEVE TOPPLE ANALYSIS, UK The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) released some damning information about benefit sanctions; conveniently just as parliament was closing for its summer holidays. The DWP: sanctions and mental health On Tuesday 24 July, minister of … Continue reading 

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DWP WRONG AGAIN: “The #DWP just admitted a court case it lost will affect thousands of people” AUDIO + ATOS + SANCTIONS DEATHS + archive

The DWP just admitted a court case it lost will affect thousands of people JULY 11TH, 2018  STEVE TOPPLE ANALYSIS, UK https://spkt.io/a/95341 The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) just admitted that a court case it lost means it may have to pay … Continue reading 

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The Carol Woods Coverup: the house theft, the ID frauds, Mike Todd’s murder, DWP frauds + more 30 May 2018 + archive

Why will noone dare sort this massive corruption out? The “Preface” directly below, followed by the most recent updates from 30 – 26 May 18 from Carol Woods. The posts detail the serious crime occurring to Carol, and connected to … Continue reading 

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In 1996 Dr. Leonard Horowitz wrote a book called “Emerging Viruses: AIDs & Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional?
Dr. Horowitz’s information really started getting out there in 2004.

At the same time, in 2004, The COINTELPRO agent provacateur A. True Ott created an online store called MeMinerals.com

When researching wayback internet archives of MeMinerals.com, the same store IP address, was previously used by an affiliate (spy) of Dr Joel’s Wallach’s Mineral site, “DeadDoctorsDon’tLie.” We suspect this was for the COINTELPRO agent True Ott to spy on Wallach as an affiliate, to gather intelligence on minerals to create his own Mineral site.

In 2008, Dr Jeremiah Wright came out and said God Damn America For Creating the AIDS virus and credited this knowledge to Horowitz’s Emerging Viruses book.
This gave Dr. Horowitz’s research a louder voice.


A year later in 2009, a website was created by the CONTELPRO (TRUE OTT via Ted Gunderson) called Labvirus.com to disparage Dr. Horowitz and his research on lab created virus. The site was run by an Alex McGowin Studer who was a Hollywood editor found to be protecting pedophiles, and living on a property owned by Hollywood producer accused of pedophilia named Gary Goddard.

This same year, Alex Jones reneged on an ad contract for OxySilver he had with Dr. Horowitz and both he and Coast to Coast decided not to interview Dr. Horowitz any longer.
It was found that Jones had stolen Dr. Horowitz’s intellectual property replacing OxySilver with 528hz with SilverSol that uses a bad cancer causing frequency. http://SilverSolfraud.com

Dr. Horowitz and started defaming Dr. Horowitz along with True Ott in ant-semitic attacks. I researched all the connections and they all lead to Ted Gunderson who started COINTELPRO under J. Edgar Hoover.

Also the same year in 2009, a drug trafficking lawyer, Paul J. Sulla, Jr, who launders drug money through stolen real estate and acquires the real estate by forging documents showed up to steal Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane’s home. Later it was revealed that Sulla and Ott were working together in a legal filing by Sulla.

Also in Ted Gunderson’s cell was Debra Tevares and Anthony J. Hilder who made a fake sex tape using internet images of Sherri Kane & Dr. Leonard Horowitz. Tevares impersonated Sherri Kane as a voiceover.
At the same time Sherri Kane & Dr. Leonard Horowitz would receive death threats that we shut up or this tape would be released. It was sent to Dr. Horowitz’s children and his ex-wife who was being brainwashed them.
This fake sex tape plot was exposed in this video which lead Hilder to have a stroke:

The threats increased and so did the defamation. They even spread lies claiming that Dr. Horowitz was a Knight of Malta and crazy thing is most of the accusers were masons.

In 2010, two land caretakers of Horowitz and Kane stayed at Sherri’s apartment during Christmas, where under the direction of True Ott, they drugged Sherri and filmed her in her half naked arguing with Len on the phone about Sherri not wanting any boars shot on the land. The two women took the video and gave it to Len’s ex-wife who gave it to True Ott and Studer who edited it with subtitles and physical alterations to Sherri’s appearance MKULTRA style to defame them. They continued to gang stalk Sherri and Len with these videos and It took 3 years to take the 300 videos (different versions) off of YouTube.

