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Bent high up cops #UK: Black and Blue – The Upsetter 04 Oct. 2021

BLACK ‘N BLUE Sarah Everard and the Met Cover Up Culture 5 hr ago 1 1 Now that former Metropolitan police commissioners Lords John Stevens and Ian Blair have joined other blue voices calling for an independent inquiry into how … Continue reading

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Advanced-Magick-for-Beginners-Alan-Chapman APIKORSUS – An essay… Carroll – The-Apophenion Christopher-Hyatt-Undoing-Yourself-With-Energized-Meditation-and-Other-Devices Fenwick-Rysen-Wtf-is-an-Egregore Hall-Nick-Chaos-Sorcery IOT – Chaos-Magick-Theory The-Abyss-is-a-Misconception The Paradigmal Pirate The Cyber Spellbook Magick in the Virtual World Shifting Shamanism and Therianthropy Its Up to You Now Magick-Dream-Magick Mind Waking Up – … Continue reading

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