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Demo at the “Spycops Inquiry Hearing” – RCJ, THE STRAND, LONDON, 21 MARCH ’18

MAR21 Demo at the Spycops Inquiry Hearing  [from facebook] Public  · Hosted by Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance  Interested Going Share    clock   Wednesday, March 21 at 9 AM – 10 AM Next Week · 5–11° Partly Cloudy   pin   Royal Courts of Justice WC2R 1 London, United … Continue reading

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C.O.P.S. – Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance – WHICH JUSTICE CAMPAIGNS WERE SPIED ON? 14 Feb. 2018

HOME ABOUT EVENTS CALENDAR CONTACT LINKS   50 Years of Resistance: a Celebration 13th February 2018 Leave a comment 1968-2018: A Celebration of 50 years of Resistance, Campaigning and Alternatives for A Better World – despite 50 years of police opposition, … Continue reading

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“TRUE SPIES” – full series + UNDERCOVER COPS: The Women Activists Who Fell In Love With Police Spies And Are Still Waiting For Justice + Nearly 1,000 serving police officers and PCSOs have a criminal record + #spycops ROGER PEARCE

COPS‏ @copscampaign FollowFollow @copscampaign Police admit spying on Janet Alder because of her campaign for truth about police killing her brother Christoper. [Death of Christopher Alder:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Christopher_Alder ]  Despite this, the #spycops inquiry has refused to grant her core participant status. We have … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Who said the “Solicitors from Hell” site was back? It isn’t, sadly..yet, but the BENT LAWYERS + COPS.com database is there, + MORE

UPDATED with: The Corrupt Courts/Corrupt Officials List, Part II  [US] “To kick things off, I began this with the intention of getting information from folks about their corrupt courts, judges and officials sent to my email…not commented below the last … Continue reading

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