After that in 2012, a full length feature version (where they added Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut segments) was created that included friends of Sherri and Len such as Michael Vara, and was promoted by a Lee Bracker who had mental issues and was being manipulated by a psychologist also working with the True Ott’s cell, Michael Nuccitelli, who was brainwashing Bracker into becoming a manchurian Candidate and go to Hawaii to kill Len & Sherri. Lee Bracker eventually stopped the attacks when he died in his sleep in Arizona 3 years later.

In 2011, Dr. Horowitz and Sherri walked into a lion’s den to face their accusers by speaking at a Conspiracy Conference where they were thrown out for revealing this truth, after being told by the conference producer that they could do do this. It turned out that the conference producer Brian Hall, was a Knight of Malta. He is some video footage from their talk. Around this time, Ted Gunderson died going to his grave knowing that he had been exposed. 


In 2016, Paul J. Sulla, Jr managed to steal Dr. Horowitz and Sherri when they got no trial.

Fast Forward to today. LabVirus.com is for sale for 10k, since there is no longer a need to discredit Dr. Horowitz since they have us tied up in court trying to get their stolen home back from Sulla which diverts us away from doing more activism, and lead to Dr. Horowitz having to file for bankruptcy to try to get his home back but still no success.

Today we also have Controlled Opposition, Joseph Mercola and his self proclaimed high priced prostitute, Erin Elizabeth Finn aka The Health Nut, who are stealing the same research that LabVirus.com was created to disparage, without giving Dr. Horowitz any credit.

Well we can’t afford to buy Labvirus.com so the only good news is http://LabVirus.net now belongs to us!

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What is SHADOWBANNING: Twitter: are you shadowbanned? + 100+ Websites for Readers Who Are Tired of the Mainstream News & Perspectives from Institutions

Listed below is a chance to recover your senses and to stop being complicit in the way the world is organized presently. The Elites are controlling us by confusion and therefore making us dependent on their Institutions.  It’s time to break free and have a Macrocosmic understanding of actual narratives that exist.  The only way to understand yourself, your existence, and reality.

 “A government which will turn its tanks upon its people, for any reason, is a government with a taste of blood and a thirst for power and must either be smartly rebuked, or blindly obeyed in deadly fear.”




is the act of blocking or partially blocking a user or their content from an online community such that it will not be readily apparent to the user that they have been banned.







Is @username
shadowbanned on Twitter


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Police officer PAUL ADLEY guilty of gross misconduct in Kingsley Burrell [who died in 2011 whilst in police custody] case VIDEO

Police officer guilty of gross misconduct in Kingsley Burrell case

by Alistair Farrow 20 Dec 2018,

Protesting for justice in 2016

Protesting for justice in 2016 (Pic: Socialist Worker)

An internal police investigation into the testimony given by three cops in relation to the death of Kingsley Burrell has proven gross misconduct charges against one officer. The testimony concerned was given at the 2015 inquest into Kingsley’s death.
Paul Adley has been dismissed after it was found he had given a false account of the events surrounding Kingsley’s death. Now he should be tried in a criminal court.
The hearings were held to investigate whether officers had breached standards for the use of force or honesty and integrity. All three were cleared of allegations concerning their use of force.
Kingsley died on 31 March 2011. He was restrained by police at a mental health unit and beaten severely while he had a towel placed over his face. He was then left unattended and unconscious for 28 minutes with the towel still over his face and his trousers around his ankles.
Kingsley’s sister, Kedisha Brown-Burrell, said, 
“It has been an arduous journey for our family. No family should have an untimely death especially when the death is caused by the police. The conduct of these officers, the disregard of Kingsley.
“The lack of care and ultimately the lying at the inquest, criminal trial and now this misconduct hearing brings the police into disrepute. Losing their jobs is nothing to my one and only brother losing his life.”
Deborah Coles from the Inquest campaigning organisation said, “While gross misconduct by one of these officers has been sanctioned, it is incomprehensible that the excessive use of force by all three officers was not proven.
“The prolonged and brutal restraint of Kingsley was identified and criticised at the inquest as more than minimally contributing to his death. There is too often a disconnect between inquest findings, evidence heard during investigations, and sanctions received.”

Birmingham: Kingsley Burrell Trial – Custody death officers cleared of lying [now proven  false…ed.]

BhamUrbanNewsUK Published on 4 Oct 2017

This piece first broadcast on 4 Oct 2017. Televised on UK’s regional television BBC One – West Midlands. Programme (Program) – Midlands Today


Birmingham: Kingsley Burrell Death – Demonstration is … – YouTube 

6 Oct 2017 – Uploaded by BhamUrbanNewsUK

This piece first broadcast on 6 Oct 2017. Televised on UK’s regional television ITV Central. Programme …

31 Oct 2016 – Uploaded by BhamUrbanNewsUK

This piece first broadcast on 31 Oct 2016. Televised on UK’s regional television BBC One – West Midlands …

Kingsley Burrell: Police officer sacked after lying about … – YouTube


2 days ago – Uploaded by ExpressandStarNews

Kingsley Burrell: Police officer sacked after lying about mental health patient’s death.

Kingsley Burrell death in custody was neglect – YouTube+ 

15 May 2015 – Uploaded by Sandwellnews

A four-year battle for justice ended in victory as an inquest jury found neglect contributed to the death of …

Birmingham: Kingsley Burrell Death – March for justice in … – YouTube


2 Jun 2014 – Uploaded by BhamUrbanNewsUK

This piece first broadcast on 31 May 2014. Televised on UK’s regional television BBC One – West Midlands …


Birmingham: Kingsley Burrell Death – Protest over police … – YouTube


16 Jul 2014 – Uploaded by BhamUrbanNewsUK

This piece first broadcast on 14 Jul 2014. Televised on UK’s regional television BBC One – West Midlands …


Birmingham: Kingsley Burrell death – Four police officers … – YouTube


23 Mar 2013 – Uploaded by BhamUrbanNewsUK

This piece first broadcast 22 Mar 2013. Televsed on UK’s regional television BBC1 West Midlands …


Birmingham: Kingsley Burrell Death – Three Police officers … – YouTube


28 Nov 2016 – Uploaded by BhamUrbanNewsUK

This piece first broadcast on 28 Nov 2016. Televised on UK’s regional television ITV Central – 


in the U.S.:
Whistleblower cop releases video showing another officer sucker punching unarmed black man
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@butlincat 1m1 minute ago

Doing the Strand = 


hey people: send just £1 to these guys at the RCJ who are fighting for every parents rights against the UK’s obnoxious “Secret Court” childstealing agenda in place that has destroyed so many families
Mark Chambers + co. hunger strike against forced adoption at #RCJ 


 https://www.gofundme.com/marks-hunger-strike-against-forced… … 

#justice #humanrights #childstealing #kidnapping #evil #RCJ #IanJosephs @forcedadoption


Click here to support Marks hunger strike against forced adoption at RCJ organised by Marks hunger strike at RCJ against forced adoption

Mark Chambers is a extremely active campaigner against the UNJUST, UNFAIR AND CORRUPT FAMILY COURT SYSTEM IN THE UK ! Mark is unrelenting and unstoppable in his quest to seek justice on behalf of all the children and families affected by the barbaric and outdated practice of forced adoption! We u…

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SHOCKING: Sheku Bayoh: Fresh questions over death in police custody VIDEO – BBC Scotland 17 Dec. 2018

Sheku Bayoh: Fresh questions over death in police custody

New evidence uncovered by BBC Scotland has raised fresh questions about the way police officers treated a man who died in their custody.

Fife father-of-two Sheku Bayoh, 31, died in 2015 after being restrained by police in Kirkcaldy.

CCTV, other footage and documents obtained by the BBC casts doubt on some of the officers’ accounts of the events that led to the death.

Police Scotland said they could not comment while the case was ongoing.

A BBC Disclosure programme to be screened on Monday night will feature:

  • Evidence the first officers on scene escalated the situation instead of trying to defuse it
  • CCTV footage which questions officers’ claims a female officer was kicked and stamped on by Mr Bayoh
  • Evidence that Mr Bayoh’s actions were exaggerated in official police documents
  • Claims that racism may have played a role in the events

‘We want to know how he died’

Sheku Bayoh
Image captionThirty-one-year-old Sheku Bayoh died in 2015 after being restrained by police in Kirkcaldy

In October, Mr Bayoh’s family were told by the Lord Advocate there was not enough evidence to prosecute any of the officers involved. The Crown Office has not confirmed the decision publicly, and says the case remains open.

Mr Bayoh’s family are likely to ask for the decision to be reviewed but are now calling for a full public inquiry.

His sister, Kadi Johnson, said: “We are still here suffering, his boys are suffering.

“There was no need for Sheku to have died that day. We just want to know how our brother died, that’s all.”

On the day he died, Mr Bayoh had been at a friend’s house in the morning watching a boxing match. He had taken the drugs MDMA and another drug known as Flakka.

The drugs dramatically altered his behaviour, and he became aggressive with a friend. He later left home with a knife from his kitchen, and neighbours called the police. He had discarded the knife by the time police arrived.

Sheku Bayoh
Image captionMr Bayoh had lived in Scotland since he was 17

Mr Bayoh, who was originally from Sierra Leone but had lived in Scotland since he was 17, was restrained by six officers and lost consciousness. He died at hospital soon after.

Days after his death, the Scottish Police Federation (SPF) lawyer Peter Watson told the media that “a petite female police officer was subjected to a violent and unprovoked attack by a very large man who punched, kicked and stamped on her.”

The new evidence obtained by BBC Disclosure casts doubt on this account.

What does CCTV show?

Image captionCCTV footage shows Mr Bayoh in the street before officers arrived at the scene
A leading authority on police restraint and use of force, Eric Baskind, of Liverpool John Moore University, analysed the documents, which included the first statements given by the officers involved.

The documents reveal that before Mr Bayoh’s alleged stamping attack on the officer, three officers discharged their irritant spray into his face and a fourth drew her baton at him.

Mr Baskind said: “What strikes me from the evidence of the officers is that they approach the scene with the intention of using force.

“He’s not running away, he’s not, at that moment in time, creating a danger to anyone.

“They get there, they screech to a halt, they get out of the cars with irritant sprays and batons. That to me doesn’t seem measured.

“That is not best practice. And all of those actions were very escalatory.”

Image captionLater the images show Mr Bayoh on the ground being restrained by officers

The CCTV shows that Mr Bayoh hits the female officer, known as Officer D, knocking her to the ground. The officer had injuries consistent with being hit on the head.

Mr Baskind said this could have been prevented, if the officers had approached Mr Bayoh “in a different way, in a calming way, to try and find out what was wrong”.

Police statements

The SPF claim about the stamping incident is based on the testimony of two officers, known in the statements as B and C.

Officer C said: “He stomped on her back with his foot with a great deal of force. He put his full bodyweight into the stomp and used his arms to gain leverage.”

In her own statement, Officer D does not say she was stamped on. There’s no mention of it in the statements of three civilian witnesses who saw the incident either.

The CCTV casts serious doubt on this claim. As soon as Officer D is knocked to the ground by Mr Bayoh, it looks as though the action immediately moves elsewhere, and Mr Bayoh is engaged by the other officers, and within five seconds, he is brought down.

Officer D appears to get up and walk away with another officer’s help.

Eric Baskind
Image captionEric Baskind, a leading authority on police restraint and use of force, has analysed the documents and studied the CCTV

Mr Baskind said: “The quality of the footage is not very good, but you can certainly make out what’s going on, and I can see no evidence at all of two stamping attacks on the officer on the ground, let alone two very violent ones, that is described in the papers.

“It looks to me as though the officer’s gone down, and pretty straight away Mr Bayoh is taken to the ground by others.

“There certainly seems to me to be a significant discrepancy between what I can see on the footage, and what I’ve read in the papers.”

The BBC also obtained mobile phone footage of the incident, raising questions about how Mr Bayoh was restrained.

Officer B, who is 6ft 4in and weighed 25 stone, told investigators he had Mr Bayoh pinned to the ground for “a maximum of 30 seconds”. Another said the restraint had been, “appropriate, text book stuff, in line with their training.”

A civilian witness saw it differently. She told investigators officers were lying across Mr Bayoh for several minutes.

She said: “I heard him screaming. It sent chills through me. I heard the man shout to get the police off him. They never moved.”

Deborah Coles
Image captionDeborah Coles, from the charity Inquest, said: “I think we cannot ignore the role that race may have played in this death.”

Mr Bayoh suffered 23 separate injuries including a cracked rib, head wounds consistent with baton strikes, and petechial haemorrhages, or burst blood vessels in the eyes, which can be a sign of positional asphyxia, or suffocation.

Cause of death was noted as “sudden death in a man intoxicated…[drugs] whilst under restraint.”

After the death, the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (Pirc) launched an inquiry. Under advice from the SPF lawyer, the officers refused to provide statements to Pirc for 32 days.

BBC Disclosure has seen evidence which shows SPF advice to officers was to wait until the toxicology report was returned before giving statements.

Did race play a part?

The BBC has also seen evidence suggesting that Mr Bayoh’s actions may have been distorted or exaggerated by police.

An internal police document written less than an hour after Bayoh’s death said that police attended reports of a male with a “machete” in the street, and that the “male strikes one with machete”.

None of the officers saw Mr Bayoh with a knife or machete, nor has there ever been any suggestion he struck one of them with a blade.

Police did not respond to questions as to how misinformation like this got into an official police document.

Deborah Coles, from the charity Inquest, which investigates deaths in custody, has been supporting the Bayoh family.

She told the programme: “The pattern that we’ve seen is that the state narrative is very often, when somebody dies after restraint, there is an attempt to demonise or speak ill of the person who’s died…to try and deflect attention away from the actions of the police officers concerned [by] painting a picture of a dangerous man carrying a machete.”

Kadi Johnson
Image captionMr Bayoh’s sister Kadi Johnson says she has lost faith in the police and the justice system
She added: “I think we cannot ignore the role that race may have played in this death…and their immediate resort to the use of force.

“Racial stereotyping of black men as being…big, black, dangerous, informs the way in which they’re treated, and the fact that they are over-policed.”

The Bayoh family’s lawyer Aamer Anwar, told the BBC that racism had been “the elephant in the room”.

He said: “It always has been. It was the stories, it was the pictures, it was the stereotypical images of a large, black male crazed, acting erratically. It was all those things, the word “terrorist” being bandied about.

“Sheku Bayoh’s family believes that race is central to this. The black community believes that race is central to this.”

His sister Ms Johnson, told the BBC: “It has made me lose faith in the police and the justice system as a whole…I don’t think he would have died if he hadn’t met the police.

She added: “He wasn’t himself, the way he was acting, but then no duty of care was given to him…because he was a black man. That’s how we feel.”

Inappropriate to comment

Claire Baker, MSP for mid Scotland and Fife, said the allegations in the Disclosure programme were “shocking.”

She added: “I recognise the police do a difficult job…but something went wrong, which raises questions about whether the police’s response was proportionate.

“I think there should be a public inquiry.”

The Scottish government said it was considering a public inquiry.

Police Scotland said it could not comment while the case remained open. A spokesman offered sympathy for the Bayoh family.

The Scottish Police Federation, which represents some of the officers involved in the restraint, said it would be inappropriate to comment until all legal processes were complete, but it added that the BBC sought to publish “fundamental inaccuracies” about the case.

Additional reporting by Sandeep Gill.

Disclosure brand

Disclosure: Dead in Police Custody will be broadcast at 20:30 on Monday and will be available afterwards on the BBC iplayer.

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